9 Best Yoga Apps Free To Download On Android And IOS

Having a peaceful life is a gift, but no one has that. People are striving with their day-to-day life works. They were primarily at tension to the peak in office places. Healthiness starts in the mind; when you are not OK with that, you should do something to divert your mind to be happy always. 

If you are a yoga expert, you would suggest people do yoga, right! Yes, it brings peaceful thoughts and happiness to your mind. You can lead your days constructively when you do yoga. If you don’t have time for that, you can download the yoga apps free and start working on them. You can have complete guidance on the apps from beginner level to expert level. 

Yoga For Beginners: 

You will have three different yoga sectors on this app; it is best for beginners. So, if you are a beginner, you can try it and start your day with the yoga moves from this app’s guidance. The three sectors are mentioned below. 

  • Bedtime yoga, 
  • Beginner yoga, 
  • Butt yoga. 

You might have started with some actions by seeing on YouTube. But, after two or three days, you will leave doing it indeed. When you are on the right hand like an app, you will continue forever and get the best use of it. You can have proper instruction to do yoga for beginners app. 

Bulldog Online:

Bulldog Online
Bulldog Online

If you get a month where you will be free to do yoga, you can download the “Bulldog online”. Yes, this app allows you to do a 30-day workout plan. It gives you a practical method for all individual persons. Based on your daily actions and work, it will provide you with the bucket list options.

So, you can easily do yoga and continue till the end. It starts with 10 minutes of quick exercises. If you start at lower access, you can gradually increase the steps and cope with the further steps correctly. It is one of the best yoga apps free, available on iOS, Roku, Android and Fire TV. So, you can download it and start moving towards it. 

Down Dog:

Down Dog
Down Dog

The “down dog” app gives you personalized instruction for free. You don’t need to leave your home to do it; as you have customized classes on the yoga apps free, you can schedule a convenient time. People have 60,000 structures of classes, so you feel like doing different postures every day. This app has been established to support you in doing yoga during the quarantine period. It is available for Android and iOS, so you can download the app and start doing yoga. 

Alo Moves:

Alo Moves
Alo Moves

If you are a fitness lover, you must highly try using the “Alo Moves” app on which you can get daily updates. You can use this daily yoga app with flexible movements. Do you ask how? Each stuff comes with a clear explanation and need of it. So, it would be easy for you to start the moves initially. It actively concentrates on such parts, which you can see below. 

  • Lower abs, 
  • Arms,
  • Stress, 
  • Cardio, 
  • Heart and many. 

It is suitable for beginners as they can go with the flow of using the app. However, if you push to shift the classes or have less wifi, you can download the classes and do it at your convenient time. 



It is one of the top yoga apps that provides 4,000 classes. It has been rated 4.9 out of 5 by more than 15,000 reviewers. Imagine the count of average benefitting yogis via this app. You can have world-class teachers on this tool; they are experts in this sector. They start with ashtanga, mediation, and partner yoga and vinyasa flow; slowly, they take you to the next move. 

Daily Yoga:

Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga

If you think that yoga can only make your mind peaceful, you are wrong. You can do two different yoga called power yoga and the normal one. You will have some fast or moderated moves at the power yoga to do. But, all the yoga fitness steps connect with your mind, which helps you have a good sleep. Twenty expert masters present on this app can guide you constructively. This app brings you to the “dark mode”; and contains instructions in seven languages. 

Pocket Yoga:

Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga

It is an ultimate app for yogis that have a yoga studio. This tool holds different levels, so you can order up the classes and can adequately do. The considerable part is that you don’t need to have an internet connection to work on it as it is one of the yoga apps free. You will wonder if you see the structure and features of it.  



If you seek the best app for doing yoga for your mind and body, then you can go with this “ Gaia” app. It has 8000 videos and programs for all beginners to experts. You can get time to heal your mind and body from the practice of this tool. Gaia is one of the leading yoga apps free,available for Android and iOS. It starts with warm-up sessions for 5 minutes a day; then, you can begin following the moves. 

Asana Rebel:

Asana Rebel
Asana Rebel

Are you striving with heavyweight on your body? If so, you can download this “Asana Rebel” app because it is actively established for the weight loss goal. It helps both men and women. So, it would be beneficial for you to do the summer course on this app at a low price. But, it is also available for free for a month. It strengthens your cardio and takes you to the high-intensity workout class. Grab this app on both iOS and Android.

Bottom Lines:

All these apps are accessible for free, so you can access one of these apps and make your day peaceful. You can start with 5 minutes of yoga in a day and can do more in the further few days. If you go with this format, you can plan the things to do in a day by scheduling the hours ideally. So be healthy in mind and physical too by doing yoga!

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