24 Best Social Media Apps For Android and IOS

Digitalization has truly changed the whole world in today’s date. It has provided us with several gadgets that have helped us connect to the world in a very convenient way, and one of them is social media. Social media is one of the most popular networking platforms in today’s date as people from all over the globe use social media to connect. In such situations, finding the Best Social Media Apps that would help you connect to your friends and family in a much better way is also equally difficult. Every application has different features and different formats. So here are the most popular social media apps to help you understand what happened. The nation would be the best for you.

1. Facebook 


The most popular social media application that has created a huge impact in the entire world of social media is Facebook. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and this organization is truly one of the life-changing corporations in the whole world. This platform allows people to connect worldwide where they can share photos, their memory is ok, and simple events ok through messaging each other directly. 8 protected people’s privacy as it did not share any one number or contact ID and still allow people to have an amazing conversation over this platform, making it one of the Best Social Media Apps.

2. Instagram

An image-sharing application that has also gained extreme popularity recently is Instagram. Instagram bhajan application where people originally were only able to share their photographs, and multiple people would follow them to see their pictures. At that time, this application truly involved multiple other features, such as a messaging feature. Soon Instagram was also taken over by Facebook, and this application is used by millions of people worldwide. The amazing features which come along with this application truly make it very entertaining, which people love using this app. 

3. WhatsApp 

Sending an SMS in today’s date has to be gone out of trend, and people usually prefer texting each other on WhatsApp if they have their number. WhatsApp is also a very popular social media application that is completely functional in messaging each other. This is a very reliable application as it helps people to messages other in case they have their number. Most people prefer WhatsApp because of the privacy levels that come with the app, as the number of a person will be completely safe and secure. WhatsApp also comes under the Facebook operation in today’s date as it was taken over by Facebook lately, but since then, the features of WhatsApp have been more advanced and a lot more useful. 

4. LinkedIn 


Are you also a professional looking forward to connecting to other professionals on a platform and looking out for more job opportunities? Then LinkedIn should be your go-to application. LinkedIn is a professional portfolio numerous professionals come together to put down their skills and interests to connect on the application. The primary purpose of this application is to improve job opportunities for numerous professionals worldwide as more and more companies might be able to identify potential employees by recognizing their skills. So this social media platform is completely dedicated to the professional purpose among the Best Social Media Apps.

5. Snapchat 

Snapchat is another very popular social media application that is rapidly growing and used by most people worldwide. It has amazing and interesting features through which people can connect and send pictures. This is an image-sharing application where people can use different filters to create funny and fancy pictures and send them to their friends and family. Most people use Snapchat to create fancy photographs of themselves because of the amazing filters available with this application. 

6. Triller 

Triller is one of the Best Social Media Apps that has recently got a lot of hype. This application is so popular that recently l cross on 23 million downloads and people have loved the great features. This app is a professional music video application where the user can make trendy videos and some cool music. People have loved this application because it helps a person make fantastic videos that they can post on other social media.

7. Periscope

Another very popular American social media application is the periscope. Periscope platform, numerous people can do live streams. Live streaming is one of the most popular things done by numerous social media users today, and this application is completely focused on that purpose. It has over 10 million downloads, and it is reported that almost 9 million live events happen every month of this application by its users. It is the perfect combination of entertainment and intelligence.

8. YouTube 


One of the most popular video-sharing applications among the Best Social Media Apps which almost every smartphone user uses is YouTube. This form is so popular that it has nearly 10 billion downloads in today’s date. People can post any videos on this platform that does not violate the community, and the whole world can watch it on the device. The primary reason why YouTube has been so popular is that it is the home for numerous content creators worldwide as they have a platform to telecast their content for absolutely zero cost. Many people also consider YouTube to be a career for themselves as it helps a person monetize their content after a certain point of time through revenue generation. 

9. Vimeo

Another social media application that shares a similar ideology that of YouTube is Vimeo. This application came to a lot later than YouTube but had similar usability. It allows people to come over to the platform and share their content and videos for the entire world to watch. The platform might not be used by many people worldwide, but still, this application is appreciated by its users because it provides a great user experience. Vimeo is an application that primarily originated in the American union, and Americans themselves mostly use it.

10. Twitch 

A very popular social media application among the Best Social Media Apps with a great user experience is twitch. On this video-sharing platform, numerous people can share their videos and create content for the entire world to watch. It has several unique features, such as live streaming, which has allowed multiple content creators to share their content live on their channel. Twitch has been a tremendous computation for YouTube lately as most of the features remain the same.

11. Untappd

Do you also love grabbing a glass of beer and enjoying the chilled beer under the Summer? It would be lovely for you to join a community of beer lovers on the untapped. This application is only devoted to beer and beer Lovers. People can share different pictures of beer along with several videos. This community is created to help people that affect the year at any location where there with the help of the community.

12. Alpha 

The application that is completely devoted to helping women start their business or get a job is alpha. This application has been launched by most women worldwide as it includes mentors and recruiters as well. On this platform, women can showcase their skills and discuss them with the community to get advice from the mentor on how to start a business Arabian get noticed by the recruiters to get a job. This application is only dedicated to women and their upliftment, making it so special in today’s date. 

13. Yubo 

I want to have a very safe atmosphere to make new friends and communicate with different people. Yubo is the application for you. This application has a very diverse platform where people can have one-to-one interaction with different people after adding them to the friend list. It has a similar ride along with your Facebook but is comparatively a lot more C4 for people who respect their privacy. It is one of the safest free social media among the Best Social Media Apps sites on the internet.

14. Peanut 


Are you also a woman who is just about to be a mother and very confused about the new life which you would have? Peanut would be the right application for you. It is one of the latest social media apps that allow women to join the community of other mothers to discuss the new life. It also has different facts and several other steps that can help a person learn and adapt to several other habits that they would have to overcome during motherhood.

15. Discord 

A very popular social media application among the Best Social Media Apps that allows you to connect into our community with different people of the same interest creates a very interesting atmosphere. This code is a very popular application that allows you to join different communities of your interest to discuss and share different items. This platform is very e much loved by users because it helps them join with several other people of equal interest to create entertaining discussions.

16. Clubhouse

 One of the best social media applications that have recently gained extreme popularity is the clubhouse. The clubhouse has an equal ideology of discord originally. At the clubhouse, people can join two different communities where they can talk ok and discuss several other items to create entertaining conversations.

17. Houseparty 

Houseparty is a video calling very entertaining application among the Best Social Media Apps. Everyone loves to connect with their friends and family over time, especially in today’s date where everything is happening online. This application allows people to have group video calls that include up to eight members. This application makes it a lot more convenient for people to make video calls. It helps create a specific group where people can make video calls, chat, and have different conversations.

18. Tiktok 


The very popular, very popular video-sharing application among the Best Social Media Apps that has taken the world abacus tiktok. It is a video-sharing platform where people can create several fancy videos using the filters and music available on the app. Tiktok has been considered a trendsetter among all the social media applications in that it has a few of the most amazing songs where people can create videos that the whole world can watch.

19. Likee 

Another application of the Best Social Media Apps that have similar features and ideology of tiktok is likee. This application has several video-making tools and numerous songs on which people can make fancy trendy videos that they can share on this platform. It is pretty much like the alternative protector, which numerous people widely use.


An application that helps people connect to numerous other people is ASMALLWORLD. This application is truly commendable as it helps many North American people and European people connect on a single platform to discuss and enjoy different types of conversations. The only demerit of this application is that it is a paid application of the Best Social Media Apps and people have to pay a certain amount to be a part of the community.

21. Twitter 

Twitter is indeed one of the most popular social media applications where are numerous people have different types of conversations regarding the trending topics in the whole world. This application has 330 million every month where they can share any of their ideologies or even discuss a few of the training topics happening in the world. 

22. Pinterest 


A very popular image-sharing application used by millions of people all around The World Is Pinterest. On this application, people can share different pictures of several objects which the whole world can use. People can download these images and comment on them to engage with the person who shared the picture.

23. Quora 

Do you also have a question in your head, and you are unable to find an answer? Then you should check out Quora. This is a platform that numerous people post their questions or queries, and people from all over the world can answer that question. This platform has been highly trained in today’s date has people have loved the usability it provides to users. This application still had every solution to any question as the whole world has the opportunity to answer the specific question to help the person with their query.

24. Classmates 

The schooling life of a person has always been one of the most enjoyable journeys of life. In such situations having an application that would help you connect with your ex-classmates is very interesting. Classmates is a social media application among the Best Social Media Apps that would allow you to connect and communicate with your ex-school members when you can have a very nostalgic ride of your own.

These are the most popular social media applications that a person can find on android and IOS. They have a great user experience, and the benefits which this application provides are truly very commendable.

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