9 Best Spelling Apps for Adults to Improve English Writing


In this today’s world, education is becoming one of the best things for children. New technologies and inventions make children reach the best position in their careers. Spelling is an intellectual activity in education that requires formal/informal teaching and practice. First, you can pick the target language your children are unfamiliar with.

Then you can install the spelling app available on the internet to make them write without any spelling mistakes. More apps are provided for children to learn in apps in front of their desktops, mobiles or laptops. It will be helpful for them to learn the language quickly and effectively. You can learn about the exciting apps and their use in the below-given content. 

All the apps are exciting and make your children well-versed in English. It makes them very fluent in English, able to make them read, write and speak the languages casually. It will also allow them to read the words that are too long with different modulation. 

1. Simplex spelling phonics 1:

This spelling app is helpful for the students to learn about a dull year spelling curriculum with more high-frequency words. The experts divide this word into 42 lists for the organization by spelling patterns to overcome the difficulty levels. Each of the 42 lists comes with a lesson that teaches one of the basic building blocks of spelling in the English language. These basic building blocks are helpful for the student, and they include different phonograms, sounds, and spelling rules. By using this use, you can get more satisfaction and enjoy it. 

2. Montessorium: into words:

This app is nothing but that makes your child read, write and learn the spelling of the words quickly. They can do it by observing and spelling phonetically and composing their own words from the given words. This spelling app is the fantastic one for children to make stories with original illustrations, and it is based on the proven methodology of Montessori. This app gives your children more knowledge of learning the new spelling without any problem.

3. Spelling monster:

This educational app is helpful to improve spelling and also an exciting one for the kids to make their English language learn quickly. It is also an excellent tool that allows them to practice their spelling words with some fun and interactive mini-games. This app is the same as the game, which makes more children, hire this app to enjoy the fun and learn. Most parents also prefer these kinds of learning apps for their kids. Therefore, it is a valuable tool for all the kids to learn English spelling in more fun and exciting way.

4. Spelling teacher:

This spelling app teacher is an interesting one that includes Julia, the child’s private spelling teacher. She interacts with the student while playing fun learning activities in this app. The teacher also reads words and sentences during spelling practice and while taking weekly spelling tests. So, you can use this spelling app when your child needs to check herself by writing the weekly test. These applications are not only for teaching by the teacher but also for conducting tests for your kids. 

5. Word wizard for kids:

This word wizard for kids is the best app for your kids if they do not know how to improve spelling. This app offers several unique reading and spelling activities for children from four to ten. So, children aged from four to ten can use this app and learn the spelling of the words quickly. But, of course, it would help if you involved your child in this application’s activities to become a fluent English reader. 

6. Spelling Magic 3:

This spelling app, known as the spelling magic 3, mainly focuses on the words with multiple syllables. This app contains the compound words, such as bobcat, hotdog, dustpan and handbag. All these words have a group formed by the experts into many categories for the organization. It is also helpful to create interest in the app among the children. 

7. Spelling bus:

This app is the best one known as the spelling app to spell and practice spelling. First, kids have to see the pictures and listen to the word. Then they have to type the spelling in this app to be attractive to them. They also like and enjoy learning in this app with lots and lots of pictures that provide more readability and spelling knowledge. 

8. Spelling bug:

This spelling bug is the app where the kids learn to spell the most needed words that they come across. These applications present each word by displaying a picture and pronouncing the word. It also presents the letters needed to do the work, and kids must use their hands to arrange the letters correctly to make the world. This app will also be interesting for the kids to learn how to spell words and arrange them. All the spelling apps are accessible for the kids, and you can download them from the play store. 

9. A+ spelling bee English word:

This A+ spelling bee English word is an excellent app with a fantastic spelling game for kids. It also guarantees improvement in spelling English words in a bright, colorful and fun way to learn the spelling that is available in English. There is also spelling recommended for the kids while using all the available apps. To use all these apps, you must need the All the apps are handy for the kids, and they can make use of these things to learn the hard spelling in English. 


It is clear that if you use all these applications, you can make your child spell all the words in English easily. They also get familiarised with all the hard words and get well-expertise in them. Then they can read all the newspapers or the books without anyone’s help and understand all the big words. So, you must prefer the best apps given above for the better knowledge and readability of your kid. 

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