7 Best Apps To Learn The Korean Language

Are you interested to learn the Korean language to upskill yourself? You are at the right place. Without a doubt, learning the Korean language is a practical choice by using Korean learning apps. Learning the Korean language is one of the compelling choices for making yourself comfortable.  Now understanding the Korean language is simple through the smartphone. Here is the list of 7 best apps to learn Korean that allows you to get proper knowledge,

Your new language skills will help you get an opportunity to travel to South Korea and allow you to explore many options in the present world. Whether you plan to travel to South Korea for work or study, it is better to get basic knowledge of the Korean language.


Memrise is the most powerful app which can be helpful to learn the Korean language in an easy way. Most importantly, the intelligent flashcard system will support risk-free learning of a new language.

 Most importantly, this also allows users to submit vocabulary decks with ease. Mainly it is a simple app yet powerful.  With the help of this app, you can quickly learn about vocabulary units by using mix-and-match games, spelling challenges, auditory quizzes, definition prompts, etc. In addition, it includes a social element that also allows you to speak the language you can quickly learn from local people.


Donna is a simple app, and it is considered a fantastic tool to learn Korean verbs with ease. Overall, this allows anyone to know about Korean verb conjugations and helps you improve your Korean writing skills.

Hence get the Dongsa which is simple yet powerful. With the help of this app, you can quickly learn verbs in Korean. On the other hand, it is a handy app that quickly understands the Korean alphabet.


Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn Korean, and it is simple to use. If you are a beginner, you must get this app.  Of course, this app also supports many languages; overall, it takes a simple approach and provides an excellent experience to the user. Overall you can experience ultimate comfort with this app. Most importantly, language learning is also simple with Duolingo.

Primarily you will quickly build up a variety of vocabulary words also know different phrases. Don’t waste your time. Try to download this app to learn Korean. Without a doubt, it seems reasonably acceptable. Overall Duolingo app also offers university-level education.

Hello talk Language Exchange:

Hello talk is the best apps to learn Korean. It is perfect for people who prefer to learn new languages.  Most importantly, you can easily pair up with another individual by the way this app allows you to learn their language with culture.

If you are a fluent English speaker, you must go with this app to learn Korean because this allows you to find someone who is fluent in Korean and is searching to learn English.  In addition, this app has audio and video calls and messages of various types, so you can selectively choose the topics based on your needs.

Korean by Nemo:

Korean by Nemo is the best apps to learn Korean because it specializes in correcting pronunciation, perfect for non-native speakers. With the help of this app, users record themselves while saying Korean words or using any Korean phrases. This app will support the user in using proper pronunciation. It has more than 30 categories of words and phrases, including travel, food, shopping, compliments, etc.

Korean by Nemo is an excellent choice for learning Korean, and this app includes lessons, which means the user can jump around any part to whichever category of words they prefer to use. Most importantly, this app provides English descriptions that help you study terms and quiz yourself about valuable information.

A practical Korean learning app will prepare you with words and phrases useful in everyday conversation. Using the app just a few times a week is designed to expand your vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills quickly.

Egg bun:

Are you looking to learn the Korean language in an easy way? Egg bun is the right choice for you. With this app, you can quickly learn everything. Even though it is a tremendous all-encompassing app, it also covers Korean vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, etc.

 However, Eggbun is a simple app to use. It has a gorgeous user interface. Overall it is fun, and virtual Korean teacher Lanny will teach Korean via personal chat box so you can also have the same feeling as a conversation in real-time.  Even this includes audio messages spoken by native and experienced Korean speakers; this will be useful for the user to improve their pronunciation.

 Without a doubt, it is one of the well-designed apps, and it is high helps users gain knowledge. With this app, you will better understand Korean culture, and a bonus that will give you a great experience. By the way, it is also simple to learn how to use the Korean language in conversations.


If you need to learn Korean quickly, you must choose Drops, it is one of the best apps to learn Korean, and people love to use this app for learning the Korean language because it is simple to use yet offers more fun.

First of all, this app also prioritizes vocabulary, ensuring phrase learning like grammar.  Most importantly, this also proceeds at a rapid pace that includes various things such as quizzes and games.

However, this app also gives you a pretty decent workout to ensure mental abilities. The free version is available for beginners even you can also subscribe to extend that time limit.


Many free Korean learning apps are available right now, but choosing the best app is essential to learn the Korean language. The above list contains the top 7 apps to learn Korean that allow you to get proper knowledge in that particular language. The list includes reliable and easy-to-use apps even they are free. Hence download your favorite app to learn Korean. It is the perfect time to get the app and start learning.

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