Top 11 Best inventory management Softwares

Inventory Management Software

Launching a business in this competitive sector is complex, arduous, and time-consuming. Management may be severely strained by the added duties of controlling stocks and fulfilling consumer expectations. Organizations look forward to contributing to creating innovative software that properly controls inventory, prevents overproduction, lookup at overbooking, manages waste, and reduces expenses.

What is software for inventory management?

You can monitor product and stock levels across your company’s supply chain with the help of retail inventory management software. Think of it as a solution outlining every step your products took. The program handles everything, including placing orders with your vendor and sending items to your consumers.

How can I make the best method for managing my inventory?

You must select the most acceptable choice to utilize inventory management software to its full potential. Understanding the qualities that make up the best selection is vital for this. With a robust inventory management solution, you can more easily track your entire inventory, including unfinished and finished goods. It also has forecasting capabilities for inventory levels to serve customers better.

If you’re looking for one of these systems for your business, here is a list of the top 11 effective inventory management programs to get you started:

1. inFlow Inventory: 

The retail inventory system InFlow was developed for item-based businesses to track products, handle orders, make invoices, gather reports, and carry out various trade and transaction processes. Companies of all sizes, large, medium-sized, and small, depend on inFlow to employ data analysis to provide a comprehensive picture of their offices so that informed decisions can be made. The application preserves the transportation state of supplies, provides product information, and organizes the inventory using barcodes created by DYMO printers. These barcodes also assist in order distribution and product identification.

 inFlow Inventory: 
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  • Price:  nFlow Cloud Light costs $71 per month for two team members paying every year.

2. Zoho Inventory: 

 Zoho Inventory:
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By using intelligent store inventory management software, a firm can only grow through several channels. Zoho Inventory is among the top inventory management systems on the market, enhancing business operations and enabling users to effectively manage inventory, buy orders, sales orders, and shipments. When a purchase, a sale, an invoice, or a billing takes place, this GST-ready inventory control tool retains the business GSTIN and automatically populates it. Any organization’s demands may be accommodated with Zoho Inventory, an item-kitting, a feature-rich system for AI-assisted inventory management.

  • Price: Users pay $49.00 a month on the Basic plan (Pro is $249; Standard is $99)

3. Sellbrite:

Image source: Sellbrite

Overselling is one of the most significant issues in the retail sector. Still, it can be handled with the help of retail inventory software like Sellbrite. The fact that Sellbrite provides complete control over your inventory and avoids overselling products makes it one of the top programs for managing corporate inventory. This user-friendly program offers enterprise-level inventory management features while assisting the business in achieving a balance between stock, sales, and purchase orders.

  • Price: $19.00 per month

4. TradeGecko:

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TradeGecko has a straightforward user interface and several excellent features and is one of the best solutions for shop inventory software. This reliable, multifunctional stock control application supports eCommerce and high-growth global businesses. TradeGecko is a gift in the form of inventory management software for small businesses since its significant objectives are increasing productivity, accelerating expansion, and increasing sales. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor, this top-notch inventory management software enhances and ensures the efficient operation of your company.

  • Price: $39.00/month(Yearly and Monthly subscriptions available, prices in USD.)

5. Stitch Labs:

Stitch Labs
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Utilizing conventional inventory control software prevents it from having cutting-edge features and access controls. It’s time to replace your outdated inventory management system with modern software that has more capabilities, like Stitch Labs. Every business’ inventory is its fundamental component. With its advanced integrated capabilities, a multi-channel inventory system like Stitch Labs successfully controls numerous business epidemics and prevents them. The company routinely runs into problems with overbuying, insufficient stocks, delayed deliveries, managing different warehouses, inventory management, and cost control.

  • Price: $799.00/month

6. Lightspeed POS:

Lightspeed POS
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Software for integrated inventory management is beneficial for every growing business. Only Lightspeed’s retail POS system provides productive operations, stock optimization, and sales management. Lightspeed has expanded and more than quadrupled in size since it debuted, thanks to its user-friendly design and intelligent features. This exceptional retail management software is an innovative, scalable solution that increases the bar for the business. The application streamlines the process of moving goods, enabling them to be sold via any device, flourishing, and reaching locations of sale.

  • Price: $69.00 per month (Paid yearly. Depending on your bundle, prices may change.)
  • 7. SkuVault:
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Managing your online business is simple with SkuVault’s eCommerce inventory management solution. The solution expedites your order fulfillment processes from inventory management to warehouse organization. As a result, orders are processed every time quickly through the pick-to-ship cycle, which is growing more compelling. Said, the system’s ability to link your several sales channels streamlines how you manage your business.

  • Price: For two users have to pay $299 per month (Megaplan $299, Pro $449, Enterprise $899)

8. Katana:

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The Katana Manufacturing ERP software is famous for its well-balanced collection of capabilities extending above your selling and inventory processes, making it the ideal choice for any manufacturing firm seeking robust control and total visibility. The system has a real-time inventory management tool so you can constantly monitor how your company is performing. With the help of its capabilities, you may manage scheduling, resources, manufacturing, supplies, and raw materials in a single place. Due to not having to switch between tools, you could be able to save time and money.

  • Price: $99.00 /month

9. Orderhive:

Image source: Orderhive

With its cloud-based inventory management system, Orderhive, you can control everything from order fulfillment to the movement of your items. One single platform solution responds to every query regarding smarter business decisions. Modern technology, such as Orderhive, works with real-time inventory synchronization, automatic online shopping, faster buy administration, and quick analytic reporting. Customers may test out Orderhive’s features for 15 days to see how well they work for them and how much they can help businesses grow.

  • Price: $0.01/month(Absolutely cut by 55%! The current monthly subscription price is $44.99*.)

10. SOS Inventory:

SOS Inventory
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If you utilize QuickBooks Online, SOS inventory is the best complement to your company. From the comfort of your home, SOS Inventory gives you full access to your inventory for various locations while allowing you to track all of your things. Its backorder tracking, automated order processing, and process manufacturing features give you an edge over rival applications. Work-in-progress can be at various stages, while assemblies can be built and tracked. Using a computer, you may manage your inventory and assemblies on a modest scale. The serial number of a particular object can even be used to track its movements and history.

  • Price: $49.95 per month for a single user (Plus: $99.95; Pro: $149.95)

11. Megaventory:

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Megaventory is a cloud-based logistics management system for medium-sized businesses, including franchising, manufacturing, wholesale, retail companies, and charitable organizations. Many users may be controlled as you manage inventory with serial numbers, barcodes, and more! The delivery of inventory to various locations, the monitoring of stock levels, the assessment of supplier accessibility, and the assurance of prompt inventory returns are all aspects of the inventory management function. On the other hand, manufacturing physical goods is done in modular stages that enable comprehension and linking of operations from one end of the supply chain to the other while keeping an eye on costs all along the way.

  • Price: $150.00/month