11 Best Salon Booking Softwares With Price & Reviews 2023

Salon Booking Software


With the help of proper and high features, salon software also helps both customers and Salon owners save time. Maintaining the customer when they arrive at the salon is quite simple to get the first class service at all times. Let us go with the help of the 11 best salon booking software, price details, and other customer reviews below.

What is salon management software?

If you want a seamless way to have proper control over the inventory and appointments without any stress, then you must go with salon management software. It gives salon owners and customers a hand to obtain service at the right time. It is one of the digital tools well designed to support the owner-manager and develop their business to the next level. This software expert works with the salon’s even flow and maintains accurate client and business records and streamlines. It is automated daily, so it becomes easier and more comfortable. There are 1000 massage studios, salons, and spas, so people must go with the help of the right salon booking software and get better comfort at all times.

How do I choose good salon software?

Suppose you are new and do not have how to choose the right software for anyone that exactly fits your business. Then you have to go with the below ideas more safely.

User-friendly to run:

Spa and salon staffs are usually more people practical and understanding than tech-savvy. Therefore, the salon owner needs to use the right software, which must be simple to learn cost staff without any training.

Customer centricity:

In the salon, most people spend more time than other new ones, so you must have a comprehensive solution that improves customer relations. Hence personalization goes a long way, and providing a discount on special occasions can solidify the customer.


You must pick salon software for easy accessibility. The staff must make sure the staff view the overall booking details.

Easy billing :

Management tools have dedicated models for billing and finance and data. This software helps to reduce the paperwork.

Marketing and promotion:

With the help of the right advertising and promotional activities is more important for space, so you have to establish to spend on obtaining the special attention

Storage and safety:

With the help of the previous paragraph and spa management tool can simply store a large pool of client data in the centralized system. Customer data include the name, contact details, past service, and other information that can be stored in the cloud.

Value for money :

The salon booking software must be cost-effective, and it never burns a hole in the customer’s pocket. Therefore, you have to provide the right pricing plan to the customer, making it more comfortable for the customer.

7 best salon booking softwares

Even though you come across several platforms, here is the list of top 7 salon booking tools that make it easier and more comfortable.

  • Phorest
  • Simply Book. me
  • Wellyx
  • Vagaro
  • Rosay salon software
  • Versum
  • Salonist
  • Salonized
  • MioSalon
  • YoureOntime
  • Yocale

1. Phorest

Image Source: Phorest Salon Software

Phorest is Salon’s leading software that supports customers and spends more and industry-leading management and tool. It has a smart payment solution that obtains a special welcome among customers nowadays on running Th software over the iPhone app, which has the option to book at 24 hours, make treats, cards, and send SMS and email. It has the option of automated rebooking, which assists in bringing out customers back for the next service. This software starts from the price range of $99.0 per month, and it has only a premium version, not free.

2. Simply Book. me

Simply Book. me
Image Source: SimplyBook

It is user-friendly software and designed with effective and powerful booking systems. Hence, it provides great support for the business to control and accepts the appointment. It allows making the booking page with real-time service and staff. It has multiple services and providers to use with additional comfort. You can even make events and schedules for a specific date and time. The salon management software can adjust the time zone per the client in the various time zones. The price starts from $99.00 per month and is free to use.

3. Wellyx:

Image Source: Wellyx

Welly is the right and powerful software to save the customer’s time, and it is the world’s leading wellness tool solution that links more than 100 passionate spas and other services. The salon booking software emerged with the best ideas to improve the business in the part of the spa and other salons. The cost of the salon app is $30.00 per month and is applicable to use only premium.

4. Vagaro:

Image Source: Vagaro

It is one of the certified online salon and spa management apps and promotions. Using this software, the customer can simply book a service from the home and reach the salon at the right time to get service. Hence, the customer need not wait and not waste their time sitting in the salon. The software is $250.00 per month and is available to download for trial and premium.

5. Rosay salon software:

Rosay salon software:
Image Source: Youtube

This software specializes in design for the beauty salon and spa business people, giving them proper control over the business and operation. It has more than 20,000 professionals and is applicable for small and medium sizes to plan appointments and meet a better experience at all times. Appointments can simply book via the salon software and social media page. This salon scheduling software access from $29.00 per month and is applicable to get both trial and premium options.

6. Versum:

Image Source: Software ADvice

It is one of the online-based software and simple to run software simply and effectively. This helps to boost the business to the next level and brings out the number of fresh customers. It has the proper streamlined daily operation and is available to access for $25.00> per month and get for trail and premium.

7. Salonist:

Image Source: Salonist

If you are looking for the best salon management software, you can end your search from the Salonist. The salon booking software helps make the online appointment and easily promotes the Salon to the next level. It is out to access from a price range of $99.00 per month and gets both trial and premium software.

8. Salonized:

Image Source: Salonized

Salonized salon software is the number one software that provides full control over the business. It provides full access to schedule whenever and wherever you want. This software allows you to access the online cash register and automatic invoice generator, making it easier. Salone owners can access this software for at least $15.00 per month and an option for the trial and premium.

9. MioSalon:

Image Source: Miosalon

It is free to use, and you can get all the updated features from this software. It never required having a credit card. It accesses multi-user and task scheduling tracking and much more. The salon booking apps run from basic smartphones to high-class phones more safely. The price starts from $00.00 per month and is applicable to get a premium version too.

10. YoureOntime:

Image Source: Youreontime

Suppose you want the right salon and spa, software, and management tools that make it more comfortable and provide the best support and solution. Hope it gives more comfortable for the customer to save time. The salon booking software has calendar and contact management that make it safer and easier to promote the business to the next level. It is available for $25.00 and runs on the premium and trail versions.

11. Yocale:

Image Source: Yocale

Yocale is the top online appointment and scheduling software and calendar, making it more comfortable for the spa and salon people to control the overall business. This software provides 24/7 online appointment scheduling and well customizable calendar. It is one of the effective scheduling tools and safer online payment. It reduces the no-shows and increases the overall revenue with several customer appointment reminders more safely. This online salon scheduling can be accessed at $20.00 per month and freemium.