Privacy Policy

We are extremely glad to see your keen interest in our enterprise. However, before starting on with anything, we would like to discuss with you, our meticulously detailed privacy policy to ensure complete data protection, which is the highest priority of our management. Our privacy policy explains the basics of our practices regarding we collection, use and shares the information we receive through Internet sites, emails, applications, newsletters, etc.

When you accept our privacy policy you are agreeing to every aspect of the rules and regulations of our website. Below we have discussed all of our privacy statements. You are instructed to read it carefully before exploring our site.

  1. Introduction
  1. We dedicate this privacy policy to every user of We are keen for your utmost trust and support. Our Policy explains how our website Types of apps gather information, manages, store, and protect personal information about you when you apply to our services. We will also inform you about your rights and responsibilities and how you can contact us in case you have any questions about the way your information is handled or any query in general.
  2. In case you have approached any of our services via any medium – websites, mobile applications, local advertisements, third-party social media pages, you are bound to follow the terms and conditions of this policy.
  3. We care deeply about the privacy of your users. Therefore, we aim to protect the information you provide us with and want to ensure that you are fully aware of exactly how we use that information. By accepting the Privacy Policy Cookies, you are getting access to our website, so, you are bound to follow all of our rules and regulations.
  4. User Consent

When you open the website of Types of Apps, the first thing you will come across is the Accept Cookies notification. To continue exploring the site, you agree to the terms and conditions and consent to the Privacy policy of our site.

Here, we have explained certain situations in which your consent will be required to continue with the site. Breach of this document is subjected to legal actions.

  • making personal profile containing personal information like contact number, email-id, bank information, etc.,
  • When you provide us personally with your information and details or permission when it is imported from a third-party site
  • Contact information to notify you about updates and security notices
  • Allowing options for feedback and help from customer care in case you require any.
  • To help various customers, companies and businesses approach you through your public profile
  • to detect, investigate and prevent any illegitimate activity or anything that does not align with the terms and conditions of our company
  • to help spread our site across the globe via social media platforms and promote in the same way. Platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram is to be used.
  • To analyze and develop reports about the usage of our site.
  1. Data Protection

You are to keep in mind that appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial processes, following the rules and regulations of the industry, have been implemented to secure the data and help prevent unauthorized access to personal information or breach of company information. These safeguards are subjected to sensitive models that are collected, manipulated, and stored using high-tech technology to ensure complete security.

Advanced security options have been executed to ensure the complete protection of data from breaches.  Multiple layers of high-tech security are put into action to save your encrypted data from any corruption. Your consent and acceptance of our privacy policy is a major step in securing the personal data that we possess. You are to make sure that you do not share your personal information with anyone. In case you have any concerns regarding the working and execution of our terms and conditions, feel free to contact us.