Top 5 Remote Control Apps for Vizio TV – Android and iOS

Nowadays, the television supports Android connectivity and can be controlled remotely via an app. Most phones come with remote apps for Android and iOS that let you instantly control your Vizio TV. You can see the top five recommendations below. You will know about the vizio remote app along with the ability to open applications built into your Vizio television set.

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile: 

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile: 

With VIZIO SmartCast Mobile, you can control your entire entertainment experience with your Android and iOS device. In this app, you easily browse and discover movies, TV shows, music, live streams, and more in multiple apps at once. You can also quickly turn on/off the device, Play/Pause content, Edit advanced settings, and more.


  • Effortless discovery: You can bring together your favourite entertainment from multiple apps into one simple experience.
  • Open apps on your TV: You can create your list of favourite apps.
  • Watch Free Content: You can enjoy free access to TV shows, movies, music and more.
  • Typing with the keyboard: You can also enter text on your TV/display from your Smartphone using the entire keyboard.
  • Swipe to navigate SmartCast Home: You can use the touchpad to quickly play your favourite entertainment from featured content to popular apps from your TV/Display.
  • Easy access to advanced settings: With the help of this app, you can adjust the aspect ratio, select inputs, calibrate images, and more.
  • See all the details: You can see show ratings, synopsis, cast, crew, clips, and more at a glance.
Types of apps

TV remote control for Vizio:

It is recommended to use a Vizio smart TV remote when your standard Vizio smart TV remote is broken or its battery runs out. If you want to use your phone as a Vizio replacement remote, you only need to follow the instructions and select your TV model from the list.


  • This app uses IR blast on all popular Android devices.
  • It works great when placed in the line of sight.
  • It is a lightweight app with an interface similar to that on a real remote.
  • You can get the manual configuration support is also included.


You can control your Vizio TV over a local network or Vizio TV on phones with infrared ports. It is one of the best Apps for Vizio TV.


  • You can easily replace your original Vizio TV remote with the app because it has all the main functions of the original remote.
  • It works well in a range of 3 to 15 feet.
  • You can use the streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • In this app, the touch features are included.



It is one of the unofficial infrared remote control apps for Vizio TV. It works with phones and tablets with a built-in IR Blaster. This app is helpful in emergency situations. (The original remote is lost; the battery is dead, etc.)


  • It is compatible with phones and tablets with built-in IR emitters with Vizio TVs.
  • You need to point your phone’s IR Blaster directly at the TV. The standard operating range is ~5ft (up to ~15ft).
  • There is no additional hardware required.
  • This app does not contain full-screen ads. There is no push notification ads or similar annoying pop-up ads.

TV remote for Vizio TV:

TV Remote Control for Smarts and Universals Vizio TV, you can control your Vizio TV. This app will help you control your smart TV using your phone’s IR Blaster.


  • This app is compatible with all popular Vizio TVs such as the Vizio D series, P series, E series, etc.
  • You can turn the TV on or off, change channels, control the volume. Simply you can go to the TV’s menu and perform all basic operations.
  • It relies on your phone’s IR connection.
Types of apps

Final verdict:

Did you know that you can control your Vizio TV using your Smartphone? You can need one of these remote control apps for your Vizio TV. The TV remote app doesn’t have to work with every television as long so you choose the best remote control app for your needs. You will be able to use the TV smart home devices and set-top box.

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