15 Best Android TV Video Player Apps for 2023

Most people use the android phone to spend their leisure hours watching videos and playing games. Over the online, there are countless web series, movies, and other files to watch on mobile, but the android device needs the right videos player apps which give more comfort. Therefore you have to go with the help of the Google play store and start playing the videos more safely.

Let us discuss the top 15 android TV video players from the below words.

1. Mx player:

Mx player

MX player is one popular and highly preferred android app to install directly from the app store. It is an android tv video player and is boosted with the HW+ decoder systems that support the hardware acceleration. If you come to play, the video user can enable the subtitle features that make it more comfortable to understand and watch the real moves. It is applicable to use without submitting the personal detail.

Types of apps

Important features:

  • Users can use pinching and swiping features to zoom in and out
  • It allows to user to control the audio systems
  • It boosted with the subtitle of movies and web series and much more
  • It has lock button features to save from unwanted touch.

2. VLC:


Now android phone plays the main role in the market, and as a result, app developers wish to develop more apps to download and install for free to use in the android phone. VLC Is one of the common choices of the major android phone user, and it is applicable to use without ads. VideoLAN is a free and open-source software media player for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms. It can play most formats of video and audio files as well as DVDs, Blu-ray discs and various streaming protocols. It can also be used to rip DVD and Blu-ray discs to play. It is highly safer, which never leads to any virus on the device. the android movie players have the option to get network stream and share with PC from this application

Types of apps

Important features:

  • VLC plays all local and downloaded media files from the device
  • It has auto rotation and subtitle features to use
  • You never worry about money that is completely available at zero cost
  • It allows going for voice search to find wish videos simply.

3. PlayerXtreme Media Player:

Most people love to spend a lot of time with music, so they have to go with a good android app. This platform is user-friendly to develop and run the app. here, the PlayerXtreme Media Player support number of videos formats that make it more comfortable. Moreover, this android videos app supports multiple languages, so you become simple to run at all times.

Important features:

  • It is applicable to stream from PC that supports both videos and audio stream
  • It runs all format videos file
  • It built with subtitle

4. KM Video Player Apps:

KM Video Player

If you are looking for the best user-friendly videos app, you are in the right place. This app is applicable to install over all versions of android phones. It allows everyone to watch the videos with HD, 4K, 8K. In addition, the android movie players are boosted with great features such as videos zoom, move, and quick button to access.


  • KM player is ad-free
  • It supports different types of format file
  • It has the option to Bookmark wish videos that you want to play
  • It has Different functions such as color adjustment, section repeat, and much more

5. XPlayer:

With the help of the X player app, users can simply watch the video with high quality of 1080 and is available to download at zero cost. If you want to keep your videos file private, you can try this app that has a folder option. It is one of the ancient apps in the play store and the best video player in the app in 2017.


  • Player support all videos format such as MKV, MP4, and M4V.
  • It allows sharing videos with friends
  • It has a separate folder for private videos
  • It has control of brightness and volume and other common features such as screen look

6. FX player:

Most of the android tv video player in the play store is in the form of the android platform, and it is friendly to run and develop with high-end feature. FX player is one of the well-known players focusing on advanced features. It was boosted with a high-end videos converter in a different format.

Types of apps

Important features:

  • Player contains the different audio and video formats which allow collecting of any videos
  • It allows controlling the complete screen by switching with autorotation
  • It has zoomed out and controlled the brightness and volume
  • It allows editing videos from this app.

7. Player lite:

OPlayer is an option to play the videos format, and it is boosted with exciting factors. This gives exceptional support to DTS and DiVX and is boosted with the advanced hardware acceleration system. On running this app, users can use the cast features, which help to cast the videos from TV from this app. you can play the TV series online with real comfort.


  • It boosted with multi-core decoding systems which player videos without any lagging
  • It adjusted the playback speed
  • You can simply play with a different format of audio and videos file
  • It supports all videos format, so users need not be converted.

8. Player:

The player is a 100% free player for the android user so that you can install and watch different videos file simply and effectively. Once you download the different videos files, t you are suggested to watch them at any time. The android tv video player ensures to give the best experience to install and watch, so it becomes more comfortable.

Important Features:

  • it is applicable to play with the different formats with high quality
  • Users can build in the browser and file manager
  • Users can play the videos online
  • It boosted HD videos without any lagging
  • Users can access the cloud storage, which saves in the drive.

9. Cnx player:

Cnx player

This app is the most well-known for playing different videos such as 4K, HD, 2160p. It required less space in the phone and battery. It assures to block unwanted ads. It is built user-friendly and installed without any trouble of it. It has different colorful themes.

Important features:

  • It assures to play HF videos with no buffering
  • Users can use the subtitle feature to adjust the volume and screen size, and much more.
  • It can move the video from PC to other videos
  • It remains all sort of history by watching the videos

10. GPlayer:

Player become suitable android videos playing app, and it shares the media file from one device to another. This application is built with high-end features and allows installing with submitting personal details. It can fix the common problem so you can run without any trouble with it. It is boosted with robust security systems and the option to bookmark the videos.

Types of apps

Important features:

  • The player is completed free to play the videos
  • It supports Google Chromecast, and it can play the videos over the TV
  • It obtains the different themes and options to access the 3D gallery to see

11. Media player classic remote:

The media player is recognized for the best open-source videos. When you find an android movie player with standard features and download this app., it has exciting things that help customers use free of cost. It supports the different media for subtitles and uses this app over the old device with no risk.

Important features:

  • It supports MP3 and mp4V players with different advanced features
  • It supports networking streaming so you can play the videos over the internet
  • It is 100% free, and the watch’s experience is good.
  • It built with good high security
  • It boosted with auto-rotation aspect ratio volume control screen size with good control.

12. Kodi video player:

Kodi video player

Android devices are highly increased a lot, and it holds all exclusive features, and you can simply go with play store and download. Here, Kodi is one of the right mobile apps to play the videos file simply and effectively. Moreover, it supports playing different formats and options to play over the online itself. Hence it obtains a special welcome among the user to start to play the videos.


  • Kodi will play various quality of audio and videos file
  • It let to watch other file and photos of the device
  • You must keep the backup the tool and ensure the all history to watch
  • It allows to gaming emulator
  • It controls all files according to your wish

13. SR player:

To enjoy watching many videos, you can simply try this android movie player on the device. It provides a great experience on running this app. it has a pro version with high-end features, so it becomes more comfortable for the user to install and watch the videos file in a different format.

Important features:

  • SR player will play at high resolution and applicable to play with a high audio file
  • It has a night mode system which let to enjoy watching the movies
  • Users can control the playlist and option to bookmarks.

14. VL videos player:

This app is famous for its major features and supports high videos and audio formats. In addition, it has IPTV, which get many smooth videos experience and is built with user-friendly support. Moreover, it can simply convert all formats to playing.

Important features:

  • VL videos player with HD visual effects and great audio effects
  • It has the option to add Tv Films, videos that support the IPTV playlist
  • It has subtitles that support different language
Types of apps

15. Video equalizer:

Video equalizer

When you find an app to save equalizing, go to the play store and save the app. user can simply enjoy their favorite movies and give proper control audio quality, playback speed, and high screen resolution.

Important Features:

  • It allows customizing the videos player as it equalizer app
  • It plays over URL networks and also local network
  • It allows making thumbnails.

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