How many Google apps are there? Top 10 Google apps

Google applications are one of the web-based messaging and collaboration applications that will host Google on their own servers. Google will provide the service, which is software you can download and install the application. With the help of this article, you will know about the top ten google apps and their benefits.

List of top 10 Google apps:

The top ten google apps and their benefits are given by,

Google chrome 

If you are using an Android or iOS device, Google Chrome is essential for you. While there are many mobile browsers available such as Firefox, Opera, and others, Chrome gives you a fast, easy to use, and secure browsing experience. With the help of the Google Chrome browser you can access news articles, quick links to your favourite sites, downloads, and Google Translate. So you can translate into English or your preferred language when you browse your preferred language. It is one of the top Google apps.

Benefits of Google Chrome:

  • It is one of the high-speed browsers, and it loads and displays web pages quickly.
  • It is safe and stable
  • The most significant benefit is that you can easily integrate with many google apps.
  • It is a cross-platform browser that can work across multiple browsers.

Google drive

If you are a blogger who will deal with a lot of files along with documents, you must install Google Drive, which is free to use. And you can able to access your files from any device, like mobile or tablet.

Benefits of Google drive:

  • You can store all your files such as photos, videos, documents, etc and you can and access them securely from anywhere.
  • You can able to search files by name and content.
  • You can share files and folders.
  • You can view your content from any device instantly. Whether it’s a laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile.
  • You can also set your access level for who can view your content. You can leave a comment or edit to keep your information safe.

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the most popular digital wallet platforms developed by Google. Millions of people use Google Pay as it is encrypted and secured by Google. You can use Google Pay to send money to friends, pay bills, and shop online. And it’s one of the most important Google apps to use in 2021. It is one of the best google apps for transactions.

Benefits of Google Pay:

  • All your transactions are done directly in and out of your bank account.
  • Your money cannot be stored in any wallet, so it is always safe.
  • You can transfer the money instantly through the Google Pay application from your mobile device.
  • Free money transfers, and the list go on.


If you are working online, running a business, and wanting to communicate with people insecure way. You need one Google apps for communication that is Gmail email is the king of all apps. It is used by millions of people to send and receive messages.

Benefits of Gmail:

  • It provides a fantastic spam filter to prevent spam emails from entering your inbox.
  • You can store virtually unlimited emails.
  • It is the only email service which is used by billions of people.

Google maps

Google Maps takes advantage of your Android GPS to give you the ability to create charts that are cutting edge. You can go to your current location with just one tap. So the road is in your palm. You can get directions anywhere. You can choose different types of maps. 

Benefits of Google map: 

  • It gives you turn-by-turn navigation, street views, and more.
  • You can check the current traffic level of any place you want to drive. You can download route maps to view them even when you are offline.
  • It gives you accuracy most of the time and is completely free to use.

Google earth

Google Earth is an inspiring tool for dreaming up new destinations. You can use it to view satellite views from anywhere in the world. You can zoom in so close that you can almost see your neighbours sleeping in the backyard.

Benefits of Google apps:

  • It shows a 3D Earth-based image mainly from satellite imagery. You can see buildings, cities, attractions in 3D with the help of Google earth apps.
  • Google earth has a generator that will help you draw on the map. You can add your photos and videos.
  • It is free to use

Google Docs

If you still carry a thumb drive with you to keep your work files up to date. Show that you are doing it all wrong. You can keep your files stored online, and you will be able to access them from anywhere. Google Docs is one of your all-in-one toolkits.

Benefits of Google Docs:

  • You can edit word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • You can share your documents with anyone, and if you are very inclined, you can allow co-editing and work on multi-user documents. regardless of their position
  • It is free to use you need only a Google account.
  • You can Works offline too. 

Google meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing app provided by Google that lets you create and join high-quality video meetings. Google Meet is used to share videos, desktops, and presentations with others. And it’s one of Google’s flagship apps for those who want to host online video conferencing.

Benefits of Google meet:

  • One of the best reasons to use Google Meet app is security. Because all meetings are safe. including audio and video streaming
  • You can share discussions with up to 100,000 viewers.

Google sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program that lets you create spreadsheets online for free. With Google Sheets, you can to variety of activities like create, edit, share and collaborate with colourful charts and graphs. If you are looking for a free and better alternative to MS Excel, you should try this best Google app.

Benefits of Google sheets:

  • It is completely free to use.
  • You can access it from anywhere, anytime
  • You can create and format spreadsheets and collaborate with others.

Google slides

Google Slides is a presentation tool developed by Google that allows you to create presentations online for free. It is one of the best Google apps for online presentations. There is also a free Google Slides app that lets you create, edit, and collaborate with others on presentations using your Android phone, iPhone device, or tablet.

Benefits of Google slides:

  • You can create presentations for free. You can create the text, slides, images, and more which will make your slides look interesting.
  • It’s free to use you only need is a Google account).
  • It’s easy to collaborate and share your slides with others.
  • You can easily access it from anywhere (from any device)

What are the benefits of using the Google apps?

The benefits of using the google apps are given by,

Save money:

Each Google-designed web and email collaboration app does not require any software or hardware installation and maintenance. There is little. Your Business can save a lot of money and increase productivity dramatically. Numerous studies show that Google Apps for Business accounts for a third of the total cost of competing web apps and email solutions.

Access 24 hours:

Benefit from instant access to Google Apps for Business, Gmail for Business and Google Calendar on your mobile.

With the help of the Google Apps data remotely, your team can stay productive and productive even outside the office at no additional cost. Google Apps for Business also supports mobile access on all Smartphone: iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android, among others less efficient

Guarantee 99. 9%:

With Google Apps, we guarantee at least 99, 9% uptime. This way, your team will be more efficient, and you won’t have to worry about ongoing system disruptions. 15 minutes accumulated per month

Increase storage:

Each person on your team will benefit from 25 GB of storage for their email. And can store important messages without any worries and can be tracked instantly using integrated Google research tools.

GMAIL for Business can be designed in such a way that each person on your team spends less time managing their inbox and is more productive. It helps to manage large volumes of emails efficiently while saving time.

Priority and Security Compliance Information:

As a business, you cannot lose sensitive and confidential information. It includes global data, network, and application security. The Google team takes care of data security. Check each item carefully.

Final thought:

There are many google apps out there most of them are completely free but help you a lot. From the discussion, you can understand the top ten Google apps and their benefits clearly. Nowadays it is one of the essential things in your daily life. 

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