10 Best Investment Apps In the USA

Investing in an unknown platform should be strictly avoided to secure the money you put in. Of course, investment is highly complex. Maybe the concept of investment is earning more money. When it comes to investment, you can prefer many strategic plans. Yes, undoubtedly, the wise investment will make investors get the profit they expected. 

No matter what choosing the right investing platform is essential. That’s why before one decides to invest, looking at the Best investment apps is strongly recommended. However, even experienced investors will get confused by checking the massive investment apps in the market. Therefore, for US folks, the top apps have been listed here. Take a look and take the best.  



Wealthbase is an investment app for novice investors. One thing about the stock market is there is a lot to learn. In such a case, using a user-friendly investing app like Wealthbase is a wise choice. One feels at ease to choose stocks and invest as well. It is friendly means you can fix games with your friends up to your desired time limit. 

One thing one should notice is Wealthbase is involved with the social media stock-picking option. Therefore, investors can have an eye on stocks that their friends choose. Also, it will offer up to date details such win and other. You can invest just by talking with friends that are “trash talk.” It is provided with a smooth interface. Thus, no way for delays, loading, and buffer. 

Every investor will find this app fantastic. Learners can trade crypto using the simulations. Accessing Wealthbase is possible using the web as well as a mobile app. The way it let investors choose stocks is the catchy feature here. 

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

Undoubtedly, TD Ameritrade is a feature-packed brokerage investment platform. Available with a mobile trading app to make investors feel convenient to trade. Also, it has two mobile apps; thus, the beloved investors can link their accounts to one or both. The app has more straightforward options, so it remains the best place to invest.

TD Ameritrade lets customers effortlessly check their accounts. Even you are all set to buy as well as sell stocks straightforwardly. Alongside, the think or swim option is available for active traders. Thereby one can trust the functionality of this app. Offering massive educational resources and stock research attracts investors and considers it the Best investment apps since opening an account and accessing it is easy. The Robo-advisor feature helps investors in many ways. 

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is for investors who need an investment application that will do an auto-investment large amount. Also, the various type of investment to choose from is a notable feature. Right from self-directed stock trading to mutual funds to retirement accounts, you can easily access everything. 

Although one thing that makes this app stand out from the rest is its robot-adviser function, customers preferring the Premium version ought to invest $25,000. Alongside it comes automated investing with current financial planning. Thus, one can easily support it. Every investor’s and risk tolerance profile will assist experts in creating a custom portfolio of Schwab ETFs. 

Schwab Intelligent Income’s cost-free feature facilitates designing a monthly paycheck from your b$30 a month brokerage or retirement accounts. Initially, investors require to pay a fee of $300 additionally for the guidance. 

You’ll pay an initial planning fee of $300 to meet with a certified financial planner and a flat $30 a month for ongoing guidance whenever you need it, but no asset under management fee. Once your balance reaches $50,000, free tax-loss harvesting is available. However, the cost will differ according to the type of plan you choose. 


Experienced investors indeed have thoughts about Acorns. Yes, Acorns is a mature app that has the best features for new investors too. That’s why it remains a popular application. It is easy to use, and once you have installed it, you don’t have to mess. All you need to do is link a debit or credit card to your account.

The app will check the total purchases to the next dollar and invest that difference into a few ETF portfolios. Even you can prefer Acorns Lite, which costs only 1 dollar per month. For better options picking Acorns Personal is a great choice that is included with Lite, and the fee is $3 per month. 

Fidelity Go

Fidelity Go is an investment app for users who don’t like spending a lot of valuable time. As an investor, you should give details about your age, risk tolerance, and goals. Once you have done a team of experts will select an appropriate portfolio from Fidelity Flex mutual funds that suit you. 

The app does not ask for any additional management fees or fund expenses. Be it is an investment you choose 0.35% advisory fee is mandatory. From the seven various allocations, investors can choose any investment strategy accordingly. 



Webull is a mobile-based trading application. Thus, investors feel convenient to trade. Alongside, even more, features are also accessible. It includes free from account minimums; customers can do trade stocks and options without any commission. It helps the investors who are searching for low investment. Certainly, Webull is your choice of platform. 

In specific, it assists new investors via the “play money” feature. Thus, the customers can quickly learn a lot. That’s why it is considered as best mobile investing apps for active investors. 

Personal Capital

Unlike other investment trading apps that provide a brokerage account or a Robo-advisor, Personal Capital stands unique through budgeting, net worth tracking, and financial advisory features. The app will pay attention to the investment strategies of investors. It will let you link your financial accounts, including banks, brokerages, and so on. 

You can obtain the whole trading thing on a single screen. Notably, the investors will amazed by looking at excellent retirement planning tools and other analytical features. One thing is that you can use this service for free of cost. 


Vanguard is a low-cost investment. Undeniably, this app is trustworthy as it offers original mutual funds and ETF. Additionally, to motivate investors, it will keep on giving a low-fee index fund approach to investing. The investors are needless to pay any commissions. There are no account service fees if you sign up. 

The investors don’t have to maintain any minimum. It never requires as well. In short, Vanguard is an app that will let investors understand more about the basics. 


Stockpile requires commission-free for sure. It will apply to stock as well as ETF trades. Even though it asks for commission, it will stun one by providing a few unique features. Thus, it makes the investors feel worthy of paying the commission. Also, it follows fractional share investing and supports the gift of stock through gift cards. 

Stockpile is an app that will help any category of investors. Even a kid can easily understand everything using Stockpile. Also, the platform lets customers use gift stock. It offers “mini-lessons”; hence one can effortlessly learn. 



Wealthfront is more likely as Acorns. One difference is that here investors should invest money manually. There are two options. Thus, customers can pick anything. If your choice is Wealthfront, you can witness that your invested cash gets grow timely. Accordingly, investors can quickly decide. 

Fianl Conclusion

Eventually, you have got some knowledge about the famous and Best investment apps right. Investment depends on an individual’s choice. However, one must have an eye on their budget and requirements before choosing a platform for investment. No matter what, investors should educate themselves to avoid loss.  

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