10 Best Apps To Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish is one of the great choices for exploring new opportunities and yet might seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of easy ways available to make it easier. Are your decided to learn the Spanish language? You are at the right spot; here is the list of the top 10 best apps to learn Spanish that will keep everyone engaged and allow you to learn Spanish in a fun way. Of course, Spanish is the most popular language. According to recent studies, nearly 13 percent of people in the United States speak Spanish; it is also common in many countries.



Mosalingua is a unique Spanish learning, and it is simple to use, and it will teach Spanish by using several efficient methodologies that allow users to learn quickly.

With the help of this app, you can quickly learn the vocabulary and phrases in bite-sized chunks; this app reminds you of what you need to know at the same time; this also asks you to review the flashcards, which will be helpful to test your knowledge.  By using this app, you can quickly learn phrases in Spanish.

Mosalingua Spanish is the ultimate choice, and this will help you to learn vocabulary and phrases easily.  These are important to quickly communicate by the way this app also make yourself understand different situations.

Duolingo :

Duolingo is the best app to learn Spanish, and it is a free app that is available on the App Store and Google Play. Many people widely utilize the Duolingo app for learning Spanish quickly. With this app, anyone can learn Spanish in 5 minutes a day. In

In general, this app offers game-like lessons that make it one of the best apps for learning Spanish. It is also perfect for beginners who want to learn Spanish. It is also formatted to play like a game, so you will enjoy it a lot when it comes to learning. In addition to this, Beginners also earn points for correct answers and level up.

Without a doubt, Learning Spanish by using Duolingo is addictive.  When it comes to using this app, you must set up the learning goals also plan to dedicate to learning Spanish.  It has many interactive exercises that provide instant feedback to help, which will be helpful to improve your Spanish skills with ease.



Babbel is a widely used app for learning Spanish. It includes standard style lessons for grammar, and it has vocabulary, conversational Spanish that allows you to learn Spanish quickly.

Of course, this app is curriculum-based, and it has pre-recorded content. In general, Babbel focuses on helping anyone learn new words, and mainly this app supports learners to improve sentence structures and language grammar skills, etc.

However, Babbel has a different quantity of content.  Overall, Babbel offers many Spanish courses based on your level.


Are you searching for an easy way to learn Spanish? Lingq is the best apps to learn Spanish. In general, it is one of the simple apps that allow you to Spanish online. With the help of this app, you will know about the new Spanish vocabulary in context. Overall, the Lingq learn Spanish app includes 1000’s hours of Spanish Audio Lessons that also come with matching transcripts.  Even you can also use this application in offline mode.  So it is always the best choice to keep practicing e without an Internet connection. Without a doubt, users can read and listen to new Spanish words based on their needs. Spanish learners also import their content.


Mondly is the best apps to learn Spanish, and it includes fun, and it comes with easy-to-learn and practices Spanish lessons. With the help of this, one can easily upgrade their language skills. Undoubtedly, Mondly focuses on using some sentences and conversations, which will help you learn Spanish online with ease. Of course, free daily lessons are available that make your learning lesson simple. With rapid-learning techniques, this app also teaches you the Spanish language easily.

  This Spanish app will be the right choice for anyone to explore the Spanish language using common phrases. This app allows anyone to master Spanish by listening to experienced and native speakers with flawless pronunciations quickly. In general, the speaking exercises enhanced with verb conjugator, an extensive Spanish dictionary, etc.


Busuu is the ideal choice for people who love to learn Spanish from the basic to an intermediate level.  With this app, users can choose where they want to start even busuu will help anyone learn Spanish at their own pace.

Mainly it includes more than 80 units in a Spanish course, and this will cover all the content that every speaker of Spanish needs to know. The lessons are simple, even understandable.

Overall, this Spanish app helps anyone to learn Spanish expressions. Even it is convenient for you because it is also available with the Offline Mode.



Conjugato is a simple Spanish learning app yet provides a great experience to the learners. First of all, this enables learners to practice and interact, and this app includes 1000 of the most used Spanish verbs to learn about the Spanish verbs quickly.

Conjugato is ideally suited for people who love to Learn Spanish verbs with their conjugations. It includes handy drills with quizzes so you can quickly learn new things.


If you are interested to learn Spanish quickly, then mindsnacks is the right choice for you. It is the best apps to learn Spanish, and it is suitable for the kids to know about the Spanish vocabulary. By the way, they can also speak simple sentences in school.

Mindsnacks includes many engaging games. At the same time, this app contains built vocabulary, which will help boost conversation skills.  It is the perfect app for students, adults, kids, travelers, etc.   It is the ideal app for beginners or intermediate learners to learn Spanish.



Tandem is the most effective online learning community because it comes with tons of conversations in Spanish. With this, you can quickly learn Spanish because users can chat about fundamental topics instead of speaking directly to your app.  Hence utilize this practical choice to learn Spanish quickly.



Memrise is one of the best apps to learn Spanish, and it allows anyone to learn Spanish with ease. Most importantly Memrise Spanish app is designed to offer plenty of new things. Through this app, one can get basic Spanish language skills as quickly and confidently. Primarily this will be useful for people to learn about Spanish words and phrases.

The Memrise is a perfect choice, and it allows you to learn Spanish in a manageable way. Hence Download the Memrise app. It is the best way to learn Spanish whenever you need it and wherever you want.


The above apps allow anyone to learn how to speak Spanish frequently, and these are available for free that supports learners to talk to Spanish confidently in only a few weeks. To learn Spanish quickly, you must download your favorite app. The above-listed Spanish apps have many lessons, tests, and practices. These are help learners to know about Spanish grammar and vocabulary etc.

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