7 Best Apps Like Moneylion

Are you searching for moneylion alternatives? You are at the right place. Still, many people are wondering which app offers the ultimate features like moneylion. Now there are plenty of choices available that allows you to get something like moneylion. In this article, you will get the list of the 7 Best apps like moneylion that are easy and simple to use. Overall, these apps keep your financial health in shape; it is suitable for people who have a lot of bills to pay.

Handling personal finance is not a simple task. Even though many options are available to obtain a loan, downloading a mobile app is simple and still effective. Of course, many people are inexperienced about how to handle and sort out the finance issues appropriately. So a different app is available now that allows you to focus on money management. By choosing the best apps, you can easily manage your finances by linking bank accounts; especially this will be useful for monitoring credit scores also help for applying for loans.



Payactiv is a perfect choice for anyone to get free from financial burdens. In general, this app offers more comfortable options to manage your finance.  It is a financial counseling app that gives excellent assistance to employees who struggle with planning finances.

On the other hand, it is one of the ideal apps like moneylion, and this app provides prescription discounts in a way that allows users to pay their bills. Overall, payactiv help user to access money without having to worry about risk factors or fraud.


Dave is the intelligent choice for excellently managing finance; especially this also gives employees up to $100 in advance without interest. Especially Dave also allows users to around $500 per year.

There are plenty of benefits associated with Dave. It works similar to Moneylion, but the only difference is its budgeting tools and features. By using the Dave app, users can quickly get details about expenses to plan their budget. Especially Dave gives instant alerts once the user’s cost exceeds the planned budget.

Normally, Dave charges a dollar per month. Unlike any options, it is a powerful personal finance tracking tool, so it is worth using. Overall it is ideal for people who prefer to avoid hefty interest rates from overdraft fees.



Chime is one of the most popular personal finance apps, and this app also provides consumers a comprehensive view of their finances. Users will get detailed data in just a few taps like Moneyline.

Most importantly, it is the ideal apps like moneylion, and this app makes everything simple by allowing users to access their money. Compared to traditional banks, the chime is one of the best choices because this will eliminates all the complications.

However, chime lets users access their accounts by using 38,000 ATMs without worrying about additional fees.  Apart from that, this also gives real-time transaction notifications. Primarily this supports users to do different things like users also block cards in the app.

With this app, users also enable easy transactions using Google and Apple Pay, providing instant money transfers with trusted partners. On the other hand, users also get notifications about balance instantly.

Chime doesn’t have any hidden fees or monthly charges, and there are no extra fees for foreign exchange transactions.  Also, this offers no minimum balance requirements.


Earnin is one of the best apps like moneylion, and it is a powerful app that offers budgeting tools. With the help of this, you will get money instantly. On the other hand, this is also providing options on medical bills. Mainly you will earn cashback with every purchase.

Users can connect the earnin app with a debit card without additional charges. Primarily Earnin also features a Tip Jar. It is one of the unique features, and this also encourages users to save a tiny amount by tipping themselves.  Overall, this new feature also allows you to reach your goal. Additionally, it has a Financial Calendar, and it highly helps users keep track of their monthly expenses, including bills. By the way, they also make a budget.



Afterpay is an intelligent choice for people who prefer to get rid of risk factors. In general, this app enables users to purchase a product. After that, users can split the payment into four equal installments, and they need to make the payment in two weeks.

Overall it is one of the best apps like moneylion, and this app allows users to purchases anything without fear. Even it eliminates the higher interest rates simultaneously, and this app also supports users to pay directly through the afterpay app even you can also purchase anything from a physical store.

After your first installment, the item you purchased will be shipped. After that, you need to pay for the next installment.


Affirm is the most popular financing app, and it works effectively. Overall it is similar to apps like moneylion. With this, you can easily pay for the stuff without spending your entire salary or savings.

By using Affirm, users enjoy a lot because this will eliminates the additional complications related to any late fees. The app is simple and friendly for first-time users. When it comes to using this app, you have various options in the payment plan, so you can easily decide which is perfectly suitable.

However, Affirm also allows users to split payments based on their needs, which will sort out monthly installments difficulties. Especially you can also make complete payments online through Google or Apple Pay.



Are you looking for a simple app to manage your financial aspects? Empower is the best choice for you. Most importantly, Empower allows employees and users to get a paycheck advance of around $250 on their bank account; of course, the eligibility requirements and some terms, conditions may apply for this advance.

Overall, Empower helps users to manage their financial aspects by tracking their spending. In addition, it features an automatic savings plan which will be perfect for people who have difficulties saving & budgeting their paycheck.


Managing personal finance is now simple with the apps mentioned above. So try to find your favorite choice for keeping track of spending, especially these kinds of apps that allow users to get a loan instantly. In addition, these apps will enable you to improve your financial health than expected.

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