10 Best 4k Video Player for Android 2023

With 4k Video Player for Android, you can watch 4k videos with excellent quality. 4k Video Players support a wide range of video formats, including H.265/HEVC, MP4, MKV, and MOV. 4k Video. With this new technology, most people like to hear songs and videos on television and Android mobiles. Television can only be kept in the home. But you can carry your mobile with you where you go. You can hear the music in all the places without disturbing other people. Always try to hear good and motivational songs. There are more kinds of songs available in this world. Most people use different ways to listen to pieces, and they also like to hear songs when they want while they sleep, walk, drive a car, eat, and so on. 

Every android mobile has various enhanced features, and also, more applications are available in this new technological world. So, people used to move on to the latest inventions and discoveries in this world. All the innovations and technologies have been developed to get more benefits and liver updated in this new universe. Here is the 4K video player for Android designed for all android users. You can see about this in the below-given topics. 

1. Can you play the 4K player on your android mobile?

The video format all-layer is one of the best android video players, and a big round of applause has to be given to the experts. You have to thank them for providing broad format support, ultra HD and 4K playback ability, hardware, software decoding options. It is also useful to help with gesture controls, variable playback speed, and chrome cast support. So, you can play the 4k player for Android, and YouTube for Android now gives the users an option known as the 4K playback even if the user doesn’t have a 4K screen. So, all the users must use these applications on their mobile to play the videos and watch them. 

2. What are the useful methods for playing a 4K ultra HD video player?

The new technology has arrived for the users and used to make inroads into TV channels and streaming services. The benefits include Netflix, amazon prime video, sling TV, and Hulu. Here are some of the useful methods that are available for playing the 4k ultra HD video player for Android, and they are:

3. Update the VLC media player:

VLC media player

The VLC media has better support and more capabilities for playing 4K UJ+HD videos. The first step you have to do is to fix the VLC 4K media playability issues is to download the latest version of the VLC 3.0 Media player. You must also have to watch high-definition videos without any disturbance. 

4. Increase cache value:

This method is useful when your 4K UHD videos shutter or lag in the VLC media player. So, you have to increase the cache values in the software settings. In case you cannot find the cache value, you have to update it. To increase the cache value, you have to follow some steps, and they are:

  • Open the tools option and then select the preferences
  • In the show settings, select all option
  • Come to the advanced location and then click input/codecs
  • Under the advanced heading, change the value of file caching from 300 to a higher value 

These are the steps to increase your cache value to run the VLC media player effectively. 

5. Change video output settings:

Many users have switched this video output to DirectX Direct Draw, making the 4K HD videos the best in the VLC media player. The steps involved changing the video output settings in the VLC player, and they are:

  • Click on the tools option and the preferences option and then click video
  • Under the video settings in output, change the option automatic to DirectX video output
  • And then click save

6. Disable hardware-accelerated decoding:

By using this hardware-accelerated decoding, the task of playing certain videos is taken off from the CPU. Then it is handed over to the GPU of the computer. The VLC media player can use computer GPU to accelerate the decoding of some video codec streams. If you face any video problem in playing any 4K video file in VLC, you try one time by way of disabling the hardware-accelerated decoding. Here are some of the steps that are listed to disable the hardware-accelerated decoding, and they are:

  • please try to open the VLC media player
  • Click on the tool option and then preferences, and then click the input option
  • Then you have to click on the box across the hardware-accelerated decoding option and then choose the disable option
  • Click save and then restart the VLC player and then play the 4K video

7. Change this skip H.264 in-loop Deblocking filters setting:

This skips H.264 in-loop Deblocking filters setting is the best way to fix video lagging while playing the high-definition video files in VLC. If you use this, this will lower the video quality but make the playback very smooth. Here are some of the steps given to change this option, and they are:

  • first, try to open the VLC media player
  • Click tool got to the preferences and then clicked the input or codecs
  • Go to the skip H.264 in–loop Deblocking filter option and then change to all option
  • Click save and then have to restart the VLC player to play the 4K video again

8. Update graphics card drivers:

You can upgrade this option by using the windows update features. You have to go to the start menu, click on the Settings option, and then the update and security option. Then click the button known as the check for updates. It will perform regular windows updates and also check for new drivers. The users can update the drivers directly by visiting the manufacturer’s website and following the graphic card driver update guide. These are the important things that you have to follow while updating graphics card drivers.

9. Convert to compress 4K UHD videos:

If your computer needs any of the intensive illustrations and processor provisions for the large-sized 4K videos, it may not play in the VLC media platform. You can also compress your videos to a smaller size by using the online video compressor tools. You can use these tools to compress and convert the 4K UHD videos to the best HD form for the case of smooth playback on the VLC player. These are the important things you have to do while compressing is done.

10. Repair corrupt 4K UHD videos:

To overcome the video damage, you have to play them in the supporting media player. If it does not respond and play, you must repair the 4K UHD videos using an available, secure video repair tool. 

What is to know about the free video players for Android?

Many free video players are available for Android. Among them, here are some of the free video players for Android is listed, and they are:

  • VLC
  • KM player
  • Nova video player
  • Please PLAY it
  • Night Video player
  • Just video player

These are the best free video player that is provided for the customers. And there are also more Video Player for android 2022 is available such as the VLC for Android, Plex, MX player, video player for all formats, player team, FX player Mixplorer silver, video player, and BSPlayer. So, please use these things to watch the videos and her songs. 

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