Ecommerce App Design Tips

Engagement, conversion, sales, and many other things that grow your eCommerce depend on your eCommerce app design.

What is eCommerce app design?

An eCommerce app design is a process of designing user and business-friendly apps to sell products and services. With a saturated eCommerce market, most businesses look to optimize their app designs to have some degree of an edge against competitors.

Now, what makes eCommerce app design important? Check out these stats.


  • Every 1$ you invest in UX, you get $100 in return.
  • 90% of users abandon eCommerce apps because of poor UX performance
  • Negative design experience on eCommerce apps shrinks chances of future purchase by 62%

These stats call for focusing on eCommerce app design. We’ve summarized some tips for you to nail the space.

Tips for eCommerce app design

Follow these five kickass eCommerce app design tips to charm your present and potential users.

1.   Explore Friendly-Zones

This is an easily-reachable, thumb-friendly space on your phone.

And when you place app elements here, it’s like holding your user’s hands while they shop.

What you can do

  • Determine the thumb-friendly zones on mobile devices
  • Check your key elements are placed here
  • Avoid placing elements in the lower right and upper left corners.

2.   Optimize all the forms in the eCommerce app

Most buyers are lazy, even though they have high buying intent. And that’s not their fault. That’s how the world has evolved. No one wants to fill out those long boring forms.

  • Save your users from going through the experience where they have to type irrelevant information.
  • Avoid bombarding your users with irrelevant personal information.

What you can do:

  1. Use auto-fill features to fetch user details
  2. Give them the option to save their credentials
  3. Shorten your registration and checkout forms
  4. Use A/B testing to find the significant drop-offs because of the design

3. Improve readability experience

Readability experience is another reason why most of your users abandon the app.

  • Bad font size
  • Horizontal mobile scrolling
  • Flashy colors
  • Endless ad banners

You may ignore these practices thinking they’re not a part of app design, but they’re. Every element you put in the app is a part of the design.

What you can do:

  1. Use limited fonts
  2. The size of the font should be accessible on the phone
  3. The color scheme of font and images should be well balanced
  4. Write neat and clean product descriptions
  5. Avoid a long wall of texts
  6. Don’t make your app an ad farm
  7. Ensure users only navigate from top to bottom rather than left to right.

4. Apply three tap rule

The three-tap rule has existed for websites for ages. The same rule applies to the eCommerce app design.

As marketing orients more towards SEO, three tap designs are the approved rule to ease off the overall user navigation.

  • It doesn’t challenge attention span.
  • Users don’t feel lost.
  • Users have smooth navigation across the website without getting deeper into the hierarchy.
  • You save on the crawl budget
  • You get sales in lesser clicks

Of course, it does not apply to all industries. But try to fold by four steps at max if you can’t get in 3.

5. Go minimalist

You want to remove all the unnecessary elements in the app. For example, using simpler color schemes. Analogous or monochromatic scheme.

Typography is a powerful tool here. Play with style, size, and typeface. But don’t overdo it!

Declutter your app interface. The less, the better.

Key Takeaways

Boosting your sales on an eCommerce app is already challenging. You shrink your chances if the design doesn’t have thinking to it. Design thinking gives the best user experience.

Every element you put on the app should make sense for the user.

So, build a strong bond between your brand and customers by creating a user-friendly app interface. Ensure that your user has no reason to abandon your app while they shop.

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