Best Performance Tracker Tools in The Market

Best Performance Tracker Tool


Performance tracking tools have grown increasingly important as the culture of work-from-home and hybrid work spanning multiple employees in and out of the office has been on the rise due to the pandemic. If properly implemented it helps to monitor, manage and improve the overall growth of the organization.

What is a Performance Tracker Tool?

Performance tracking involves measuring, analyzing, and improving the progress from the bottom to the top of the organization hierarchy. It aims to improve the performance of the organization as a whole.

Performance tracker isn’t just about yearly reviews or employee surveys and productivity ranking. It is a continuous process that helps to recognize an employee’s strengths and contributions. It provides a necessary boost in employee engagement and appreciation towards work. It also opens new communication reducing the friction between managers and employees.

An employee performance tracker is a system to quantify the work done by the employees. An organization is bound to track the activity of the employee to eliminate non-productive tasks and add value to the organization as a whole.

Employee performance tracking is important to meet the desired goal of the organization. Moreover, employee performance tracking also helps to watch over the growth and future capabilities of employees to improve.

The primary focus of using the performance tracker tool is to benefit both the organization and its employees. It should include both intrinsic factors like boosting morale and job satisfaction and extrinsic factors like increased bonuses, pay, and sponsored vacation for the best employee.

Best Tools For Performance Tracking

Measuring how your employees are doing is important for the growth of the organization. That’s why it is of utmost importance to create a way to track the employee’s performance. Management of an organization without measuring the outcome of the employee’s work is not feasible hence performance-tracking tools are to be used for these purposes.

The tools should complement the objective and future goals of the organization. They should be selected based on their user-friendliness, flexibility, pricing, and overall effectiveness.

These tools help from tracking employee performance throughout the calendar year to improving employee collaboration, leading to career development and higher productivity. They are so designed that they provide the right decision on performance.

Numerous on-track performance management tools will help to track an employee’s performance in an organization. The easy availability and accessibility of these tools have made a great impact on both organizations and employees.

Following are some tools that will help with performance tracking:

1. Zugata

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Zugata is a performance management software built for continuous employee development in the organization. Zugata has performance dashboards and personalized development resources to help employees improve. Zugata is a great choice for small-sized businesses and startups. Its pricing is flexible, and depending on your budget, the tool delivers one of the best performance management services.

It is supported on mobile devices to keep track of performance management analysis. This helps the employee to easily identify their weaknesses and improve them to become a valuable part of the organization. Zugata also has features like 360-degree feedback, employee collaboration and alignment, Peer appraisal, and goal management.

2. Peakon

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Peakon automatically collects real-time employee feedback and analyses it. It also gives insights to improve in the future according to the feedback collected. It is interactive and collaborative making it easier to use for large-scale organizations. Peakon is translated into 20+ languages making it effective for cross-country work. It is cloud-based and hence can handle a large employee base at any given time.

This performance-tracking tool is also mobile-friendly making it convenient for all. Peakon is highly customizable according to the needs of your organization. Other features of Peakon include 360-degree performance management feedback, peer appraisal, continuous performance tracking, self-assessment, and employee development plans.

3. Appraisd

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Appraised is a great performance management platform that helps businesses execute strategic goals and retain key talent. Appraised is an easy-to-use tool for any organization. Appraised has a feature to customize templates to suit the needs of organizations.

This performance-tracking tool is highly configurable and supports the needs of the organization perfectly. Some more features of Appraised are 360-degree performance management feedback, peer appraisal, custom branding, easy onboarding, continuous performance tracking, employee self-assessment, and development plans.

4. Synergita

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Synergita provides performance tracker and management, employee engagement surveys, and Objectives and Key Results (OKR) solutions to organizations that thrive to achieve high performance-driven growth. Synergita smoothly links all the employee development and engagement, rewards and recognition, continuous check-ins, and micro and macro performance reviews It also delivers performance management solutions with actionable insightful reports.

This tool can be configurable to adapt to the customers’ unique performance and engagement culture, and strategies. Synergita keeps track of employee goals, periodic reviews, training recommendations, promotions, etc. It also automates performance reviews with configurable workflows, feedback forms, and scheduled reminders. It helps employees adhere to organizational culture through a 360-degree rating mechanism and also provides an official channel to communicate effortlessly. This tool helps to promote autonomy, innovation, transparency, and growth-driven culture in any organization.

5. Mirro

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Mirro is rated as being the easiest-to-use performance management tool. It is easy to set and track OKRs, organize period check-ins and 1-on-1s, as well as give public praise to team members through kudos through the company-wide social feed. It also has features such as leave and attendance management, documents, and employee overviews. HR teams and VPs have access to detailed dashboards and charts for an easy overview of all. It has a platform to share and get ongoing feedback from peers and managers. Mirro analysis the data and provide evaluation and insight for future reference.

6. Grove HR

Grove HR
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Grove HR is yet another notable cloud-based performance management tool for fast-growing startups. It allows teams to launch and customize review questions that can help them develop their members both individually and collectively. It facilitates feedback sharing amongst every member including self, peer, and manager assessments which fosters a growth culture in an organization. It can save time for each review by scheduling ahead. Grove HR also has an automatic reminder system that notifies the right employees needed for each review process. It also has a performance review dashboard that provides insights into an employee on-track performance reviews at glance and enables a mobile-first experience so everyone can complete their reviews anytime, anywhere. It also has an integrated payroll system that automatically prepares payroll every month and avoids costly mistakes.

7. PeopleGoal

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PeopleGoal assists human resource professionals with setting goals, gathering 360-degree feedback, conducting review performances, and much more. PeopleGoal also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, LinkedIn, Slack, and more. This tool is flexible, and its features can be accessed through mobile devices making it easy to keep track of performance analysis while on the move. It automates HR processes and introduces workflow automation across the organization. PeopleGoal drives improved and measurable performance for OKRs, SMART Goals, 360 Feedback, Continuous Feedback, and Performance Reviews. It helps employees increase their self-awareness, and understand their strengths and blind spots by removing bias and driving a well-rounded review process that counts on everybody’s opinions.

PeopleGoal helps organizations make better decisions with the right employee insights by checking in on the team, supporting their well-being, and lifting their engagement. It helps to understand employees and drive impactful change across all levels within the organization.

8. Actus

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Actus provides a Performance, Learning, and Talent Suite aimed at managing all performance management needs in one place. Some features that Actus Software has to offer are performance management, 360-degree feedback and surveys, learning management, onboarding, talent management, and absence.

9. Scoro

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Scoro helps to manage remote teams working within an organization. It helps streamline an organization’s work through its robust reporting, CRM, and billing tools. Other features that make Scoro a considerable software are workflow management, 360-degree feedback, automated reminders, mobile support, a customizable dashboard and template, a self-service portal, and API tools.

10. Deputy

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Deputy is one of the best employee performance management tools that will effectively help in managing teams. It is easy to use and allows you to schedule in minutes. In addition, Deputy can be used on mobile devices making it accessible for all. Deputy also helps to monitor progress and get scheduled notifications. Some of the features of Deputy include Customizable templates, Workforce analytics, 360-degree feedback, Performance tracking, Communication management, Continuous performance analysis, Peer appraisal, and Employer branding.

11. iDoneThis

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iDoneThis is a collaborative tool used to keep track of employees’ performance and projects. At the end of each workday, employees respond to an email reminder with a summary of the day’s activities that day. The next day, the entire team gets a summary of what everyone else on the team had accomplished. This reporting keeps everyone in the loop and helps each one to monitor their performance. The employee feels more accountable for their work, knowing they’ll share their progress each evening. HR managers get a high-level view of the whole team or organization’s progress over time. This performance tracking toolcomes with different pricing to suit the organization’s budget. Other features include time tracking, task management, and continuous insights.

12. Bitrix24

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The collaborative features in Bitrix24 benefit small and large organizations immensely. It helps in communication with teams to conduct employee performance evaluations effectively. It is cloud-based and hence very suitable for all types of organizations globally. It encourages more relevant and timely conversations through continuous performance tracking. It runs on any device, requires no training, and is easy to install and use. It also has customizable features to suit any organization’s goals.

BiTrix24 has various features like Communication management, Social media communication, Continuous performance assessment, Self-service portal, All-round feedback, Peer appraisal, Employer branding, and Task ranking.


In this age and time, the redundant concept of tracking every move to ensure employees do their job is not the way to develop an organization. Creating a healthy work environment for the employees to work and flourish is the way to go. In this competitive era, performance in terms of creativity and innovation has become more critical than ever.

In short, the organization needs to establish high-performance work culture at every level of the organization to deliver great results.

M. D. -An employee performance tracker is a system to quantify the work done by the employees. Read this article to know more about the Performance Tracker Tool.