12 Free Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android & iOS

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the best and popular social media platform. People use this network to post stories round the clock. If you’re like most people, you’re constantly keeping an eye on your Instagram Story. Whether you’re checking to see if your followers have liked your latest post, or just trying to get a sense of what’s been happening in the community by watching others stories. But sometimes you want to save those stories. Thus, to help you, various Instagram story saver apps are available. Using the app, you can easily keep it in no time. Here are the best apps that will help you save Instagram stories. 



Fastsave is a great app that you should use to save pictures and videos from Instagram. Undoubtedly, it is a favourite Instagram downloader app. No matter what using the app will give an excellent experience. Of course, the apps are available in so many numbers, but installing the FastSave app works for sure. 

No matter what, the user can download any Instagram account story, video, and photo without restrictions. You want to download and install the app from Google Play Store or the app store.

  • The app has various ultimate features
  • Users can save multiple photos and videos
  • One can also easily save stories quickly in a bar at the top of the main screen.
  • All you want to do is long-press on saved photos and videos.
  • Users can download content faster way. 
  • It has the best dashboard to manage quickly saved photos and videos.
  • You can view photos even in a slideshow method as well. 
  • Using the app, one can Repost, Share, Delete photos and videos
  • Even you can hide save pictures and videos using the secret locker.
  • Also, you can save photos and videos on your phone offline.

ReShare Story for Instagram

ReShare Story for Instagram is an ultimate app that will facilitate you to save videos and stories of Instagram easily. For sure, it is a high-quality service and will allow you to download any content from Instagram. Even you can also share videos or photos in your profile. The apps will work as a full-fledged photo gallery. 

No matter what, one can save Stories, photos, videos, clippings from your favorite shows. Regardless of the type of content, you can get it in your gallery. With the help of this application, you can watch and acquire any content is relatively easy. Of course, before you choose to use the app, the user never has any idea, right.

Importantly, ReShare Story allows you to recreate old photos or videos that you have posted even before some years. If you have any idea to save all pictures, it is the best app to use. Be it is any content, you can obtain it with the help of the application. The app will let you save pictures with better quality as well and without notifying the user who published them. 


Ingramer is an excellent application to save stories from your Instagram account. Certainly, the application let you save images and videos directly to your Android or iOS smartphone. Fortunately, users can easily save stories from Instagram directly to their PC and Mac. For sure, you should paste the link, and then you can get the story. Be it is any content you can get on both Android and iOS.

Quick Save

Quick Save

Undeniably, Quick Save is an excellent app that will enable you to download stories and videos from Instagram. All you need to do is too few clicks. First and foremost, you should log in to your Instagram account in the application. Later, it would be best to browse for the particular content you want to save. 

To download that, share the video or photo, and you can get to see the contents later on the gallery. For sure, it is the best Instagram photo downloader and Instagram video downloader app for android and iOS.

Story Saver+

StorySaver+ is an app specially designed to help even non-techy users. Of course, when it comes to using apps, not the technical persons alone use the app right. StorySaver+ lets you get the videos and pictures straightforwardly in such a case. As a user of this story saver, one can secretly view and save the story and replay it. 

The app enables users to download profile pictures of the best quality. Even you can share media files to other social platforms without downloading that. The application provides you with an in-built gallery.

Types of apps

Story Saver for Instagram by YOBA

Story Saver for Instagram by YOBA is a straightforward application since it requires only three steps to save the photos and videos from Instagram. Also, users can set the Instagram story offline as well. At first, you must sign in to your Instagram account and then pick the post and story that you want to download.

Once you have selected everything, simply tap on the Download button. For sure, the contents can be viewed on your phone’s memory. Of course, the overall downloading step is relatively easy and typical as others. 

Ins Story repost for Instagram

Ins Story repost for Instagram

Ins Story repost for Instagram is the finest app that every Instagram user must try. No app can help you to save Instagram content as this app do. A little bit of effort is enough to get the stories of Instagram. No matter what, using Ins Story repost for the Instagram application will let you easily save various contents. 

Plus, it does not take much space on your mobile phone as well. One can effortlessly download photos and videos on their iPhone using this app. Before you choose to save photos and videos from Instagram, all you need to do is log in to your Instagram account, and the app will guide you through the downloading process. 

Ahasave Video Downloader for Instagram

Ahasave video downloader for Instagram lets you download or save photos, videos, stories, reels, and highlights from any Instagram account. The contents will get protected on the phone memory. Additionally, downloading IGTV on a mobile device is relatively easy as it is a free application. All you want to do is copy the link of the photo/video/IGTV/Reels or highlight that you would like to download. 

Later tap on the share button, and that’s all the content will start to download. Downloading Instagram reels is also an easy job. You can save anything with the help of this app. Undoubtedly, saving videos and pictures is simple. One can save profile pictures as well. 

Repeat the history for iPhone Instagram

Repeat the history for iPhone Instagram is a superb app that will enable one to effortlessly and quickly reorganize photos and videos. Even one can reorganize their pictures and videos in top quality. Using the app, one can write the history without a 24-hour limit. Along with that, one can forward the direct message and have many other functions.

Story Saver by One Tap labs Android

Story Saver by One Tap labs Android

No matter what installing Story Saver by One Tap labs, Android lets you download and save both videos and pictures from Instagram stories. The app’s main functionality is that you feel easy to save Instagram stories and allow easy downloads too. Regardless of the story type, one can obtain it in no time. 

The app never uses up much of your valuable time at any cost. Of course, you are allowed to save stories from Instagram in no time. All you need to do is search for the stories and then simply save them on your download. 

Repost Story For Instagram

Repost Story For Instagram is designed to download Photos, Videos, Profile Pictures, and Stories from Instagram. Of course, if you have this app on your device, then you are needless to look for some other app. With the app’s help, you are all set to get the best quality images, videos from Instagram. 

The remarkable thing is that it will allow you to save stories and posts of people you never follow. At first, the app asks you to log in to as many accounts as you want. Plus, it can save content faster. 

Types of apps

Story Saver for Instagram by Sara Tech

Story Saver for Instagram by Sara Tech

Story Saver is doubtlessly the finest app, and mainly it is a handy application for all. Its user interface wants to specify for sure. All because only when the app is easy to use do you feel great to use it. At the same time, you are allowed to save Instagram stories using its best functionalities. No matter what, Story Saver is the finest ig story saver that you must try for sure. 

Notably, the app will allow you to save Instagram stories quickly and easily. The users can view the protected content afterward. It will let you save the story without even accessing the account. Yes, the app is available with a fantastic feature for that. The app will allow you to search for a user whose stories or publications you are interested in.

That’s all anyone’s stories can be easily downloaded on your smartphone. You can later view it on your smartphone memory. All you should do is specify the author or source where you found this content. This is to avoid the issue of some intruders taking pictures and videos of others. 

Thus, these are the best free Instagram Story Saver Apps for Android and iOS devices. Using these apps, users can easily download and save both pictures plus videos from Instagram stories. Of course, the opinion about the app will get change based on users. However, the mentioned apps are great to use.

Importantly, it will never ask you to money to save the Instagram story. These applications also offer various features, and saving Instagram stories won’t matter. Try to use all from the collection, so then you can come to know the best one. 

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