The Top 9 Employee Time Tracking Software Solutions In the UK

Employee time tracking software helps project management now and in the future. Let me explain. You are presently working on a project with your team. You are keeping track of activities, your goal, and preferably the hours engaged in each activity as part of your monitoring phase.

Understanding where your team is investing their time informs client dialogues about budget expenditure, team discussions about time allocation, and even resource scheduling interactions with other DPMs vying for your help.

After completing this job, you will go on another trip, and the cycle will begin again. The time you and your team monitor will drive future project estimations, more accurate pricing, and time-related talks with the customer. This post will examine the top 9 Employee Time Tracking Software, its essential features, and its cost.

Top 9 Employee Tracking Softwares Solutions In the UK

#1. Toggl


Toggl Track is a popular employee time tracking software for freelancers, remote employees, and small company owners. It is accessible for both MacOS and Windows, and it has several features that enable users to monitor their time and improve their productivity. Users may monitor their time on particular activities, projects, and customers with Toggl Track and produce thorough reports to assist them in understanding where their time is going.

Toggl Track’s user-friendly design, which makes it simple to use and navigate, is one of its key features. It also has a browser extension, a smartphone app, and desktop software, making it available from anywhere at any time. 

Toggl Track is a great time tracking tool for individuals and teams looking to improve productivity and time management. Its brief appearance and extensive feature set make it a popular option among professionals who need to manage their time precisely and effectively.


  • Timesheets for employees may be exported with little effort.
  • It will present you with helpful views that you may use for the projects and activities you do every day.
  • Toggle will deliver time reports that are sophisticated and informative.


  • Free Trial: 30 days
  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Starter: £7.49/month
  • Premium: £14.98/Month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

#2. Harvest

Software Advice

Harvest is an additional employee time tracking software compatible with Macs and Windows. It allows for automated time tracking, invoicing, and project management, among other valuable features. Harvest is a practical option for time-tracking software for organizations of all sizes, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.

They began operations in 2006 to do things the Harvest way, which includes, among other things, being honest, giving back, inventing, and listening to the requirements of consumers.

Harvest is a straightforward application for monitoring the passage of time that also serves as a centralized location for creating invoices. It links the two functions together so that you may get paid based on the time entries logged without exporting the data to another system.


  • Keeping track of time from any web browser, whether on a Mac, iPhone, or Android device
  • Developing cost projections and financial statements depending on the amount of work completed
  • Detailed time logs updated in real-time
  • Integrations for the monitoring and recording of time across all of your preferred project management tools


  • Free: Limitation: 1 user, 2 projects
  • Pro: £9.98/month (billed monthly) or £8.99/ month (billed annually)

#3. Time Doctor

Time Doctor
Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an all-in-one timesheet software that lets you log time, monitor staff behaviour, and produce thorough reports. The proprietors of invented TimeDoctor, a team time monitoring programme. It has been in business since 2012, and you may select between its desktop software, mobile app, and online platform.

TimeDoctor focuses on enabling clients to create dispersed teams, allowing them to work from home, wherever and whenever they choose. The Time Doctor team is the list’s second totally remote team. They presently have personnel from 23 nations to bring diversity and various ideas to the team.


  • The Online Timesheets and Payroll function of Time Doctor may provide validated timesheets and customizable payroll choices.
  • Time Doctor may be integrated with programmes such as PayPal and Payoneer.
  • It lets you automate and submit timesheets for bulk invoicing and batch payments.
  • Timesheets may be authorized both manually and automatically.
  • Time Doctor streamlines payments while simplifying time monitoring.


  • Starts at £5.82/month

#4. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that includes time tracking, project management, and employee monitoring. It is suitable for both Mac OS and Windows. HubStaff is one of the most popular staff monitoring applications available. It assists over 40,000 enterprises globally each month with their combined 4 million tasks and over 21 million hours of monitoring.

The geofenced time-tracking function on HubStaff’s mobile app is its unique selling point. Here, the concerned employee is clocked in and out automatically, depending on their location, so you don’t have to worry about your team rigging the timesheet for onsite work. This functionality is made possible because of the presence of geolocation technology.

This employee time tracking software also includes online timesheets, time reports, and timesheet approval to guarantee you pay for just legal hours and receive correct hourly salary data. These built-in connectors will save you the money you would have spent on third-party payroll and invoicing integrations otherwise.


  • Time may be entered manually or automatically.
  • The Timesheet app is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome.
  • Breaking down projects allows for task creation. This function will assist you in creating more accurate timesheets.
  • Hubstaff has tools for employee monitoring, GPS tracking, and payroll.


  • Basic: £4.16/month
  • Premium: £8.32/month

#5. TimeCamp


TimeCamp is an employee time tracking software on Mac OS and Windows. It is a web-based time monitoring programme, that was founded in 2009 as a one-man operation with a seed funding backer. They now have offices in Los Angeles and Poland, where they are trying to develop the product.

They feature one of the most comprehensive lists of integrations we’ve encountered so far, including Buffer, Dropbox, OneDrive, GitHub, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Survey Monkey, Reddit, Slack, HipChat, Evernote, Salesforce, Toggl and Harvest (analyzed previously in this book), Clio, Formitize, Zapier, and many more.


  • TimeCamp has day timesheet and week timesheet features.
  • The weekly timesheet includes features like a graphical timesheet and real-time time monitoring.
  • TimeCamp may be connected with your preferred software. It also has an API for developing your integrations.


  • Basic: £4.37/month
  • Pro: £6.24/month
  • Enterprise: Starts at £374.38.

#6. RescueTime


RescueTime is a time tracking and productivity software that helps users better manage their time and increase their productivity. It is available for both MacOS and Windows and offers a range of features that allow users to track their computer usage and identify areas for improvement.

One of the main features of RescueTime is its automatic time tracking, which tracks the user’s computer usage in the background and generates reports on how much time is spent on specific applications, websites, and activities. It also gives users a productivity score that helps them understand how effectively they use their time.

RescueTime also offers a range of customization options that allow users to categorize their activities and set goals for how they want to spend their time. This helps users prioritize their work and ensure that they are using their time in the most efficient way possible.


  • Completely automatic recording of working hours
  • Applications for Windows and Mac that monitor desktop activities
  • Timesheet management
  • Helper programme for office productivity
  • Reports that are both excellent and individualized
  • The prevention of distractions


  • Starter Plan: £4.98/ month or £4.15/month (billed annually)
  • Optimum Plan: £6.86/ month or £6.15/month (billed annually)

#7. Clockify


Clockify is a time-tracking tool that enables you to make reports and manage projects. You can use it to do all of these things. One of the most widely used and trendy free time tracking software options for consultants is Clockify. It is a tool for managing projects that may assist non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and corporations of any size in tracking their productivity levels.

The programme allows administrators to calculate how long each project will take, keep track of staff schedules, and see how time is spent on various activities.


  • The procedure of collecting timesheets will become more streamlined due to this.
  • Suitable for both hourly and monthly staff members.
  • Data from Clockify timesheets may be utilized for various purposes, including human resources and payroll processing, charging clients, reporting on the progress of projects, and budgeting out governance activities.


  • Free: Fewer features
  • Basic: £3.32/month (billed annually) or £4.08/ month (billed monthly)
  • Standard: £4.57/ month (billed annually) or £3.80/month (billed monthly)
  • Pro: £7.99/month (billed annually) or £9.99/month (billed monthly)
  • Enterprise: £11.99/month (billed annually) or £14.99/month (billed monthly)

#8. ClickTime

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ClickTime is a cloud-based time tracking tool designed to help businesses and organizations manage their time and resources efficiently. It is available for MacOS and Windows and offers a range of features, making it a popular choice among companies of all sizes.

One of the main features of ClickTime is its time-tracking and reporting tools. It allows users to track their time on specific projects and tasks and generate detailed reports on their time spent. This helps businesses optimize their resources and ensure their employees work efficiently.

ClickTime also offers a range of project management tools that allow users to manage their projects from start to finish. It provides users with project budgets, schedules, and task lists, managing multiple projects quickly and ensuring they are completed on time and within budget.


  • Timesheets and time records for billable work performed online
  • Monitoring the passage of time using a stopwatch
  • Tariffs de facturation variables
  • Examining the revenue, expenses, and invoices of the project
  • reporting on the success of both employees and projects
  • estimating the amount of time required for specific jobs


  • Starter: £7.49/month.
  • Team: £9.98/month.
  • Premier: £19.97/month.
  • Enterprise: Get a quote.

#9. Bonsai

The Write Lite

You effectively get a time-tracker, a billing system, and a timesheet rolled into one user-friendly tool when you go with Bonsai. This employee time tracking software is excellent for freelancers since it enables them to establish hourly rates per job and measure their time working on those projects.

After that, the programme will automatically produce bills based on the timesheets that have been filled out. You and your colleagues will be able to keep track of time spent working on each project together.

Because of this, the programme is also fantastic for the collaborative work of teams on projects. Centralized administration of timesheets is an option. As a result, you have complete visibility over a project and can monitor the number of hours that have been invoiced and the number of still outstanding hours.


  • Turn completed timesheets become the basis for automatically generating bills.
  • Centralize the management of timesheets to ensure that you have complete visibility.
  • Determine the project-specific hourly rates.
  • There is also an app that works across platforms and has a Chrome extension.


  • Starter: at £17/month (billed annually).
  • Professional: £32/month (billed annually).
  • Business: £52/month (billed annually).

Final Words!

Utilizing employee time tracking software for labour management may transform your company. It may be used for personnel scheduling, forecasting, payroll administration, training management, and other functions. Similarly, your employees may use such systems to log their working hours, announce their availability, and seek time off.

You may use the above tools to choose the finest time tracking tool. Time Doctor is your solution for all-in-one time tracking, scheduling, payroll administration, and performance management software.

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