10 Best Alternatives to Google Slides

If you’re searching for catchy alternatives to Google slides that will make your presentation attractive; here we are going to discuss some alternatives. In these modern days presentation, slides have become an integral part. These things like Google slides will add your presentation look classier. These apps will retain audiences’ attention your presentation by enhancing videos and animation to the presentation.

No doubt, Google slide is the most renowned online presentation app but there are some alternatives too. Google slide alternatives are mainly slideshow makers. These apps will show off your work to the audience in a visual way. Here, in this article, we will discuss the 10 best alternatives with their special features.

What are the disadvantages of Google slides?

We all are very much aware of the numerous advantages of Google slides but there are some disadvantages Google slides possibly have:

  • If you want to make a presentation using Google Slides then you must create a Google account otherwise you will not be able to do so. For the users who don’t shift from another email account to Google, they can feel it is a harder task.
  • People want to use attractive themes in their presentations to look good. But Google slides comes with a limited number of themes for its users. But, you can easily overcome this issue by using a presentation template for Google slides.
  • You need to spend more time adjusting the right template design for your presentation. Besides, you must gather some knowledge before using these templates.
  • Google slides come with a limited range of animation and transitions. The options are also basic. Animation and transition will add more attention to your presentation if they can be used in the right way.
  • Google slide allows you to import a PowerPoint file but there will be a loss in formatting while you import such presentation files to Google slides.
  • There is no doubt that Google Slides provide some innovative features but some advanced features are found missing in Google slides.
  • One of the most annoying disadvantages of using Google Slides is that this application provides limited options to convert your presentation file into another file type. Google slides is only capable to export your file as either a PPTX file, Open Document Presentation, PDF file, JPG & PNG, or Scalable Vector Graphic File Type.

10 best alternatives for Google slides

If you are having a hard time finding out the best Google Slides alternative tools, we have gathered a list of things like Google slides that might be greater for your next presentation:

1. Prezi

Image source: Instructable

Prezi is a Hungarian presentation app that is more featured than Google slides for sure. This app is designed to create online content presentations and visual communication to the audience. This helps the audience to understand the content deeply. This app lets you move raise from the older presentation format and make interactive visual experiences. Prezi comes with a variety of stunning templates. 

On its open large canvas, you can view and organize your presentation as a whole. You can adjust your content effortlessly by dragging and dropping and also you can move from one slide to another. It can retain more attention from the audience. It has a powerful effect on showcasing your presentation. The basic Prezi version is free for all users.

2. Canva

Image source: Microsoft apps

Canva is free-to-use online graphic design software; it is used to post social media posts, blogs, videos, logos, etc. the basic Canva is free for all users whereas the premium one can be purchased to create professional designs and presentations. The brands can create brand awareness among the audience using these presentation tools. It is very much sophisticated to use.

Canva comes with so many special features it as a wide range of color pallets; it can use transparency tools for all the elements. Canva provides a special feature which is its magic Resizing tool; you can convert your canvas designs to new shapes by using this tool.

3. Keynote

Image source: Sir Apfelot

Keynote is another presentation app alternative to Google Slides created by Apple Inc. It can impress the audience with its special and unique features. You can easily convert your text to images, shapes, and videos using this app. For slide shows you don’t need to wait for the next slide to have appeared; a presentation with multi-users can be controlled by using a single deck.

Keynote allows playing the slideshow in its window so you will be able to access other apps while you present. You can navigate; view the present and upcoming slides in a separate window as well. You can restructure your thoughts from slide to slide by using this app. You can change the position, resize, rotating across the slides continuously and the videos will be animated. Keynote is completely free for Apple users.

4. SlideLab

Image source: appadvice

SlideLab is another renowned presentation tool used for creating a professional interactive presentation. It has a special feature like UI that allows you to create powerful presentations in a speedy workflow. You can restructure your ideas with two or three clicks. This app provides you to create your presentation within a single screen of information and can display charts, images, graphs, etc.

Slidelab offers a variety of templates and slides to use. It is easy to use especially for beginners. This app is also available on the web and on the application too. Apart from its availability, the free app comes with a media library, and also you can do a quick media internet search. After creating your presentation using this app you can also export the presentation in PDX and PPTX formats and run them on popular presentation applications like Open Office, PowerPoint, etc.

5. Emaze

Image source: Google Play

Emaze is another Google slides alternative that can create a well-designed presentation. Anyone can create their presentation using this tool even if they have no experience. You just need to select a professionally designed template from hundreds of templates. You will get so many available features like pan and zoom, sound effects, animations, and so many others. You can customize your presentation and enhance the quality of your presentation by using these features.

Emaze is available for all browsers and devices. It is also compatible with PowerPoint. This free cloud-based app prevents your content with a top-notch security system. You can import PowerPoint and PDF files in these apps.

6. Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint
Image source: Educational app store

We all are well familiar with this application since the 1980s. Working on Microsoft Powerpoint would be familiar to all the users of Windows computers as the app comes preloaded with the computer. This tool offers a wide range of features to its users. You will be able to add images, and videos and also can edit those videos and images using this tool. Microsoft PowerPoint animations allow you to customize some points of your presentation slides.

It also provides you to transit your slides, you can alter the entire feel of the presentation keeping the theme unchangeable. You can also merge slides which means you can create a uniform shape of the slides of your choice. You can add videos to the presentation. You can put a personal touch on the slides by adding icons to the presentation of your choice.

7. Powtoon

Image source: Powtoon

Powtoon is a free online thing like Google Slides able to create a super cool animated presentation. It can create a dynamic presentation in a while. You can create professional presentations and videos by using this app. Powtoon is designed for businesses of all ranges- small scales to enterprise-sized establishments. Powtoonprovides you wide range of in-built templates; these templates can be customized as per the requirements. 

Another special feature is its animation feature; this tool offers an extensive library. You can build a professional-looking presentation using this library. Some special features like a corporate, cartoon, including, modern age, whiteboard, infographic, etc. can be integrated into the presentation to give it a unique appearance. Powtoon is completely free to download.

8. Visme

Image source: PCmag

Visme is a powerful graphic design app that allows business owners, marketers, and students, to create beautiful content so quickly. Visme is a cloud-based visual content creation platform that allows its users to create on-brand presentations, reports, charts, infographics, flowcharts, and visual communication. Visme centralizes all media assets into a single accessible location so that users can easily create and control their presentations.

Visme is available with a wide range of templates so you can make your content more engaging and attractive by using these templates for your presentation. You can easily convert your content into fully interactive content by adding animated assets to the presentations.

9. Xtensio

Image source: Xtensio.com

Xtensio is another presentation tool with which users can create any document as per their needs. You can easily add images, videos, and tables to the slides. Xtensio provides an efficient drag-and-drop feature by which you can resize; change the background colors of the documents. You can also add notes or revert any changes to the document. This tool also provides the opportunity to customize the document as per users’ requirements to set your own brand’s style or logo.

Xtensio allows you to work individually or in a team. All the team members can make changes to the document and the changes will automatically be saved. This app allows you to conduct full-screen digital presentations, and merge or copy folios from different elements of the project.

10. Ludus

Image source: Bubble plan

If you’re searching for a presentation app that let you create a beautiful presentation design then Ludus is for you. It will turn your document into a work of art with its awesome features. It will let you disassemble and edit SVG files. You can integrate super-advanced templates into your slides with the availability of the templates. You can immediately replace one image with another without changing its present crop filter or any other settings. You can add dotted strokes, and arrows, and apply contrast, brightness, or invert color to your presentation.

You can also enhance your document by adding transitions and animation. Any image or video will be quickly fitted to the canvas size. Ludus is not free software, but it is cheaper than other presentation tools available in the market. 


Is there something better than Google slides?

Yes, some apps are better than Google slides according to the functionality. The best alternative to Google slides is Prezi. Prezi allows anyone to restructure their ideas and thoughts into presentation slides with the help of zooming and overview features.

Why is canvas better than Google slides?

Canva is easier to use, and users can enhance their presentation with a professional look without adding any extra costs. Anyone who can learn to use Canva instantly and immediately can create an amazing presentation by using its free magic presentation templates.

Final words

If you’re searching for any alternative to Google slides, you can find a wide range of options available in the market. You can consider the apps as well as the special features of those described in this article before purchasing the best-suitable app for you.

Each of the apps is designed keeping in mind the need of particular users. So, the functionality is very unique to the different apps. Moreover, all the mentioned tools allow you to create quick and hassle-free presentations so you can surely improve your productivity.

M. D. -Google slide is the most renowned online presentation app but there are some alternatives too. Read this to know more 10 Best Alternatives to Google Slides.

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