9 Popular Team Management Software 2023

“Team Management Software” is an application that includes functionality for managing people and facilitating cooperation and communication among team members.

It has capabilities for the scheduling, communication, and thorough reporting of team activities. Productivity and overall work quality will both improve as a result. Apps designed to manage teams often include scheduling capabilities that assist users in delegating and ranking the many tasks a team must complete.

Thanks to the tools facilitating communication and cooperation, you can talk with the other team members and exchange files.

The following list includes the 9 best pieces of team management software. Although most of them come as comprehensive project management solutions, we will focus on the modules or aspects that are most relevant to team management.

Here Is The List Of 9 Best Team Management Software.

#1. Asana


Asana is one of the team management tools that may be used on the web and on a personal computer or an iOS device. It is well-known for its task management features, the tools for team communication, and the capabilities for tracking projects that it offers.

It is an easy team collaboration application designed for those who wish to blend methods into projects. Users may select whether to apply the Kanban drag-and-drop system or manage their chores in a list format.

With Asana, you may assign team members to cards (inside a Board Project) or to-dos (within a List layout). You can also add attachments, labels, subtasks, descriptions, and comments to the to-dos and cards representing tasks. In addition, you may designate specific tasks as milestones, establish relationships between tasks, and monitor the due dates for your tasks in a Calendar view.


  • It allows users to add milestones, set deadlines, and specify dependencies.
  • Discussion area for selected projects and their debates
  • Simple navigation to available attachments inside the files area
  • Improve your team’s ability to manage their workload using portfolios.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $10.99/month
  • Business: $24.99/month
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

#2. Jira

Atlassian Community

Jira is a team management software that can be accessed over the web and on a personal computer or an iOS device. Its popularity among team management tools may be attributed to the agile project management tools, problem-tracking capabilities, and workflow customization options that it offers.

It might be the ideal piece of project management software for you if you work in the software development industry. It is an agile project management system that was developed considering the requirements of scrum teams.

You can also use it to measure and keep track of performance along the route and construct scrum and Kanban boards. Work may be planned out and prioritized with the help of the Roadmap tool. Jira also provides the capability of delegating work to the appropriate members of your team.


  • Templates for managing your backlog based on Scrum.
  • Several features, including a bug-tracking system, are geared toward software engineers.
  • Functionalities for the planning and management of sprints


  • Basic: $17/month
  • Standard: $26/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Enterprise: Get a quote.

#3. Confluence


Confluence is amongst web-based team collaboration team management software developed by Atlassian. It provides a platform for teams to create, organize, and share information such as meeting notes, project plans, and documentation.

Confluence features a WYSIWYG editor that enables non-technical team members to create and edit pages easily and allows for collaboration and feedback through comments and mentions.

It also includes features like version control, content management, and search functionality, making finding and managing information across teams and projects accessible. Confluence integrates with other Atlassian tools, such as Jira, Trello, and Bitbucket, and supports various third-party apps and plugins.


  • Users can create and edit pages with a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Users can collaborate and provide feedback through comments and mentions.
  • Confluence offers version control, templates, and content organization tools.
  • Users can easily find and access information through Confluence’s search capabilities.


  • Standard: $5.75 /month
  • Premium: $11 /month
  • Enterprise: Contact

#4. Monday.com


Monday.com is one of the team management tools that bring several projects under the control of a single workspace. The tool makes it simple for leaders to plan projects, delegate responsibilities, coordinate processes, request updates, and provide feedback.

Effective communication between team members may be achieved outside meetings and e-mails via collaborative tools such as spreadsheets, checklists, and comments. The group members can better see their progress and objectives because of the use of tools such as timelines, boards, and tables, which also have an appealingly basic appearance.

In addition, Monday.com can perform quasi-CRM functions by monitoring sales funnels. It is also attractive to businesses in other sectors, such as marketing, information technology, software development, construction, or any virtual office setting.


  • Functionalities for more sophisticated time management of jobs and projects
  • Visually displays the development of the project and the crew.
  • Provides access to an Execution Board
  • Permits the tagging of teams
  • Get the latest information and announcements
  • Have updates sent to your inbox Integrations with other programmes like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Pipedrive
  • Database that allows for searching
  • Documents management


  • Basic: $17/month
  • Standard: $26/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Enterprise: Get a quote.

#5. Miro


Miro is a tool for online visual collaboration designed for use in teams. You can develop, collaborate, and centralize communication for your cross-functional cooperation using Miro.

This platform is an excellent solution that enables teams to operate more efficiently together by allowing them to collaborate on ideas generation and the planning and management of agile processes.

Miro is an excellent team management tool alternative for use as a task manager and as a tool to assist in the organization and streamlining of workflow, thanks to the many connectors offered by the programme.


  • Instruments for group work
  • views include a Gantt chart, a timeline, and a to-do list
  • Task management
  • Document management
  • The organizer of graphical workflows
  • Customized templates
  • Capabilities for monitoring time and money spent
  • Instruments for the management of resources


  • Free: Available
  • Team Plan: $8/month
  • Business Plan: $16/month

#6. Wrike


Wrike is a platform for managing projects that comes equipped with a variety of cutting-edge capabilities. Visual proofing, interactive timelines, voice command capabilities, and high-level, reliable security are some of the laudable features found in Wrike.

Other commendable features include AI-driven risk management predictors, intelligent automation, customizable dashboards and request forms, and high-level, reliable security. Wrike is user-friendly and focused on teams, making it easier to collaborate smoothly via automated approvals and capabilities for group discussion.

In addition, Wrike’s reporting features are also essential for keeping stakeholders updated and presenting to them. The analytics feature assists leaders in more effectively planning for and making course corrections.

The application is an excellent choice for working together across several departments. Its adaptability and user-friendliness make it easy for managers to create the ideal workflow tool for a project.


  • Extensive task management feature set
  • Organizing recurring obligations
  • Planning of a project
  • Organization of responsibilities and setting priorities
  • Task-related conversations within a team
  • A perspective of the project with three panes that allow for practical data analysis
  • Participation from members via the use of tags
  • Personalized report formats
  • Timelines for projects that are well organized
  • Ability to assemble or disassemble the team as needed.
  • The timeline is interactive (Gantt chart)


  • Free: For 5 users
  • Professional: $0/month
  • Business: $24.80/month
  • Enterprise: Get a quote.

#7. Trello


One of the most effective team management software is Trello. The preliminary design of the web platform is based on a list-oriented version of Kanban boards. When the managers have created the various columns, the team members will transfer cards between the sections as they do tasks to demonstrate the team’s progress visually.

Users can add members, due dates, labels, and checklists to cards, making assigning tasks much more straightforward. Moreover, team members can make comments, add attachments and links, and share cards, turning Trello into a single centre for the project. Leaders can establish several boards and ask team members to participate in them, employing a variety of other formats in addition to the basic Kanban layout.


  • Kanban boards that are flexible and may hold newly generated tasks in the form of cards, boards, and lists
  • Users can build checklists inside the cards and cast a vote for each performance carried out within the card.
  • Users can transform their e-mails into boards and cards via email-to-board.
  • A job should be assigned, files should be attached, and descriptions and progress checklists should be added to each board that contains a task.
  • Emoticons may be used to interact in real-time with the other team members by adding comments on boards and cards.
  • The best software for managing projects and tasks
  • Project tracker


  • Free: Unlimited users
  • Standard: $5.00/month
  • Premium: $12.50/month
  • Enterprise: $17.50/month

#8. Basecamp


Basecamp is one of the top team management software because of its extensive collaboration capabilities with its customers and its project management features.

Since it includes channels for job assignments, instant messaging, real-time conversation with groups and people, document sharing, and automated work reports, it enables users to monitor the development of a project on an individual basis and the progress of the project collectively.

Moreover, the teams are informed of changes to a centralized page. Using a function known as “Check-in questions,” the team members can offer daily status reports without scheduling time-consuming meetings. Your team will be able to stay busy, and your projects will go more smoothly when you use Basecamp since it eliminates the need to include several technologies.


  • Task-related to-do lists
  • Scheduling chores
  • Establishing priorities for tasks
  • Project administration, including the use of project templates. Task History
  • Use of a calendar
  • Timelines for projects that are well organized
  • Monitoring the amount of time spent on various initiatives
  • Interactive Gantt Charts about the projects
  • Planning of a project
  • Make up your groups or teams.
  • communication with people or groups through e-mail or instant messaging
  • Document Management
  • The exchange of information and files


  • Personal Package: Free
  • Business Plans: $999/month

#9. Slack


Slack is also one of the best on our list of the best team management software. This programme has had a meteoric rise in popularity over the last several years, and it can be synchronized with the task and project management applications you already use.

You can create tasks and projects in other applications, such as nTask, and have your team members alerted on Slack about the creation of tasks and projects, status updates, and other alerts in the applications that are relevant to those tasks and projects. Thus, it may be interpreted both ways.

You can set up communication and collaboration channels, which will allow for private one-on-one conversations as well as group discussions to take place. You may also search for crucial parts and shared files inside individual or group discussions, upload files, and search for them. With the ability to add attachments and emoticons to messages, Slack transforms into a compelling and entertaining platform for team communication that any group can use.


  • Instant texting and live discussions in real time
  • Secure communication lines for the transfer of sensitive data files
  • Single login for access across all of our platforms
  • Slack Connect allows for safe connections to other parties.
  • One workspace that incorporates all of the applications and software
  • Participate in video and audio calls without interrupting the ongoing chat topic.
  • Constructor of workflows


  • Free: $0/month
  • Pro: $6.67/month
  • Business+: $12.50/month
  • Enterprise Grid: Custom quote

Final Words!

These are some of the top 9 team management software currently available. Nonetheless, if you believe you need something else, you may always search the market to find the ideal fit. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if there is anything we missed or wish to add any team management tools to the post.

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