The Top 9 Deepfake Apps That Look Realistic 2023!

Lately, you must have seen videos and images that seem fake to you. Sometimes you may see people speaking ill about others, and sometimes, the face and the voice of the person on the video changes to someone else. Some people may think all these are real, but they are not. Deepfake apps are quite popular on social media lately.

Lots of such apps are available on the play store and iOs platform too. The recent advancement in the field of AI is the main reason behind these apps. A thorough knowledge of GAN or Generative Adversarial Network and AI will help you develop such apps. Here we have prepared a list of the top 9 realistic deepfake apps for Android and ios users 2023 for you!

1. Reface:

*Source- Google Play

This is probably the most used and one of the best deepfake apps on the internet lately. The AI is so pure and advanced here that you will also not be able to differentiate between your real image and the fake one. Now you can swap your face with different actors in popular movies and videos.

So, if you are a fan of Spiderman or Ethan Hunt, this app will allow you to get featured in these characters. Once your video is done, you can shock your friends and family by uploading it on your social media profile. This Google Play Store user’s choice award 2020 nominee can give you a chance to see your swapped gender image. If you are a lady, you can see how you would look like a man!

2. Zao:

*Source- Zao

This is the latest sensation in China. This Chinese deepfake app has left everyone behind in the race. The realistic nature of this app made it popular among the masses. This is available for both iOS and Android users, but the worst part is that this is available only in China.

Download it from anywhere, but to sign up, you will need a Chinese phone number. This app creates videos within a few seconds, and that too with amazing accuracy. The GAN used here is based on the Chinese faces, so if you are from another country, it may not look flawless on you.

3. Wombo:

*Source- Wombo

This is actually fun, and you will love how this app works. If you follow reels on Instagram or Tiktok videos, you must have seen many of these videos. Here, you will have 15 songs to work with, and this deepfake app ios is a lip-syncing app. You need to upload one picture of anyone, maybe any celebrity you like or any of your family members.

Now, after choosing the track from the list available there, the picture would turn into a video character, and it will start singing the song. Lots of such videos are available on the internet, and it is fun watching your favorite celebrity singing your favorite track!

4. DeepFaceLab:

*Source- Apple Store

If you are a computer specialization student or a researcher of GAN, then this app is tailor-made for you. To use this app, you need a powerful PC and some knowledge of Deepfake technology.

The app is not user-friendly as this is made for research purposes only. But if you are a computer student, you know how to deal with such apps. This app uses human image synthesis and machine learning to swap faces in the produced videos.

5. Jiggy:

*Source- Google Play

This is a fun deepfake video maker to work on and surprise your family with amazing results. Here, you will take a photo, and you can make thousands of GIFs, videos, and stickers from this app. It looks real, and it takes only a few minutes to process the whole thing.

Several templates are available on the app for free, and some on the premium version of the app. You can create fun videos and GIFs with pictures of your friends and family. Once the video or picture is ready, you can upload them on your social media profile and have fun. This is the best way of surprising your friends on their birthdays or anniversaries!

6. B612:

*Source- Google Play

Most of us have known this deepfake app Android for quite some time. We know this app as a photo editing tool. It takes a few minutes to edit one of your not-so-good pictures into a very beautiful one with thousands of filters and effects. But what we do not know is the video editing feature of this app.

Here, you can edit your videos with several filters and effects and convert them into something else! You can totally change the outlook of the video and can create a deepfake version of it easily within some time only.

7. Deep Art:

Deep Art
*Source- Google Play

This is not a video-creating app, so if you are looking for one, this is not for you. On the other hand, this app can turn your normal photo into a piece of artwork! You can also convert your photos into pictures and ancient structures.

The end product of this app is amazing and very artistic. This app uses AI to another level, and the result is to die for.

8. FaceMagic:

*Source- Google Play

This is another deepfake video app that allows you to turn your photo into a fun video. You just have to choose a picture from your gallery where your face is clearly visible, and the AI reads the data from the picture and converts it into funny videos, pictures, GIFs, and many more. You can swap your face with your friends or any celebrities here. You can also swap your gender on the app and see the picture.

9. AnyFace:

*Source- Google Play

Animate your photos with the AnyFace app. Here you can upload one of your pictures from your gallery and choose an effect you want on the picture. The AI will start working on it, and within a few seconds, you can see the animated version of the picture.

You can upload the result on your social media handle and surprise your friends and followers too! You can add filters to your photos or can edit the photo to make them better. You can make the pictures talk with this wonderful and user-friendly video maker.


Lately, people love pouring such videos and GIFs on their social media profiles. After a mundane and hectic day at work, this is a fun way out for many. Hence, we have prepared this list of the most popular deepfake apps out there.

Apart from these 9, there are hundreds more of such apps available on both iOS and the Google Play stores. Please read the detailed instructions before downloading any unknown app to your device. Have fun and create lots of such memories along with your friends and with these deepfake apps.


What software is used for deepfakes?

There are many software and deepfake apps available on the internet for making such videos and pictures.

Is deepfake illegal?

If you are doing this for fun, then there’s no problem. But if this video is used to humiliate someone and provokes hatred, then it is a crime.

How many pictures do you need for deepfake?

You just have to upload a single picture of yours and convert it as per your wish.

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