Top 11 School Management Software With Pricing and Features

Schools require technological assistance to manage all their activities, from administration, admission, and teaching. The schools access the school management software to manage various tasks seamlessly. The automated online system synced with the devices helps schools manage an entry, learning management, assessment, fee collection, training, and development under one platform. The software design allows schools to monitor their day-to-day activities efficiently digitally. 

What does the school management system do?

The school management system is crucial in the current educational system as it helps in providing a better academic experience to the students effectively. The school management software simplifies the time-consuming tasks in school activities with its enhanced features. 

It minimizes the effort of the educational institutions by avoiding manual paper works and offers automated academic and administrative activities. The software not only assists in effective school management but also ensures parents the real-time progress of their children. It also assures the security of the children studying in schools, giving them access to improved technology. 

Here is the list of the activities that schools do with school management software 

  • For storing student information
  • To support parent’s accessibility
  • To store teacher information
  • It offers SMS and real-time application notification
  • For attendance management
  • To maintain the report cards
  • For fee management and online payment

The schools require software to manage all the activities mentioned above effectively and efficiently. 

11 best software management software

Here is the list of the 11 best school management software that helps schools in their remote activities. School management software is the only effective solution that benefits parents, students, and schools in many ways. The best school management software is explained here for better understanding.

1. Gradelink

Software Advice

Gradelink is one of the best software for schools with the features of 

The custom-built account which includes training for staff

  • It offers personalized support
  • It integrates with beneficial platforms like Google Classroom, ClassLink, Clever, Schoology, etc.
  • Online payment processing is acceptable.
  • It offers tools to design the report card template in all the best possible ways.
  • It provides tools to help schools to adopt remote learning.

2. MyClassCampus

My Class Campus

MyClassCampus is among the best school management software that supports digital school management in an advanced way. The benefits of using the software include

  • It is a cloud-based software
  • It offers training and support to schools
  • It is available at an affordable cost
  • It is suitable for both Android and iOS users

3. PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool SIS
H2S Media

PowerSchool SIS is a platform suitable for enrollment, attendance, learning, grading, analytics, and other school management needs. It is a highly recommended school administration software based on its usability. It makes online administration more accessible, secure, and efficient, and the advantages of the software include.

  • Mobile application
  • It is cloud-based
  • It offers data security
  • It includes a wide range of beneficial features

4. Vidyalaya

Software Advice

Vidyalaya remains the best among other school management software as it is the award-winning software that extends its service to 8 countries. The software remains beneficial for administration, teachers, students, and parents with its exclusive features like

  • Availability of online payment tools
  • It helps in tracking vehicles
  • It provides tools for conducting online exams and for biometric attendance
  • It offers a mobile application
  • It is suitable for multi-platform integration
  • It allows bulk SMS service

5. Alma


Alma is the school software that helps find a modern-day solution for the administrative requirements of educational institutions. It offers various tools for scheduling, assessment tracking, maintaining a directory, enrollment history, and many more activities. The benefits of the software include

  • It allows an e-signature facility.
  • It is easy to use and includes handy features
  • It offers 24/7 customer support service
  • It is worth using the software

6. Rediker


Rediker is the most experienced school management system software that offers videos, demos, webinars, training, documentation, and support to educational institutions to get the best service. The features of the software include

  • It is a tool that allows the schools to adopt an online learning approach
  • It creates, stores, and shares report cards
  • It is effective in the admission, billing, and accounting process
  • It is highly effective in integration with Google Classroom, Clever, Frontline Education, and so on

7. Your Agora

Your Agora
Your Agora

Your Agora is a flexible platform that aims to offer and improve the standard quality of education. The features of the software include

  • It provides tools for conducting online assessments, tests, and quizzes
  • It provides tools to find the best talents for the schools
  • It is suitable to use on both Android and iOS platform
  • The online school management software allows live chat support
  • It includes tools for online payment

8. Schoolbic


Schoolbic is known for its auvtomation tools. The software helps manage all the student information, attendance record, performance reports, personal information, and certificates in one place. The features of the software include

  • It provides tools to make the entire admission process automated and online.
  • It helps in integrating a biometric attendance system and avails reporting tools.
  • It efficiently integrates SMS, e-mail, and payment system
  • It effectively manages the information about student’s medical records, transportation, and hostel information

9. FamilyID

Family Id

FamilyID is the software that eliminates the high effort of paper works, data entry, and managing physical files with all its practical features. The functional characteristics of the specific software include

Availability of automated tools for registration, data collection, and so on

It includes flexible reporting tools.

It allows processing and payments through PayPal, Stripe, and MySchoolBucks.

10. RenWeb


It is interesting to know that renewed school management software is available with all the school management requirements. The qualities of the software are as heed.

The software is suitable for academics, accounting, admission, and fee management.

The schools use this software for financial and library management

It is also ideal for HR Payroll and SMS management 

All these features are helpful for efficient school management. 

11. Campus 


One stop solution for all school and college management is possible to use campus school management software. The benefit of using the software is as follows.

  • It offers multi-child support
  • Academics management
  • All role access
  • Operations and data analysis
  • Resource management
  • Academics management and 
  • Communication management

It is highly recommended for all educational institutions and helps them improve digital monitoring. The schools get full management support by using the available software solutions.


Which software is best for school?

Several school management software solutions are available in the industry, and the schools can select the best software solution based on cost and requirements.

What is ERP school management software?

ERP school management software helps schools manage all day-to-day school activities, including administrative tasks, teaching and curriculum management, student attendance and student information, fee record management, and homework management.  

How much does a school management software cost?

The school management software price varies with different price ranges from 12 to 40 rupees per student for a month. The annual cost ranges up to 50,000 per year. The content also depends on student capacity and also the number of modules.

What software do teachers use?

Teachers generally use Moodle, Blackboard, and other practice management tools. 


School management software is helpful for schools and allows schools to carry out all activities with integrated features. This software is available at an affordable cost; hence the schools and colleges make the best use of the software services to improve all the functional activities of educational institutions. 

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