Top 11 Best Sports Apps for ios Users in 2023

You can’t be at home on the sofa for every sport, but technology has provided us with a way to stay linked to all of our beloved squads no matter where we are. Download an outstanding sports app and stay updated on scores, information, and highlights.

Sports fans are probably the most passionate people you will come across. And certainly, nothing makes them happier than following their favorite teams and getting breaking news earlier than the rest. For sports lovers, mobile apps have evolved increasingly crucial as they allow us to enter detailed information more instantly than conventional media outlets.

Here are extraordinary varieties of mobile sports apps in 2023 that go above and beyond and that we feel are must-haves for buffs.

11 best sports apps with features

1. Bleacher Report

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Numerous people only want to know about the specific sports teams and their live scores. Yet, some folk are never convinced by these details and wish to learn in-depth stories, news, and predictions about their beloved sports team. This best sports app crumples data around the network and gives you the most valuable sports information. If this echoes with you, then a bleacher report can be your companion.

Key Features

  • Get articles about your team, player, and league instantly in the “My Teams” section of the app.
  • Customized live information, scores, plans, stats, and hierarchies of leading leagues such as NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.
  • Read articles written by experienced sportswriters in the app.
  • Bookmark any of the posts you like and you can share them across different social media platforms.
  • Rankings & predictions of various games regularly.

2. FOX Sports

FOX Sports
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Fox Sports App is controlled by Fox Corporation, a well-known American mass media corporation. The company has lately edited this best sports app deeming the trend of a modern sports lover. 

The app is user-friendly and beautifully designed. You can immediately discover what you want with just a click. It keeps you updated with information and accentuated in a tailor-made feed with articles, achievements, etc. You can also get the latest updates from your favorite FOX Sports shows and on-air personalities.

BTN (Big Ten Network), which offers premium coverage of America’s legendary collegiate athletic conference on the Fox Sports App. You can watch your beloved sports, such as MLB, Soccer, WWE SmackDown, Tennis, Rugby, etc.

Key Features

  • Stories keep you updated with important issues of the day covering multimedia opinions and estimations from various popular voices in sports.
  • TV subscribers can view FOX Sports games and studio shows with a click of a remote button.
  • Bonus cameras enable users to view some of the tournaments and games with numerous camera angles and junctures of view.
  • Instantly navigate from multiple score pages. 

3. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports
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Yahoo Sports is also another finest free and one of the best sports apps for iPhone users.  The app uses your geolocation to provide the announcement of the most thrilling and customized sport. You can watch NBA & NFL tournaments live on your mobile phone or tablet.

Besides heading football federations, you also get a live range of global leagues and games such as cricket, golf, tennis, boxing, cycling, etc.

Key Features

  • Get tailor-made updates on your favorite teams, leagues, and players.
  • Improvised search functionality to spot numerous tapes and blogs.
  • Sportsbook gives steps for recent betters to start betting.
  • Eye-catchy user interface.

4. theScore

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Folk finds it challenging to keep an eye on a sole sport. Though, what if you love numerous sports? Surprisingly there is an outstanding and certainly the best sports app that gives updates on the same. TheScore app gives you updates about your beloved leagues from every sport. It includes cricket, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.

Additionally, the app provides instant sports analysis and scores. It also consists of a built-in sports calendar using which you can know about future games.

Key Features

  • Live score dashboard.
  • Tailor-made news feed.
  • The mute notifications characteristic enables you to mute indications of a particular game temporarily.
  • Carry on a group chat with other friends and fans.
  • Social Sharing on leading platforms.

5. NBC Sports

NBC Sports
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It is a famous Sports app controlled by NBC Sports, an American programming division of the broadcast network NBC. This best sports app is accessible in the USA and many US regions. Also, it is the leading app on Apple’s app store.

The app allows you to watch thousands of sporting events on various channels like NBC Sports, NBCSN, NBC Sports Gold, Telemundo deportes, and the Olympic Channel.

The app’s UI is user-friendly and smooth. You can change from one web to another efficiently.

It facilitates you to live-stream several tournaments such as NFL, NHL, PGA Tour, Premier League, French Open, etc.

Key Features

  • The video-on-demand characteristic allows you to watch video clips, preview upcoming events, and view highlights of preceding events.
  • Get notifications about all the upcoming events.
  • You can watch full event replays when you have forgotten an event or wish to relive the tremendous moments.
  • It gives a Subscription plan recognized as NBC Gold. With this plan, you can view live & on-demand events on numerous gadgets. Moreover, you also get bonuses and exclusive content for events.

6. 365Scores

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365Scores is one of the most detailed and best sports apps accessible in the App Store. The app enables you to choose your favorite team, sport, and athlete and starts buzzing your phone with important notifications. The app gives you updates about various sports such as football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, etc.

Also, it gives you facts about more than 2000 international tournaments such as Wimbledon, FIFA, NFL, NHL, IPL, etc.

Key Features 

  • A live game tracker enables you to experience the game in the best possible manner.
  • Available in over 20 languages.
  • The Buzz stream feature allows you to catch up on the most precious moments of the day when they are over.
  • Scoreboard offers updates on your favorite teams and leagues instantly.


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ESPN is one of the oldest sports cable TV networks that are popular among sports fans. Assessing the boosting desire for streaming, ESPN made its change in the streaming world. Nowadays, it is one of the most favorable and best sports apps for iPhone users in the US, as per SimilarWeb.

This sports app keeps you updated with constant scores, sports videos, and other content on various sports. You can customize the app as per your wants and receive updates on your loved sport and squads.

Key Features

  • Real-time coverage of various sports ranging from football, baseball, and softball to golf, tennis, and much more.
  • It provides a paid service known as ESPN+ that allows you to watch live-stream sports and various ESPN+ originals.
  • Watch breaking sports news anywhere and anytime.
  • ESPN podcasts and ESPN radio.

8. SofaScore

Image source: Sofascore

SofaScore is a leading and the best sports app with real-time coverage of 20+ sports worldwide. These contain cricket, football, hockey, cycling, tennis, etc. It provides sports updates of over 5000+ leagues and tournaments, events, and various esports competitions.

The most compelling feature of this sports score app is that it is similar to Android smartwatches and allows you to watch sports updates on it.

Key Features 

  • Heatmaps and shot maps portray the action of the player in the whole game.
  • The attack velocity algorithm shows the match dynamics and all-around stress on a team in a federation.
  • The group chat feature allows you to gossip with sports fans around the globe.
  • Interesting quizzes that help you to get rid of your boredom.

9. BBC Sport

BBC Sport
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It is the best sports app created by BBC where you can collect the latest sports news and content. The app originated in Britain and emphasizes five sports. That said Football, Formula 1, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, and Golf. Moreover, you can also glimpse various sports tournaments running globally like FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, etc.

Key Features

  • Get state-of-the-art personalization on the ‘My Sport’ page. Also, you can follow around 300 subjects.
  • Stream live videos and highlights on television via Chromecast.
  • It contains an integrated radio player, which you can use alongside searching the app.
  • You can instantly share stories and outcomes with your pals and family.
  • Set reminders beforehand of specific events and get push notifications when the event starts.

10. The Athletic

The Athletic
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Numerous sports buffs do not like to see ads while receiving updates about their beloved sports. To cope with this, the athletic app provides an ad-free experience starting at $4.99/ month.

Moreover, it gives in-depth inspection and exclusive articles from skilled sportswriters. Additionally, this best sports app gives a 7-day unrestricted trial for iOS users. If this thing echoes well with you, then you should give this app a try. This is one of the best apps for sports that covers sports news of various leagues like the NFL, NHL, the L, MLB, etc.

Key Features

  • Get a real-time article about a game from skilled sportswriters.
  • You can listen to podcasts of your loved squads and federations.
  • You can also get a chance to interact with sports enthusiasts in live Q & sessions along with athletic writers and valuable visitors in NBA, MLB, EPL, etc.
  • Check professional analysis on various things. These include draft kits, player report cards, scouting reports, and advanced analytics.

11. Forza Football

 Forza Football
Image source: 148 Apps

It is also another famous and the best sports app accessible in the industry. It is appreciated by more than 5 million football fans around the world. The ultimate purpose of this app is to give updates about every football league running worldwide.Presently, the app refreshes every 10 seconds and gives in-depth content about more than 420 football federations running worldwide.You can observe various football premier leagues running across the world, such as UEFA Champions League, Women’s World Cup, EFL Championship, etc., and get updates.

Key Features 

  • Simple & Minimalistic UI.
  • Instant & precise football match updates.
  • You can get player stats, live football counts, football accessories, and highlights on the go.
  • The app performs opinion surveys regularly where you can give your viewpoints to other football lovers.

Watching live sports and matches is always fun. Fulfilling your interests, we handpicked the table of some favorable unrestricted and the best sports app for iPhone. The apps referred to above differ in characteristics; still, you can select your favorite out of all. Whether you are an avid sports fan or just looking for some interactive entertainment, these eleven best sports apps will keep you up to date on your favorite teams. Download one of the free choices from this list today!


What’s the best sporting app?

Yahoo Sports is one of the best free sports apps for Android as well as iOS users that gives users fast notifications related to their favorite sports leagues. With this sporting app, you can also watch live games of several popular sports even without having a subscription and can easily receive brief updates on many other sports.

Apart from mailing, it also became one of the best apps for sports by providing its finest Yahoo Sports app, formerly known as Sportacular. You can set your favorite teams to get schedules, game highlights, and updates in your personalized news stream. Yahoo Sports keeps you updated with live scores and overall game statistics. Also, you can set alerts for your favorite teams and get notifications when you want them.

What is the best app for watching live sports?

365 Scores is the best sports app that offers content related to various kinds of sports including tennis, soccer, football, basketball, etc. This sports score app keeps you well updated about all sorts of sports news. Besides that, it is the best sports app that also notifies you when some new content appears and alongside offers you to watch the highlights of the match and more.

The delay between the initial off-screen match and the on-screen telecast is only five minutes or even less. Moreover, the app features numerous sports channels and lets you adjust the notifications for a more convenient updating and watching experience.

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