Top 6 Social Media Scheduling Apps

Social media is one of the most important promotional avenues for any growing brand or business in the Age of Information, as it is both typically low-cost and deceptively powerful in building a curated image. One of the best ways to ensure the algorithms which dominate social media pick up on your material is to post frequently. If you’re a brand or business looking to expand your social media presence via regular postings, look no further than this list of 6 applications.


Loomly is a powerful tool that supports posting to a wide array of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. It boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface via its signature Launch Wizard and an intuitive workflow calendar. In addition, customers only begin paying after a 15-day free trial with four different pricing tiers. Loomly also offers an interaction screen, allowing you to interact with comments left on all your posts through your Android phone.

You can also create post ideas based on RSS feeds through Loomly, which gives you an easy jumping-off point for further editing and ideation. Setting a paid campaign on Facebook is also incredibly easy, as you can set the budget and customise your fanbase within the app itself. One aspect to consider, however, before subscribing to Loomly is that the calendar function may be difficult to access, particularly for untrained users.


With an interface thought to be even more intuitive than Loomly alongside a lengthy 30-day free trial, AgoraPulse offers a great array of functions for any prospective brand-builder. Some of its key features include scheduled posting, a unified inbox, reporting, and social media monitoring. Not only can you schedule your posts, but you can also tweak aspects of each post, like time and content, to better suit the platform onto which it is being posted.

In addition to the above, Agorapulse automatically categorises your top followers as Ambassadors, Engaged, or Influencers, making it easier to find social media influencers for collaborative promotional purposes. Although it boasts many interesting features, prospective buyers should also be aware that its range of supported platforms is limited compared to similar apps, and the app does not post to Pinterest.

Source: Sprout Social
Source: Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a great tool for sizable brand marketing teams, as it allows collaborative action on a shared social media schedule calendar. Aside from its collaborative potential, another great feature Sprout Social offers is its ViralPost® technology, which calculates optimal times for maximum engagement. Coupled with its link-image pairing technology, this application offers a lot for anyone seeking to grow their online brand recognition on their Samsung phone.

Its hefty price tag reflects its nature as a team-oriented program instead of more affordable individual-oriented applications. However, it does offer a generous 30-day free trial, with cancellation available at any point within the said trial. As a more professional tool, this is the best option for teams that have already achieved a certain level of growth and are now looking for greater engagement to take their brand to the next level.


With a wide range of supported platforms, Sendible certainly is a contender for its self-given title of “The #1 Social Media Management Tool for Agencies”. This application allows for posting on the following websites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Facebook Ads, and Pinterest. Alongside that long list, you can also post directly to blog sites such as Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, and WordPress, allowing for an even wider reach.

Not only does it offer such a substantial reach, but it also offers 8 standard reports, thereby allowing you to zoom in, focus, and refocus where necessary to maximise your brand engagement. You can also reply to comments within the app itself for further engagement with followers and subscribers. In terms of price, four packs are offered for different team sizes, with the most affordable being for solo entrepreneurs and the most expensive catering to large teams.


Compatible with over 35 social media platforms, Hootsuite is a little more basic than the other options on this list, yet it is no less useful. On the cheaper side among these entries, Hootsuite is perfectly good for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs looking to build a personal brand. Its interactions with YouTube, in particular, are of note, as not only can you schedule YouTube posts, but you can also find relevant videos to schedule via a custom search stream on your HP laptop.

Although the cheaper price tag can be enticing, Hootsuite is limited compared to other options that may come at higher prices. For instance, analytics on social listening require a separate app known as Hootsuite Insights. Additionally, if you want access to other analytics, you’ll need to upgrade to the Enterprise plan, which will cost you a little more and is typically included in plans on other applications.

Source: Brandwatch
Source: Brandwatch


Aimed at professionals with a price tag to match, Brandwatch (formerly known as offers two different plans: the Essential Plan and the Full Suite. While the Essential Plan is aimed at single users and small teams, the Full Suite was formulated with large promotional teams in mind. The former offers a content calendar and campaign planner, while the latter adds approval flows, social media advertising, and competitor benchmarking.

This app allows for creating a shared media library known as a Content Pool to pull from when creating promotional materials, thereby simplifying the sharing of promotional assets. Brandwatch also allows for cross-platform advertising, maximising your potential reach and easily introducing your brand to users across sites. Additionally, this app allows for TikTok support, which is incredibly useful considering TikTok’s status at this moment in time.

With any luck, one of these 6 social media applications can help you make the most out of your brand on social media platforms. Although each comes with its own set of pros and cons, the most important deciding factor is which fits what you aim to achieve with your brand or business. Regardless of which social media scheduling app you choose, you’re sure to achieve the success your brand or business deserves with the right effort.

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