Top 10 Best Autodesk Competitors in 2023

Autodesk is a CA-based software organization that provides products and services to a huge number of major companies in the art, science, and entertainment industries. You may not hear about Autodesk Corporation but you are well familiar with its products and services such as AutoCAD. AutoCAD is the most popular software used in the engineering and architecture field. Moreover, do you know that most of the services and products are so much popular in the entertainment industry?

Autodesk Corporation creates its software for distribution to other industries; most of its clients are users of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and  Autodesk Construction Cloud. Before purchasing alternative products of this software you must consider the evaluation and contracting, service and support, integration and deployment, and specific product capabilities.

Here. We have listed some of the Autodesk competitors so that you can easily pick out the right software for your organization.

What is Autodesk?

Autodesk INC. is a US-based multinational software organization that creates software products and services for the architecture, engineering, designing, education, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. Autodesk has so many branch offices worldwide and its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

This organization was established by John Walker in 1982. He was the designer of the first version of AutoCAD software. AutoCAD is the main product of Autodesk industries, where CAD stands for Computer-Aided-Design. Autodesk’s other products include Autodesk Labs, Autodesk clouds, Autodesk Life Sciences, etc.

What services does Autodesk provide?

  • Autodesk Corporation has been providing software products or services to the construction industry since 1982. If you are working with architecture, roads, landscapes, railways, housing complexes, water, or sewage; Autodesk has the solution for your organization.
  • If your organization works in various areas, Autodesk also has the solution by offering you Autodesk AEC Collection, which includes AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, and many more. Autodesk Architecture, Engineering, and Construction collection is a set of building information modeling tools to assist the construction industry.
  • Autodesk offers training programs and certification in two categories such as Autodesk Certified Users and Advanced Certified Professionals.
  • Autodesk Life Sciences is also an extensible toolkit for genetic engineering. It envisions DNA code as a molecular viewer and had a tool for writing DNA code as the genetic constructor.
  • Autodesk’s manufacturing software is also used in various manufacturing industries including electro-mechanical, industrial machinery, industrial equipment, consumer products, automotive components, etc.
  • Autodesk’s entertainment and media products are designed for digital media creation, organization, and delivery. This product works on film and television visual effects, editing to animation, color grading, game development, and design visualization. 

 Best alternatives for Autodesk software

A brief list of competitors and the best alternatives to Autodesk:



Onshape is a modern CAD system that helps engineers and architects to perform their tasks very well. With the rapid pace of innovation, Onshape is the only product development platform that is capable to catch speedy wins. Onshape can be instantly installed on any mobile or computer, influencing teams to work together to achieve the goal rapidly. Onshape doesn’t require any installation, download, or license code. Onshape can be easily accessible from any of your computers, MacBook, Chromebook, or Linux computer. Your team doesn’t require much time to spend on solving the issues raised by Onshape. Onshape unites innovative modeling tools and progressive data management in a protected cloud workplace. Onshape has become the primary CAD system for a huge number of users worldwide.



AnyLogic is one of the leading simulating designing software for business applications. AnyLogic is multimethod simulating modeling software that includes integrating different approaches of modeling and simulating to overcome the drawbacks that might come from individual approaches. AnyLogic helps businesses like manufacturing, transportation, rail logistic, supply chain, mining, health care, etc. it provides built-in animation libraries for the industries like pedestrians, rail, road traffic, and material handling. AnyLogic comes with an API that helps industries to integrate the system with third-party collaboration. AnyLogic is a flexible platform for creating very modern simulation models.



SolidWorks software is mechanical design automation software and it is a competitor to Autodesk software; it allows designers to sketch out their ideas, and thoughts, experiment with features, and dimensions, and produce innovative models. SolidWorks uses 3D design approaches. When you create a design it will be a 3D design. While you’re designing models over SolidWorks you can visualize your model in three dimensions; it will exist like this after manufacture. Another main feature of this software is if you make any change to any part of this software it will be reflected in all the parts associated with the design. SolidWorks is effectively used by mechanical, electrical, and Electronic engineers to invent creative designs. You need to pay for licensing this software; it comes in three versions such as standard, professional, and premium.



SketchUp is a 3D modeling software; used by architects and designers to design 3D models. This application influences the workflow across various industries such as landscape architecture, engineering, construction, woodworking, interior design, film, and so on. SketchUp creates your design enabling 3D visualization without any integrated hardware into your system. You can animate and sequence the steps, material, and building team to construct your building. This software comes with features such as lighting and texturing that will feel the pictures are real. This application is also used by visual artists such as game developers, graphic designers, etc. this software comes in three versions such as SketchUp free, SketchUp Pro, and SketchUp Make. SketchUp Free and SketchUp Make these two versions are available for free; SketchUp Pro is a paid version.

MathWorks Simulation Software:

MathWorks Simulation Software:

MathWorks Simulation Software is a complete application for scientists and engineers to organize analyze and clean complete data sets such as predictive maintenance, medical research, and finance. This program is designed to analyze and designs products that transform the world. This matrix-based program allows the most natural expression of computational mathematics. This is used for algorithm development, numeric computation, data analysis, and design. The toolboxes are professionally developed, tested, and fully documented. MatLab platform provides you to visualize your data, identifying sophisticated trends and patterns. You can also integrate chart, graph, and function syntax into your document. You can also be able to execute programs rapidly without any prior experience.


Trust Radius

FreeCAD helps you to design geometry-constrained 2D and 3D shapes and you can use these designs to build other objects. This is an open-source program and it is free for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. You can access various tools such as line, polygon, and circle to make innovative designs. These tools can be accessed to reshape, move or deploy geometry.  You can design realistic models in 3D shapes and also can visualize them. You can import or export different images in various formats. FreeCAD helps you to view your model from any angle while you’re designing it. This program supports a wide range of file sizes without degrading your design experience. You can interpret your design with several notes and tags. FreeCAD is used by the architecture, engineering, product designing, and mechanical engineering industries worldwide.



TurboCAD is another alternative to Autodesk software for designing 2D and 3D models and drafting and it runs on Microsoft Windows and MacOS operating systems. TurboCAD is used by the power mechanical engineering and architectural designing industries to design professional models. TurboCAD’s powerful tools can be used to design 2D and 3D models that include 2D parametric constraint, photo-realistic rendering and materials, 3D solid and surface modeling, etc. TurboCAD is easy to use for beginners and has a slick design compared to AutoCAD. TurboCAD supports a wide range of files such as STL, PDF, DWG, etc. TurboCAD designs 2D and 3D models in a very sophisticated way and the outcomes are outstanding. TurboCAD has different plans to purchase. TurboCAD is one of the best design programs in the market. 



DraftSight allows professional designers, students, and beginners to design, edit, and view DWG files. It runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. DreaftSight lets its users make new drawings, and access the in-built DWG files to meet users’ 2D and 3D DWG file solutions by using its CAD features. DreaftSight enables its user to create, edit, and mark up any kind of DWG files and provides a flexible interface to ease a quick transition from a user’s current CAD account. DraftSight is available in the market with its flexible offerings that suit different business organizations and budget needs. This program allows its users to customize using macros and APIs. You can easily access 3D tools to design 3D printing and CNC machining within a shorter time frame.



ActCAD is a professional 3D modeling and 2D drafting software suitable for all engineering domains. It let professionals create engineering drawings, buildings, sections, and edit 3D models as well. ActCAD lets users convert various 2D and 3D files into DWG, PDF, STP, IGES, and other formats. ActCAD provides several various tools, pallets, commands, and functions to its users to create, edit, and mark up any kind of DWG and DXF files. In ActCAD you can edit text with various available options.  You can change your text into UPPERCASE, TOGGLECASE, LOWERCASE, JUSTIFY, etc. commands. This program has a very effective print and plot platform for its users with all popular opinions. It has various features such as .stb, .ctb, resolution, pc3 file saving, and many more. ActCAD has various plans to purchase available in the market.



IronCAD is an alternative to Autodesk software that integrates 2D and 3D design solutions for professional designers. It lets its users design 3D models with the best-featured tools. You can draw your ideas and thoughts on its plot using its CAD features.  It lets professionals visualize concepts in drag and drop 3D environment. It exports files in various formats such as PARASOLID, ACIS, etc. it facilitates other features like real-time modular design, collaboration, 2d detailing, etc. IronCAD allows its users to make modifications to models, and animation in real-time, and add comments on design. IronCAD is available in the market with its various plans at different costs.

Final Words:

If you’re searching for an alternative to Autodesk software, you can find a wide range of options available in the market. You can consider the application as well as the special features of those described in this article before purchasing the best-suitable program for you.

Each of the apps is designed keeping in mind the need of particular users. So, the functionality is very unique to the different software. Moreover, all the mentioned tools allow you to create quick and hassle-free designs and models so you can surely improve your as well as your organization’s productivity.

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