10 Awesome Mobile App Design Templates With Great UI Experience

In this 21st century, people widely use technological tools, which are applications. Apps are considered a significant part of this world that rule human life. Yes, most people use utilities in their lives; from social media applications to business applications, many tools have exceeded the limit. If you are developing an app, you have to include more features and prevention on the coding side, not letting the users face issues while using it. 

One of the main features is to add on the UI design feature to increase the visibility of the users on your app. So, you will read about the ten most interesting mobile apps design templates. The below-mentioned UI design tools have taken vital roles recently, so it’s worth seeing the additional content.


Mockflow is a leading app that has beautiful features in it. It supports the MAC system, window, and web. If you are looking to create wireframes, then this tool is suitable for you. You can easily make such creative layouts quickly with this tool, and it is mainly designed for beginners as it offers such valuable ideas. It provides free plans for beginners for seven days. If they feel happy to continue with this mobile app design templates feature, they can happily go ahead and buy this tool. You can quickly learn the steps to makeover the design process in the UI feature.  


Balsamiq is a favourite tool for many technicians who often get into the designing process. To make such a user-friendly interface, you can choose this tool that provides many benefits. You can also go ahead with the free trial for 30 days. It does rapid wireframing to develop the creative structure of layouts with effective designs in them.

You can see the drag-and-drop elements, making your efforts go easy in the layout process. You can even associate the button to the following pages; if you click on the button, it goes to the other page. It is one of the most authentic mobile apps design templates that experts use.


Axure has worked in UI technology for many years with a solid foundation. If you look for doing a complex project, you can shift to this tool which works with the dynamic data. You can add some other technical stuff to your project using this tool. When you structure the layout and focus on data, this tool requires even more attention from you to build an excellent layout design. Based on your need, you can buy the version of Axure. It supports the Mac Windows system, and you don’t have any free plans in this as it provides such complex prototypes.

Adobe Comp:

If you undergo a project that has conceptualizing theme in it, you can make your access on the adobe comp tool. This tool can access on the iPad, Tablet on the moving path. So, you can actively use this tool while you are on the bus, plane, train or even at the park! With this tool, you can create plenty of accurate term kinds of mobile app design templates.

For using it, you need to have an ID, and by that, you need to set up your access initially. It involves the photos, brushes, colours, fonts, shapes, graphics and text styles and many through Creative Sync. It supports iOS Android system specifications, and you can enjoy the free plans in it.


The professional UI designers globally have been working with Sketch tool widely. It enables you to create such hi-fi interfaces. After finishing the works, you can even preview your mobile devices. Many tools have gone down since this tool have established in the marketplace. As it gives a solid solution for the designers, it brings many visitors to use this tool on their projects. The symbol is a favourite feature of this tool which lets the users reuse the UI assets.  


The users started with creating the rough ideas for creating such a high-standard designed layout. From that, the Proto.io tool allows them to make a full-fledged design type. When you intend to do lots of in-depth animation or 3D, you can try it. You can also create some custom vector animation. The best part of this tool is that the users can make the hand-drawn style, which is rough content. After making that, you can go to the wireframes and finish the prototype on your mobile device. It supports the end-to-end design process; it provides a space for validating or testing your works. 

Adobe XD:

Adobe XD is an advanced version of the sketch tool that offers attractive design elements. It is one of the popular apps design templates in the design world which recommend over other tools. It works on the Mac and Windows system; it is a part of the adobe tool; you can know that by this tool’s name. It offers a collection of design tools together, earning many fans. There is a freely available version for this tool; you can use it if you want. 


Marvel is an excellent choice of designers if you tend to produce instant ideas. It refines the interface and focuses on rapid production. Building a page or layout on this tool will give you some adequate instructions to be used, which are neatly created with. There is an integration part on the side, and you can access that if you want a finalized based neat layout.

At the workflow of your project, you can easily insert your input. It supports Web, Android, iOS systems; and a big yes for the free plans, and you can have seven days of free trial for the paid version. So, you can enjoy the integration part of this tool. 


Figma applies to the browser platform, enabling you to quickly compose and make instant design interfaces. There are some collaborative design parts you can see on this platform by using that, so it supports using this platform by multiple users on a similar project. It eliminates the considerable time to produce the output for a project. If you are pushed to create a project with various stakeholders, this tool would be the best choice. It shapes the outcome to be produced constructively. Most suitable for the live project! 


UX pin is an end-to-end platform that gives powerful design access to the design system. If you intend to do the same style and the same set of guides, then this UX pin tool is the best one to perform in. It gives the best collaboration works on the larger design team works. It provides many ready-made components for materials design, iOS, bootstrap and all frameworks. Try to get over these tools and fix the one for your project to give the best solution. 


By reading this article, you can understand several UI design tools and their configuration. So, have a piece of deep knowledge of each device before an approach to your project. Based on the project’s need, you can go with the one. If you look for a suggestion, you can use the free trial access on each available tool and finalize your decision; and suggest others using one of these tools. 

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