10 Best Buzzer Apps That You Can use in Any Quiz Contest

Buzzer Apps

If you want to play a quiz contest with your family members or friends then you must need a timer device. This device will help you to decide who will answer first. So, the first thing you need is a buzzer app. We’ve seen some of the television game shows that are conducted using the buzzers. The audience gets sure that the games are conducted fairly. Each of the players will get a chance to answer after using the buzzer first. If you’re going to participate in or organize a virtual quiz contest you just need to buzz at the correct time. Besides, you have to know the correct answer as well.

With the help of this buzzer app, playing online will be a more fun idea after all. This app will also help you if you want to play the quiz contest through video calls, Zoom chatting, etc. here, we have listed the 10 best buzzer apps for you; some of them are free to download; where some of them are available for your tablet and Android. Some of them are also available via the web browser.

Purchasing physical buzzer devices can be more expensive and difficult to use them. If you’re quite familiar with a smartphone then you can easily use a phone buzzer device. You just need to download any one of the online buzzer systems mentioned below and you can play an online quiz contest just like you’ve seen on T.V.

10 Best online buzzer Apps that you can use in any quiz contest

1. Friend Game Buzzer

Friend Game Buzzer
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Friend game buzzer is a buzzer game app that is available for iOS devices. This phone buzzer app allows 64 people to play together; there is a host that records all the answers. This app is free to download and there are no ads in this app. This app is very easy to use. But, this multibuzzer game app depends on a good quality internet connection. The devices that are connected to this buzzing network should have a good quality internet connection. If anyone has a very strong network to the internet and someone has a weaker network to the internet then whoever has the stronger connection will buzz first. That means the original players who buzzed first can be lagged due to poor network.

2. Trivia Bowl Buzzer

Trivia Bowl Buzzer
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Trivia Bowl Buzzer is another online buzzer system that is only available for iOS devices. This buzzer game just works as a real buzzer device. Each of the participants and the host of the game must have their device to access this app. When a question will be asked all the participants have a chance to buzz, after buzzing their device will vibrate to indicate that they have replied by buzzing. The host will have the record whose device buzzed in first. But the major issue with using this app is all the devices get connected via Bluetooth connection; so the connection is not wider. Further, you need to purchase the host version to access all the features of this app.

3. Sync buzzer

Sync buzzer
Image source: Google Play

Sync Buzzer is the most advanced buzzer app and is available on Google play. The host connection needs to create the game and invite all the players. Each participant will buzz through their devices and the host connection will record whose device buzzed in first. But, to play the game all the devices must be connected through a Wi-Fi network connection. If the participants are not able to be connected to the same network, they won’t be able to play. The host network has four buttons, the reset button will lock all the buzzers. No one will be able to buzz in. Unlock button will unlock all the players and they will continue the game. The right button will lock all the players except those who have just buzzed in. the Wrong button will lock the player who has just buzzed in.

The main issue with this app is that it comes with so many ads and it takes a while to be connected to the server.

4. Cosmo  Buzz

Cosmo  Buzz

Cosmo Buzz is an online multi-user buzzer sound that will let you play quiz contests remotely with your friends. The host network needs to create the game and share the game code with all the participants of the contest. The participants of the game show can meet via Zoom or any other video chatting app to start the game. The host can lock all the buzzers until the questions are completely read aloud. The host network sees the answers instantly which are typed by the players. Cosmo buzz has a fun sound too. Cosmo Buzz also has a special feature the only first buzz button that only allows the first buzzer to buzz. So, the host network can discard all the remaining buzzing sound effects. After buzzing for one question the host can reset all the buzzers to be prepared for the next question.

5. Multibuzzer

Image source: Multibuzzer. app

Multibuzzer is another buzzer game app that allows almost 200 players to participate in a virtual quiz contest. The host needs to create a room for playing the online game and send the code to all the participants. It is very easier to start the virtual game through Multibuzzer. This app allows the players to play the game without any added fees. Players need to join through a device that supports a browser; they can open the multibuzz app and can start to buzz. Multibuzzer is a completely free online phone buzzer available with all the easier features to handle.

6. Buzzer

Image source: APK Pure

The Buzzer is an online buzzer system that is only available on Android devices. This app has only two buttons that you need to access during the game. The red button is to sound like a buzzer and the green one is to sound like a bell. This app is very easier to access. To determine who has buzzed in first, you need to listen out to the buzzer sound. But like other buzzing apps, this app doesn’t offer any hosting account that will record all the buzzing sounds.

Instead, the host requires hearing the first buzzing sound. One thing must be remembered the buzz sound is much louder than the bell sound. So, if you use the bell sound then you need to get sure that other participants use the bell sound too. If not then you will not be able to hear the bell sound over the buzzing sound.

7. The Ultimate buzzer

 The Ultimate buzzer:
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The Ultimate buzzer is another online buzzer app available on iOS devices. This app offers you 60 different sounds for your app; you can pick anyone from this list. Besides, this app has a flashlight feature. This app is a little bit different from others as it doesn’t let you the opportunity to create a game and invite the players. You can only see who the first one to buzz the answers was. You need to pay to purchase this app and it comes with frequent ads. You don’t have a choice to remove the ads. That is why the game becomes a little bit longer.

8. Just Buzz In

Just Buzz In
Image source: Shoppie Philippines

Just buzz In is another online buzzer system that will work to minimize confusion while thinking to play a virtual quiz contest among friends and family members. This app is free to download and has no limitation on the number of participants who can join the game. Just Buzz In works on a unique access code so that there will be no confusion among the participants to start the game.

The hosting account will create the game and need to send the game code to other participants of the game. The members must paste the code to join the game. The special feature offered by this app is its answer field. If the players are unable to make their answers through Zoom call then they can also type their answers. They can do it through a text field on the website. The host then read the answers from the text field and checks who is correct. This app allows users to answer questions by pressing the spacebar. So, you don’t need to be worried about the cursor placement will delay your answer.

9. Crowd Buzzer

With Crowd Buzzer from Crowd Control Games, you can incorporate team gameplay into your Zoom trivia game. To do this, players can simply write in a team name alongside their own name when they enter the access code to join the game.

Using Crowd Buzzer, you can give your game its own individual title. That way, it’ll be easily identifiable by all participants. Additionally, you can toggle an on and off switch for the buzzers so that players can’t buzz in between questions.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

10. Buzzer Said It

Buzzer Said It is not just a simple app with a big button that buzzes when you press it. The app is free. You can purchase the premium version for $0.99.

 There are so many things you can do with this app! For starters, you can prank your friends and colleagues by recording a voice message and changing your pitch. They’ll never know it was you! You can also type in silly phrases and sentences, and make Siri read them out loud for you.

You can also use the app as a buzzer for trivia games. Turn the buzzer on in settings and use it to buzz in your answers. This app is not an automated solution for trivia games though, so the host has to really listen to know which phone buzzed in first.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Final Words

If you’re thinking of choosing any phone buzzer app to play virtual quiz contests with your friends or family members, you have got the best ones. Some of these will let you play remotely through the Zoom video chatting app and some of them allow you to play over the same Wi-Fi network. Some are designed with the most interesting and funny features whereas some offer you more automation.

Using the buzzer apps the participants either can send their reply message to the entire team or the host only. Different apps provide different features. The message can either be typed quickly by the participants or can be in a sound form. So after doing thorough research, choose the perfect online buzz app that you’ve liked the most as it perfectly suits your requirements.