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We’re looking for app industry professionals who have expertise in any specific area of their choice in which they have abundant knowledge and contribute your valuable knowledge to our website. We are on a mission to construct a comprehensive pool of knowledge in various aspects of mobile advertising, app marketing, app development, and updates regarding the application world.

In this Write for Us section, anyone from owners of software development companies to indie-home app developers can share a piece of their advice on multiple app development, marketing, or analytics-related matters. We want our company to grow with your valuable input.

We need specific practitioners that work mainly under these niches

  • app development
  • app analytics
  • mobile advertising

To write guest articles for us, you need to know how to solve these issues of the public:

  • how – to
  • categorizing difficult problems tactfully
  • providing insights about the latest updates
  • analyzing aggregated data in various areas that cover the app industry

Take a look at the guidelines for writing guest articles for our websites:

Images: The resolution of the images should be as follows: – 1200×800 (width x height)

Article Length: Each article length should vary between 700 to 2000 words. You can divide the article into 6 to 7 paragraphs with 4 – 5 lines paragraphs each. Must use H2, H3

Links: It is essential to add reference links, hyperlinks, apply link cloaking, and backlinks to enrich your site. If you backlink highly reputed and reliable sites and get backlinks from the same, your content is bound to be better than the rest. It will help you greatly in getting higher ranks on Google and better visibility.

How To Submit Guest Post Content?

  • Please send your article to us via email to rajhusgoraai24(@)gmail.com for pricing and terms.
  • Editorial team will review your copy and update you accordingly
  • You will get an email from an editor within 2-3 business days
  • Post format should be Google doc or MS word.
  • Images should be sent as an attachment ( copyright free )

What are the various topics that you can cover?

We cover about the latest android or iOS apps that recently launched at play store or app store. There are millions of app in the store but it’s very difficult to find the useful app for our daily life. Mostly we cover Apps reviews like Business app, Finance app, Lifestyle Apps, Gaming Apps, Travel Apps, Educational Apps, Entertainment apps, Video Editing Apps, Utility Apps, Photo Editing Apps, Productivity Apps, Social Media Apps.