12 Best Task Management Software That Will Make Your Work Simpler

Here is a thorough list of the top task management software on the market, free task management software with unique features for both people and teams. They all have online versions, some with minimal but helpful task management software.

People, entrepreneurs, good teams, and organizations will benefit from most of these task management freemiums task management software for teams. Check out our top 12 task management tools to evaluate the merits and drawbacks and make the best decision.


Podio Interface- Podio Official Website

Podio is a task management platform that allows you to consolidate your company activities into a single location. It’s adaptable and simple to utilize free task management software, and it would be even a task management academy award.

The free edition includes all of the features you’ll need to keep track of your chores. In addition, you may subscribe to a premium plan to gain more features. In the yearly programme, rates start at $7.20 each month.

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project
ProProfs Project Banner- CompareCamp

It has valuable features like task prioritizing, the best free cloud task management software, instant messaging, and document management that allow you to work on numerous tasks simultaneously.

You may keep track of milestones in real-time to know the project is moving forward at the right place. You may also use the tool’s configurable processes to track and manage your team’s workload.


Wrike Project Management For Windows & Mac
Wrike Project Management For Windows & Mac- Wrike Official Website

Wrike is a project management software that also has applications in sales and marketing. Because of its versatility in free task management software, this software may be used by a variety of teams to interact and communicate while completing tasks.

You may personalize your processes, add colour codes, and create custom variables to export statistics with this tool.

Wrike has a free task management service that may accommodate up to 5 members. However, if your team grows, you may consider upgrading to a subscription plan, starting at $9.80 per user per month.


Trello Interface
Trello Interface- Trello Official Website

Trello is perhaps the most well-known task management software among those using a kanban interface. However, it’s simple for each team because it comes with an extensive range of templates for sales-free task management software, advertising, management, Administration, assistance, and more.

Even though Trello may be preferable for essential processes, you may make your applications more customizable and exact specifications. Trello’s freemium version includes various capabilities that are unrestricted. However, premium subscriptions start at $9.99 per user each month if you want more sophisticated features.


TaskQue Interface
TaskQue Interface- TaskQue Official Website

TaskQue is an online project organizer that goes beyond a to-do list software basics. Instead, it assists teams and individuals in streamlining their everyday routines and keeping track of task completion.

You obtain access to knowledge about your activities, which you can use to keep your team on track and complete everything on time. The free plan free task management software, which has a 5MB document limitation and 1GB of storage, is ideal for teams of up to ten individuals. You can subscribe to the commercial plan for $5 per month per user if you want access to more features.


Basecamp Interface
Basecamp Interface- Basecamp Official Website

An organizer to keep all of their work in one location rather than scattering it across your home, So task management system, if you want to make your life easy and avoid being irritated, use Basecamp. Use its task management capabilities to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Basecamp’s freeware edition is named “Private,” and it’s designed for schools, entrepreneurs, personal responsibilities, and other mild applications. You may have up to 20 members and three projects on your free account. However, if you want an upgrade, the cost is $99 per month.


Hitask- Getapp

Hitask is an essential task management tool that is simple and does not require a lengthy registration process. As a result, it may be suitable for various businesses or even individuals.

It includes a single screen that contains everything you could want to manage a project. For example, your tasks may be organized by due date, team, or plan, and you can even delegate them to other colleagues.

Lesser teams, task managers and individuals can use the lite option. One of the most appealing features of this freemium is the ability to create an infinite amount of projects and activities. The pricing starts at a $5 per month subscription for larger teams that want more complicated functionality


ClickUp Interface
ClickUp Interface- ClickUp Official Website

Inside the tool, ClickUp includes options that allow you to tailor your knowledge. As a result, everyone in the team may handle their own and shared work according to their priorities. It’s a software piece with features for sales, advertising, and technical team.

You may pick from five different perspectives with ClickUp: Board, Listing, Container, Schedule of events, and “Personal Time.” In this manner, you can view and manage your chores while also prioritizing them. You may also delegate duties to other team members to maintain your assignments going smoothly.

The premium edition allows more flexibility for users and tasks but only 100 MB of storage. Upgrades to premium plans, including extra features, start at a $5 per month subscription.


Todoist Interface
Todoist Interface- Todoist Official website

Todoist is a free performance management programme that helps you stay organized in your personal and professional life. It enables you to construct sections and activities to be performed, allowing you to manage your projects better. It’s also possible to mark jobs as favourites and prioritize them.

Todoist enables more manageable tasks and receives updates on new activities in your responsibilities if you need to work with a group. Furthermore, comments may be included so that everyone on the team is on the same page, understanding what needs to be accomplished. Users and managing a team will benefit from the free version.


Nifty Interface
Nifty Interface- Niftyypm

Nifty is a free task and project planning that allows a person or an organization to manage their activities in a customized and tailored manner. For example, in Nifty task management software for teams, one may manage the chores of an entire team or private activities in one’s day-to-day life to ensure that nothing goes through the gaps.

In Nifty, tasks can perform in two ways. Teams can utilize the list view to give a more strict approach in the style of a current worksheet, or they can use a traditional kanban board that can show in night theme, light mode, or traditional method. In addition, it has a free plan. To deliver the best experience, Nifty also allows for effort into the data and custom features on tasks.


MeisterTask Interface
MeisterTask Interface- MeisterTask Official Website

MeisterTask is a multi-platform process organization collaboration solution. MeisterTask allows you to organize and manage individual tasks in a dynamic approach that adjusts to your requirements. It integrates with the best free cloud task management software and enables you to fill your tasks with all the knowledge you want.

This programme will enable you to create automation to assist your organization in being more effective while juggling many project duties. It has a free option that may be useful for small teams, while premium plans start at $4.19 per month.


DragApp Interface
DragApp Interface- DragApp Official Website

It’s a feature-rich shared mailbox that may help teams organize their complete workflow. It is the only programme on our list that may use within Gmail. Since most projects begin and end as messages in your inbox, Drag was created to avoid the need to switch back and forth across Gmail and another process management service. When you manage your projects in Gmail, you save time by eliminating the steps you’d have to complete with third-party apps or several browser tabs.

Everything on your Drag boards may change. For the beginning, there are two perspectives to choose from: As a result, you may select the option that best matches the manner you need to manage your responsibilities inside aboard.


Task management is an essential aspect of most job endeavors and most of our private affairs. Some people may believe that using checklists to manage their everyday tasks is sufficient. However, this is not the case.

The best task management software, notes, pencils, and even spreadsheets for more complicated situations are no longer sufficient. However, when you need to work with others or organize your task list so that you can quickly follow their accomplishment, these are two basic options.

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