Top 13 Trending Whiteboard Animation Maker Apps in 2023

Animation is one of the latest growing fields in which people can create different kinds of projects as per their creativity. Several types of animation methods are available; among those, this whiteboard animation is one of the attractive practices that help to create different products with several beautiful elements. People who like to work on these whiteboard animations can use the online whiteboard animation maker applications. Several kinds of applications are available; each will have different abilities that make them unique from other apps. Therefore, using these apps will be more effective, and each app will have several libraries and in-built features that make the animation process more simple and time efficient.

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is one of the oldest and finest animation processes. The author will draw and capture the illustrated story or other things from the Whiteboard during this process. This process of whiteboard animation is a 2D process of creating various more attractive projects suitable for explaining multiple details. Nowadays, people use this whiteboard animation to create different videos with stunning soundtracks. Moreover, people can use various applications that are mainly available for whiteboard animation and have multiple features that improve the ability and quality of the product. So, these are the details that people need to know about the whiteboard animation.

Different kinds of whiteboard animation applications

People who like to create whiteboard animation can use various kinds of applications that are available online. Each application available on the web is more effective, and each of them will have unique features that are perfect for creating different animations in less time. People who like to use these applications should know the working methods. So, some of the whiteboard animation applications are

  • Mango animate
  • VideoScribe
  • Explaindio
  • MySimpleShow
  • Camtasia
  • RenderForest
  • Easy Sketch Pro
  • Animaker
  • Doodly
  • TruScribe
  • Vyond
  • Filmora
  • Biteable

So, these are the applications suitable for whiteboard animation, and people who need free white animation online can choose one of the software from this list. Likewise, people who need to work with the best and most effective whiteboard animation applications can choose the best option from these apps.

1. Mango animate

Mango animate
Image source: Mango animate

This mango animation is one of the top most popular whiteboard animation software that helps people to create various kinds of whiteboard animations. With the help of this animating application, people can express complex ideas with simple animation representation. Moreover, in this app, people will access various libraries and custom templates that help make the animations more attractive and practical. Furthermore, by paying $39, people can access the pro version of the app that contains various additional services that help to create multiple animations.

2. VideoScribe

Image source: Skillshare

This application is one of the famous animation apps among beginners, and people who like to make animations in quick and easy steps can use this application. The best thing about this animation application is that it has several libraries of templates, images, and soundtracks that are more attractive. Unfortunately, the price range of this application is also shallow than the other animation applications. Nevertheless, this application is the best whiteboard maker that beginners can prefer for training.

3. Explaindio

Image source: App gadget

This application has top-level reviews from users, and it’s all because of the features that are available with this application. The primary attraction of this application is that even people with zero experience can use this app and utilize the 2D and 3D features that are available within this application for animation projects. The whiteboard sketch components are more useful for people using this software for a whiteboard animation.

4. MySimpleShow

Image source: Animaker

This MySimpleShow will be the best option for people looking for a simple and effective whiteboard animation maker that helps to create various animations in simple steps. The templates available with this application will be perfect for all kinds of animation, and it also has several music and soundtracks to use in the animations. Business people can use this application to create business videos.

5. Camtasia

Image source: Mvccovenatsa

People who need to make attractive and stunning whiteboard animation designs can use this software which has a premium package by which people can create great animations. It has many videos, images, and 500K stock photos that are available to use in the animations. Customizable videos are also some of the best features of this application.

6. RenderForest

Image source: RenderForest

This app is free, and people who don’t need to buy premium apps can use this application that has all the necessary features to make the best animations with perfect quality. Furthermore, people who create projects for industries and businesses can use this application to make videos with various elements that support their needs.

7. Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro
Image source: Youtube

The friendly user interface and drag & drop techniques are the attractive elements in this easy sketch pro application. People who like to make compelling videos with the best quality sounds, images, and other additional features can use this application. In addition, the easy import option available in this app makes the animating process easy and efficient.

8. Animaker

Image source: Appmaster World

People who like to work with open-source animation software can use this Animaker software for creating whiteboard animations with stunning effects and soundtracks. Registration is enough to access all the premium features available with the application. After registration, people can develop 750 animated videos with this application and use all the styles of video templates available in the app. So, these are some benefits of the Animaker app.

9. Doodly

Image source: TechYGO

This application will be the best option for people who don’t have proper technical knowledge about the software. It’s because people can easily use all the app’s available features. The user-friendly interface makes the work easy, and people can complete various videos with various types and qualities of animations. In addition, the video embedding process of this Doodly will increase the traffic of the video by 157%. So, people can use this app to improve video features and quality.

10. TruScribe

Image source: Youtube

It is the only software that uses neuroscience for animation, and it helps to attract attention and also helps to increase retention with viewers’ understanding. In addition, this application’s classic method of Scribology is available, and people who need to create attractive and perfect whiteboard animation can use this app. Finally, customizing the hand-drawn movie method is one of the high lite available in this application. Therefore, people who like to choose the best whiteboard video maker with professional tools and features can choose this application.

11. Vyond

Image source:

This Vyond application will be the best option for people who like to use it for professional animating and is also suitable for beginners. So, this app is ideal for all kinds of users, and all the features available in this app are user-friendly and practical. This app has a massive collection of templates, images, audio, and various other multimedia services. So, people can use all these services to customize their animation according to their needs. These features available with the app are compelling and suitable for all users.

12. Filmora

Image source: Indimart

This Filmora is one of the best whiteboard animation software products, and it can do more than whiteboard animations. This application will support both 2D and 3D animations with various features that are available in the application. Each service available in this application is more attractive and suitable for all animation processes. Most people who develop the animated whiteboard will have several benefits from the app, which will help make the projects more effective and efficient.

13. Biteable

Image source: Techchurch

This Biteable is the only application with an interactive user interface, making the app more attractive and providing enormous abilities. People who like to use this app can use it with less knowledge about animation, and this app has several features that come with drag-and-drop options. So, the animation process is more straightforward with practical components that make the process perfect for all kinds of uses. So, these are some details about Biteable whiteboard animation software.

Benefits of using these applications

People using these applications will have several benefits and can create videos and animations to promote all fields. The images, soundtracks, and other components available in the apps are helpful for animation development. In addition, various features are available in the application as drag and drop options. So, these are some of the benefits that are available with these kinds of whiteboard animation applications.


Which is the best software for whiteboard animation?

Mango animate is the best and top software for creating whiteboard animations.

Is mango Whiteboard animation free?

No, people need to pay $39 to activate the premium access in the app, which is a one-time payment.

Is Doodly free?

No, the doodly animation software is not free, and people need to pay a monthly subscription of $69 to get the features of this application.


So, these are some details that help people to know more about various kinds of whiteboard animation maker applications that are more effective and suitable for all users. Many industries and organizations use these applications to create different types of videos to promote and develop their products with animation videos. These videos have a specialty in explaining complex things simply.

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