How to Bulk Upload Files to SharePoint and Its Benefits

SharePoint is a great collaboration solution for eCommerce business teams as well as other businesses. It is a dynamic solution with many components called web parts and users can adopt them individually depending on what they need. The best thing is that SharePoint works with other solutions as integrations such as ASAP eCommerce platforms.

One of the web parts that can be used in a busy eCommerce company is SharePoint Bulk File Upload. But before you adopt this web part to bulk upload files to SharePoint, you should read this post to know more, especially how to do it and the benefits.

How to Bulk Upload Files to SharePoint

As mentioned, the web part helps teams within a business or organization to bulk upload files to SharePoint libraries. It uses a simple drag and drop option, which is very convenient. Here are the steps to do it.

  • · Get the SharePoint Bulk File Upload web part – When you want to bulk upload files to SharePoint, you should get the web part. If you are using an ASP.NET eCommerce platform, you will be lucky because it comes as an integrated feature. However, you can still get it independently from SharePoint and use it as a separate solution for team collaboration.
  • · Customizing the SharePoint Bulk File Upload web part – This is done to suit your needs. Each business has different needs depending on its operations and culture. Luckily, it is easy to set the maximum number of files, select the types of files, set when to overwrite files and what to overwrite, and make many other customizations.
  • · Start using – Any team member with the rights to bulk upload files to SharePoint will enjoy the simple drag and drop option and many other features. As the business owner or manager, it is paramount to train new employees and first-time users to work effectively.

Benefits of Bulk File Upload Web Part

When a business can bulk upload files to SharePoint, many benefits will follow. After all, this solution is for the good of the business. Here are the top benefits.

  • · Upload many files at once – The name of the solution says it all: bulk file upload. While using this solution, the team members can bulk upload files to SharePoint with one drag and drop. All they need to do is select the files they need to upload into the libraries and then complete the action. A busy eCommerce business will greatly benefit.
  • · Conveniently save time – It is very convenient to bulk upload files to SharePoint. Apart from making work easy for the teams, it also saves time when performing tasks related to uploading files and managing databases.
  • · Improves efficiency – Every business solution is aimed at enhancing efficiency. The SharePoint Bulk File Upload web part is no different. As teams save time and work efficiently, the overall results help a business to scale up, make more profits, and improve customer experience.


If you like your teams to bulk upload files to SharePoint, you now know the solution to use and how to use it. The benefits are amazing and play a role in business growth. It is important to consider this solution whether your business is new or old, big or small, and regardless of the setting.

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