Top Dedicated Time and Attendance Software for Start-Ups

Companies and HR departments use time and attendance softwares to make time tracking easier. These solutions automate the calculation of all work hours and vacation time, holidays, sick leave, and overtime. You can manage company time and attendance information through watches, the web, tablets, and phones are all options for logging in and out with time and attendance software. In addition, time and attendance software include an employee self-service portal that allows employees to view full timecard details. There are many platforms to choose from and a wide range of services. You can also find the free time and attendance software in the market.

The top time and attendance software:


*Source – n The Clock Official Website

Without compromising worker privacy, OnTheClock gives you real-time access to where your tech or agent is and where they have been during the workday. OnTheClock’s GPS timepiece allows your employees to check-in and out of each workplace using a Smartphone or approved device. You can also use the routing feature to see if workers are on schedule and arrive on time at the job site. You may also use geofencing to ensure that employees clock in only when on-site and pins for drilling locations for jobs farther away or between areas. In addition, with custom employee roles, you can make your team members wearing multiple hats in the field easily exchange jobs without clocking in. This is the best time and attendance systems for small businesses.

OnTheClock pricing:

  • 1-2 employees: $0 cost
  • The pricing depends on the number of employees per month.

Time Tracker:

Time Tracker:
*Source- Novative

Time Tracker is one of the time and attendance softwares for time management, payroll and billing. The software promises to automate the time management process by allowing employees to clock in and out using digital timecards that employees may use from different locations. In addition, it will help you easily schedule breaks and update your timesheet. Managers can also use GPS tracking to track the location of their employees. It’s cloud-based and accessible via the web or mobile app for Android and iOS. It also creates automatic backups to ensure you don’t lose your data if your internet connection is lost.   

In the start-ups, the managers and business owners are used time trackers to run reports to assess efficiency and effectiveness. It also has billing and invoicing functionality to automate spending and interact with Stripe to process payments.

Time Tracker pricing:

  • Time tracker: $7.5 for $12.5 per month base fee ($6 with a $10 monthly base fee if billed annually).
  • Time Tracker + Billing: $12.5 on base fee $22.5 per month ($10 on base fee 18 months if billed annually)
  • Liability: $30 per month without a base fee ($24 with $0 monthly base fee if billed annually).

When I work:

When I work:
*Source -When I Work official Website

When I work is, one of the time and attendance softwares to make time management and payroll as easy as possible. It’s cloud-based, allowing easy access via an Android or iOS Smartphone app. It also has a couple of desirable characteristics. One of them is that while the app provides clocking in and out. When I work geofence, the works in specific locations causing employees to be present, it also sends notifications to employees if they forget to log out. This helps avoid misunderstandings and mistakes that can affect payroll. Then there is a built-in communication platform. So managers and employees can talk confidentially about shift availability and scheduling.

When I work price:

It costs $2 per user for the first 100 users when I work. After that, you can create a custom Enterprise plan for groups of more than 100 users.

Replicon time and attendance software

Replicon time and attendance software
*Source -Replicon Official Website

Replicon time and attendance softwares are one of the company’s many powerful and productive software platforms. It is specifically intended for companies with scattered employees that are difficult to manage with a single system. This covers full-time and part-time employees, remote workers, contractors, and field workers. This may be managed through a centralized cloud.

This service can handle all aspects of time monitoring. This includes clocking in and out, breaks and activity tracking. It also handles absence management. This includes self-service stopover options, shift assignments, and scheduling and availability can be put together for payroll. Although the payment and tax codes are different, this makes team productivity and labour costs easy to manage. Employees can request shift changes and ask questions through a mobile app managed through a web portal. Chatbots are integrated into the communication platform to discuss availability and features and answer basic questions as needed.

Replicon time and attendance software pricing:

There is a free trial. But the costs and plans have not been fixed, and the company has not disclosed them.


*Source -G2

It can be accessed from any device as it is a cloud-based solution. StratusTime is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. StratusTime is adaptable with plans and services for businesses of all sizes, from mobile phones to office computers. This means that it can scale with your company as it expands and hires more employees.

Employees can log in and use the watch in several ways. With the help of this time and attendance softwares, you can also keep track of employees and their hours and wages as it quickly recognizes and resolves any possible problems. In addition, the system is connected to the HR and payroll software system. This makes it easy to guarantee that data is collected and transferred as needed. The advantage is that manual data entry is kept to a minimum with maximum automation.

StratusTime price:

StratusTime makes a lot of sense. Employees can get paid for as little as $4 per month. You can cancel if you are unhappy at any time because there are no long-term contracts.


The time and attendance requirements for teams of small start-ups and mid-market companies with 100 employees are not the same. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right and best time and attendance software for your company size. Also, if you are starting with a small company, Make sure you select a system that will scale with you as your company grows. 

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