9 Best Medical Store Software With Pricing and Features

Medical store software is the best option for people to manage the medical business and help the users have accounts on their products and profits from the shop. People using this software will have more knowledge about the products and goods available in the shop and data about their business, which will help them to develop accordingly. Furthermore, most users who use medical store software for managing their company will get several benefits that help improve their business in various ways. The application will have several options like accounting, product data, customer data, tablets, and other product expiry dates.

People who need to start a medical store should have proper knowledge about medicines, and they should also have the best accounting software that helps people to calculate and manage all the business-related services. All the medical store software products will have unique features that are only available for medical-related software to handle details of different products. Several kinds of software are available for people with medical shops, and each software will have some unique features that are more attractive and suitable for all users. So, these are some details that people need to know about medical store software and its uses.

What does medical software do?

The primary work of medical shop software is to monitor the business’s financial activities. It also has details like inventory control, purchase rights, selling options, marine protection, and many more. Along with all this work, it also deals with the billing software that helps to get perfect billing for all the products and uses the data to update the current inventory level. Monitoring all these details will allow people to refill them before the limit to maintain the supply chain for their customers. Most people who know about the chemist shop will not have any idea about the chemist shop software, which is the main reason for the proper function of the shops.

People who have medical shops can buy these software products that are more useful to manage all kinds of processes in the business. Therefore, the features and benefits available in these software products will be more efficient. Furthermore, people who need to manage businesses of various scale sizes can use these products, which will adopt as per the users’ needs. With the help of these products, people can quickly know about the business level of the shop, and they can use all the available data to improve their business according to customers’ requirements and feedback. So, these are the details that are available with medical store software.

9 best medical store software with pricing and features?

People who have medical stores or pharmacies should use the best quality software to manage the business. Several kinds of services are available with these kinds of software, and people who need to select the best products should choose from this list. So, the best medical store software products are

  • Marg chemist software
  • PharmSoft
  • Medica
  • Pharmz
  • Gofrugal
  • hCue
  • Clinica
  • Visual Chemist
  • LogicPharma

So, these are the software available for people to manage their medical stores efficiently. Many people use these top products, and each product will have some unique features. So, people can select the perfect option that suits their needs. All these medical store software products are easy to use, and it is also easy to maintain.

1. Marg chemist software

 Marg chemist software
Image source: Software connects

Marg Infotech is the producer of Merg chemist software, and this product has several benefits. This product provides both online and online service to its six lakhs customers and has 500 support centers to help its customers. Rs. 8100 is the average Indian market price for this software, and this software has various features like Email marketing, SMS marketing, Inventory management, Point of sale, billing management, barcode scanning, and many more.

2. PharmSoft

Image source: Indiamart

C-square is the owner of this PharmSoft software product, and this product has various solutions for retailers and pharmacies, and this software will take care of all the operations that happen on the financial side of the shops and stores. This product will be responsible for various operations like sales, purchase, order processing, sales returns, purchase returns, accounts, inventory management, and other activities. Rs. 21240 is the unit price of this software.

3. Medica

Image source: Youtube

Adysoft software is the application’s creator, and this product has various products that are more attractive and suitable for all users. Moreover, this GST-ready software will be the perfect match for multiple shops like Pharma retailers, Wholesalers, Chemist and Druggist, Hospital dispensaries, and medical shops.

4. Pharmiz

Image source: CNET Download

Cybrosys Technologies created this Pharmiz, and this software can track profits, losses, profitable clients, and even the best profitable products in the medical shops. With the help of Pharmiz software, people can earn more. Many people search for pharmacy software free services but buying with premium will be the best option for professional uses, and this software will be the best option to buy.

5. Gofrugal

Image source: Indiamart

This Gofrugal software is a product of Chennai-based company GoFrugal Technologies, and the people who developed this software added various technologies that help users in several ways. E-prescribing, MIS reports, Document printing, Bill & Deposit reminder, and stock management are some of the features of this software.

6. hCue

Image source: Google chrome

This hCue software is available as a web application and software for windows OS. So, people can use them with the best experience. This software has various features, and it is one of the best Point sale software, especially for pharmacies, with more than 1500 users in India. This software has features like GST ready, Stock management, and user management. This software will be one of the best online medical store management software with attractive features.

7. Clinica

Image source: Software connects

It is a popular client management software suitable for doctors, clinics, and even hospital OPDs. This product’s easy and fast technologies are the secret behind the success of this application. Document management, Contact management, Email management, E-Prescribing, Claims management, Patient billing, and Patient scheduling are the features of this software.

8. Visual Chemist

Visual Chemist
Image source: Youtube

Visual Infosoft Pvt Ltd is the software developer, and several benefits are available with this software. Stock management, barcode scanning, barcode generation, and automatic blocking of expired items are the exclusive features available with this software. So, people who like to get these kinds of benefits can get this software for their medical shops.

9. LogicPharma

Image source: Logic pharma user guide

Logic ERP solutions are the creator of this logic pharma company that has various features with attractive benefits, and it is the best option for people who need medical POS software. LogicPharma software has multiple features like a credit card processing interface, billing and invoicing, calendar management, and many more. This software is a product for devices with windows OS and people can get them directly from the developers.


So, these are the facts that people need to know about the medical store software, which helps people to manage all kinds of businesses in medical stores. All these software are very effective, and each will have several benefits.

M. D. – People who have medical stores or pharmacies should use the best quality software to manage the business. know about medical store software and its uses.

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