10 Best Homeschool Apps For Android And Ios

At present, schools worldwide are slowly closing because of the coronavirus, in that time, it is challenging to learn new things by going to school, but there are plenty of homeschooling apps available that can allow anyone to know different things comfortably. Even plenty of websites are available that can help your kids keep learning away from the traditional classroom with homeschool apps.

Your kid school will recommend tools also provide resources to complete tasks. It allows students to keep up with the work, but these additional tools will boost their learning while giving various tips and guidelines to keep them engaged.

Are you searching for the best apps to enhance your homeschooling efforts? You are at the right place; here is the list of 10 best homeschooling apps that perfectly suits both ios and Android.



Ready4 sat everyone knows that ready4 sat is one of the homeschool apps that engage online users with entertainment videos, don’t think twice. Get this because this is also offering a host of educational apps. In general, the ready4 sat application allows you to get good benefits.

Download ready4 sat to refer to the small chunks of invaluable material. However, this will help you ace your academic program. Especially ready4 sat is a free app that means you can access your educational progress easily and the sat scores presented by schools & many academic curriculums.

Khan academy:

It is one of the best educational app and suits for both iPhone and Android. Now khan academy is widely utilized by many people, and it features a free-of-cost interface that also attracts vast people. Overall this will strengthen your subject fundamentals. So get this app from the google play store, or you can get it from iTunes to lay hands on the basics like history, sciences, math, etc.

First of all, this app allows you to establish a strong foundation related to many subjects. Most importantly, khan academy also becomes the key to educational success. Overall this app promises a solid academic base. By the way, this also helps you understand the tricky sections in different subjects.

My study life:

My study life

My study life is one of the fantastic homeschool apps to use, and it allows students to get proper knowledge. It is one of the ideal choices for students who are struggling to meet deadlines. My study life is helping students chalk out a day plan, especially the study life mobile application, which brings orderliness to learning.

With the help of this app, you will get notifications, and you will stay in line. Be it your homework or project submission, and you can quickly complete everything with ease.

First of all, this app offers various benefits. So download this app to take pride in your recognition, and this will be useful for homework submission.

Photomath :

Photomath is a student-friendly choice that allows students to complete their algebra projects even if they can quickly achieve their homework. Without a doubt, it is your math knowledge partner. By using this app, you can quickly solve algebraic equations.

Photomath allows you to understand the logic behind every maths problem. So that this app also allows you to snap a photo of the respective algebraic problem; the app dons the hat of a math tutor by breaking down and helps to get guidelines from the math tutor so that you will quickly solve many complicated questions with ease.

First of all, this allows students to adopt a step-wise approach until they get the correct answer; everything is simple with photomath, so they will be confident about submitting their school assignments.

Photomath is a camera calculator, and it will help you solve it with ease.



It is one of the practical choices among the students. Even it is a free educational app. In general, edx enlists courses offered in colleges. Of course, it features a well-curated curriculum that also paves the way to gather information about the curriculum. 

Overall this app is helping you enhance your knowledge related to different topics, including psychology, nutrition engineering, computer programming, statistics, etc. Most importantly, this app also offers a plethora of online & offline lectures. Overall it is one of the must-have apps for getting the best experience.


Mendeley is the best pdf reader, and this app allows you to collate & manage research citations. Most importantly, this is also allowing you to share it with the class. On the other hand, this app also allows you to get different journal articles effortlessly. By using this, you can easily access voluminous pdfs.



Ted is one of the informative apps, and it has more than 1,700 ted talk videos. With the regular use of this app, you can also expand your intelligent quotient. There are plenty of homeschool apps available that allows us to make our life simple. Overall it is simple to use, and it provides creative content.


WolframAlpha is the top educational apps that allow you to get the strength of accurate and reliable data. WolframAlpha includes information from multiple sources. It is a one-stop education solution; overall, this app is helping you make everything simple. Most importantly, it is one of the best homeschool apps, and it allows students to learn new things.

Periodic table:

A periodic table allows you to about chemical elements and atomic weights, etc. Of course, it is one of the chemistry apps, and it helps students expand their skills and knowledge via informative videos. With the help of this app, chemistry, students get in-depth information. By using this homeschool app, you can learn everything from the comfort of your home.



Duolingo is one of the best homeschool apps, and now it can be widely utilized by many people. Most importantly, you can easily translate global content by using this app. It allows you to solve the chosen content in your required language like Italian, German, Brazilian, and Spanish.

With the help of this app, you can translate web pages effortlessly. However, users of this app also can avail the benefits of language courses at different proficiency levels.

Duolingo is available for adults; it is the right choice for kids who gradually and effectively learn new things like a second language. It is the ideal app for homeschooling. It has quick-hit lessons and a sleek user interface. On the other hand, the gamified structure also rewards kids for learning.

 Most importantly, it is free. It is pretty incredible. It has many success stories and allows you to learn new things quickly. In general, Duolingo works on the web, which is the best-suited app for your Smartphone or tablet. This app is free, and the optional premium version is also available who prefer to cut down ads and allow offline functionality. The free version is fully comprehensive and offers limitless benefits.


The above list contains the best homeschool apps that perfectly suit both ios and Android, and this will allow you to equip yourself with valuable information. These are the best educational apps that will enable you to enjoy yourself a lot. 

Hence download your favorite app to get the world of knowledge at your fingertips.

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