Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone

No day will get complete without listening to music. In such a way, music connects with every individual’s life. No matter how bad your day is, listening to music will make you vibe and forget all your sorrows. At present, you need an internet connection to listen to music. Of course, connecting with the internet will let you enjoy new and trending songs.

Unfortunately, if your internet is unstable, it is hard to listen to music. That’s why the below article comes with the top 10 free music download apps for iPhone to listen to music anytime. The apps are designed to listen to music even when you are offline. Also, the app has millions of songs collections; thus, you can choose anything and listen.

Of course, iPhone users should know about these apps because you are needless to pay even a bit of money to listen and download the songs. 

Freegal Music

Freegal Music

Freegal Music is a free music download available for iPhone. The app has more than 1 million songs, and its interface is user-friendly. Thus, even if you use it for the very first time, you never get disappointed at any cost. Most importantly, you can save millions of offline music without any doubt. That’s why it is the favorite app for all

Importantly, it will allow you to share the music with friends and anyone. Creating a user’s playlist is the highlight of the app. 

Google Play Music

Google music app is an official app. Using it will allow you to experience fantastic songs and music. The choice of songs will differ based on the mood and day of an individual. Knowing that the app will enable them to save up to 50,000 of their own songs online for free. You can also save offline songs effortlessly. 


SoundCloud is a music download app specially designed for iPhone devices. You know it is the finest free music downloader app for iPhone users since one can listen to their favorite numbers all the time. No matter what, you can play any track and pause it easily. Additionally, the application lets you share the way on any social media platform. 

Even it will let your music your favorite tracks and create your library choice. The way to use the app is relatively easy because of its clean and straightforward interface. You will fall by looking at its various features as well.  

Types of apps



Musify is the best app to search and download any audio files easily. All you want to do is download and install the app. That’s all you can listen to any music based on your choice. Importantly, you can download any genre song. Of course, you all look for an app that holds all categories of songs right.

In such a case, try using the Musify application that will enable you to download any number of songs in no time. The interface is the main feature that you should notice in the app. Plus, the app is utterly free to use as well

Total Downloader

Total Downloader is the ultimate music download app. Since it is a popular application, you are allowed to do millions of downloads easily. At the same time, the free music download lets users enjoy it. No matter the iPhone version you use, such as iPhone 6 or 11 Pro, it works smoothly. It is compatible with iOS 7 as well. 

The app connects with Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud services. And also, one can download multiple songs even at once. 


Tidal is a simple and clean app. Notably, the app will offer high-quality music tracks. According to the user’s choice, the app will provide extended functionality, music sharing, and listening mode. The way to save track is also quite easy, like directly to your iPhone. Thus you are needless to connect with the internet to listen to music. 

 No matter what, even if the internet connection is slow, you can easily listen to music without any doubt. In short, it is a great app that you should download on your phone. Importantly, you can save a lot of space by using the app. All because it will allow you to listen to music offline. 



Evermusic is an excellent app that will make the users access music tracks and an entire library hosted in cloud services. Once you have moved the media library to the remote repository, you are all set to connect to the desired account and play the music directly straightforwardly. The app includes various services such as Dropbox, Yandex Disk, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. 

The Evermusic resembles the standard Apple full-time player. Even users play audio footage distantly and save arrangements to the iPhone or iPad. Of course, it is a music listening app along with that, and you can record songs easily on your iOS device. It has various features such as repeat and shuffle, playback speed control, memorization of playback position, and others. 



Spotify is undoubtedly the best and famous music app worldwide. And it is a fantastic app that you should try. It will allow the users to manage the playlists and create various channels and daily mixes since it is a free app to download that will never compromise on quality at any cost. Plus, this free music downloader app iPhone never shows ads as well. Thus you can enjoy listening to music without any interruptions. 

Also, one can add above 3000 songs to the offline list simply. Even you can add it on three different phones. So, you can effortlessly retrieve the music list if you deleted it accidentally. Undoubtedly, you are allowed to customize the playlist according to your choice. That is why you should surely go for the app. Certainly, it will offer an amazing listening experience.


Free Music Archive (FMA) is a famous application to download different music. Regardless of the collection of the songs, one can obtain them for free. As it is a legal app to use, you are needless to worry at any cost. Most importantly, its interface is a user-friendly music app for iPhone. It will let the users access the music library according to their moods and needs.

One can effortlessly download songs for both iPhone and iPad. There are no restrictions in the music genres such as Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, RnB, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, International, Jazz, etc. Also, you are allowed to share the track on any social media platform includes Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Types of apps

Freemake Music box

Freemake Music box

Freemake Music box is the ultimate application to enjoy listening to some best music. For sure, you will stun by looking at its excellent features. Of course, it has the superb sound quality of tracks, exemplary user interface that’s why using this free music download apps iPhone is the best use. Obsoletely, it is free to use and will let you download any music. 

Users can even share the music even on social media platforms. At the same time, one can use the app to watch YouTube videos. Though it let you perform multiple tasks, it is entirely free to use. 


So you have come to know the best free music download apps for iPhone. Users can choose any app from the list, and it does not make you spend much money at any cost. You can enjoy using these apps since they will amaze you with their tunes collections. Thus begin to use any of the apps according to your choice. 

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