Top Picks: 9 Project Management Software for Mac Users

Project Management Software for Mac Users

Project scheduling or planning for the IT experts can become smooth with the help of the Project Management Software. The Project Managers can manage costs and allocate resources better by incorporating the appropriate software into their IT system. 

The Project Management Software for Mac differs from the software associated with other versions or devices. This unique software results in easy budgeting and managing other aspects related to the business. The specific software is compatible with most Apple devices like Mac Studio, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and others. 

The notable advantages that Mac users get from the Mac Project Management software include Team Collaboration, Integrations, Time Tracking, Task Management, and Report Generation. However, there are many other benefits too. 

Top 9 Project Management Software For MAC Users

Your struggle to pick the perfect software will end with the top 9 Project Management Software for Mac. Check out the innovative features of each one and decide which one is suitable for your business. 

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This software is recognisable due to its incredible collaboration features. You get unique templates to customise the backgrounds of different projects. The colorful software is a fantastic combination of advanced features and attractive visuals. 

Key Features

  • Customization: You can customise the background with the help of ready-to-use templates with vibrant colours. 
  • Appointment Scheduling: It can help schedule appointments and never lets you miss important meetings. 
  • Collaborative Review: This feature implies that the software allows collaborative reviews with the help of the various documents available. Teams can collaborate easily by communicating virtually. Real-time collaboration is indeed significant for accomplishing tasks faster. 
  • Resource and Project Management: Managing a project and the related resources becomes effortless as you utilise the brilliance of 
  • Time Tracking: This is related to the duration of a project. ensures that your project will be completed within the deadline, with every deliverable generated on time. It can also facilitate making accurate estimates and preparing correct invoices. 

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Free- up to 2 seats- 8 column types, 200+templates, 3 boards, 2 team members, unlimited documents
  • Basic: $8 seat/month–  All features included in the free plan, 5 GB storage, unlimited items, dashboard based on one board, unlimited free viewers
  • Standard: $10 seat/month- Guess access, timeline and Gantt views, Automation, Dashboard combinations of 5 boards, Different Integrations, Calendar View
  • Pro: $16 seat/month-  Private boards and docs, dependency column, Dashboards with the 10-board combo, integrations with 25000 actions, Formula column, time tracking, Chart View, Dependency Column
  • Enterprise- Enterprise-scale Integrations and Automation, Multi-level permission, Advanced Analytics, Enterprise Grade Security, Premium Support, Dashboard-combo with 10 boards

1. Encourage customisation
2. Team conversations
3. Collaboration capabilities
4. Smooth collection of information
5. Beautiful designs

1. Spamming with unlimited mail
2. Limited features of UI
3. Not adequate customer service

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

2. Celoxis

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This is a multi-purpose platform for efficient project management for Mac users. The comprehensive web-based solution can enhance the quality of performance through a bunch of exciting features. 

Moreover, you can also detect bugs, receive necessary notifications, send updates, and generate tickets fruitfully. Therefore, it acts as an overall online manager for every task connected with a project. 

Key Features

  •  Real-Time Project Tracker: Online tracking of the projects, its position, and status, monitoring the ability to collect information from various sources
  • Custom Fields: Customising the required fields depending on the circumstances and programs. 
  • Manage Log Time: Supporting troubleshooting, appropriate data disposal, collecting and storing the data centrally, and monitoring the security features
  • Manage Tickets: Managing the grievances and complaints by generating tickets, ensuring addressing every ticket and proper user guidance
  • Collaborative Approach: Ensuring easy access to the projects from remote locations, providing collaborative reviews by allowing the remote managers to participate in different meetings virtually. 
  • Reporting Bugs: Reporting any attack of any bug or virus and controlling the situation adequately
  • Extensive Integrations: Option for integrating more than 400 applications for effective custom integrations

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Cloud- $22.50: Yearly billing; free client support, per-user file space of 2GB
  • On-Premise– Varied prices as per client needs: Billed once; free virtual users and client support; all upgrades available; free support for one year; Quote on demand


1. Excellent solution with prompt support
2. Quality customer service
3. Convenient User-navigability
4. Easy tracking solution
5. Helpful online chat option
6. Document and File sharing
7. Effective dashboards with timer options

1. The Undo option does not exist while framing a project plan
2. Complex logic for some users

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

3. Miro

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Miro is a fabulous choice to accomplish a project on time in the digital age. Furthermore, it is specially designed to suit the requirements of the Mac users. You can have incredible outputs through collaborative formats, a whiteboard system, and excellent visualizations. 

More than 99% of the top IT companies trust this Mac Project Management Software for their everyday needs. Moreover, it also acts as a learning academy and holds different online events. Some top organisations supporting Miro include Cisco, Atkins, HP, and many others.

Key Features

  • Visual Workplace: Visual workplace for key project management
  • Templates: Over 1,000 templates for collaborative operations on whiteboards. There is a library of multiple templates for various jobs. 
  • Customised Mechanisms: Brilliant visual mechanisms, including Chart preparations, vibrant backgrounds, graphical representations, attractive texts, etc. 
  • Content Clusters: It is easy to determine the content clusters and maintain workflows in the web-based platform. 

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Free-Unlimited Team members: 3 editable boards, Smart Library with 2500+ templates, 5 talktracks, more than 100 apps support
  • Starter-$8 per member per month: aspects of free plan, Private mode sticky notes, unlimited visitors on public boards, recovery of lost content, Built-in timer, Access control over private boards
  • Business– $16 per member per month: Unlimited boards for every team and client, Managing workshops and virtual meetings, Advanced programming shapes, Unlimited guests, Single Sign-on options
  • Enterprise- Varied pricing: Business features, enhanced visibility, management of daily needs, Enterprise-grade security, centralised account management, Request management settings, Flexible licensing program

1. Video Chat and presentation
2. Collaboration in a hybrid environment
3. Effective cloud platform
4. Customised templates
5. Integrated plug-ins 6. Interactive sessions
7. User-friendly

1. Not sufficient format control
2. Not suitable for sharing sensible data
3. Limited at times

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

4. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects
Image- Zoho

This project management software for Mac users is an award-winning solution. It provides amazing facilities to traditional project managers. Furthermore, you can enjoy the power-packed features on multiple platforms. 

More than three million users favour this platform for innovative project management solutions, especially on the Mac Book. 

Key Features 

  • It has budgeting options, specialised inbuilt-chat options, and critical path features, 
  • Highly customisable with multiple theme colours for the UI
  • Quick accessibility to different modules
  • Comprehensive online support for the users

Pricing Options and Plans 

  • Free: Upto 3 users: storage space is 5GB, 2 projects
  • Premium: $4.5 per user per month: 20 templates, 100GB storage, Unlimited projects
  • Enterprise: $8 to $9 per user per month: 10 read-only users, 120GB storage, Unlimited projects, 30 templates
  • You can opt for a 10-day free trial. 

1. Easy Collaboration
2. Task tracking
3. Cloud Integration
4. Advanced setup options
5. Simple to use
6. Time tracking
7. Smooth Report Generation
8. Task Customization

1. Too complex for some users
2. Missing functionalities for UI
3. The mobile version is not effective
4. Service outages

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

5. Wrike

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Software for the team is the perfect solution for a large-scale organization. Wrike takes the top position in this aspect. 

It can handle a considerable amount of workload and releases the project managers’ pressure a lot.

Moreover, Wrike has a simple interface to connect easily with the users. With its fabulous calendars, smooth workflows, and advanced performances, it is just the right thing for Mac users. 

Key features

  • Advanced Insights acknowledges easy reporting and high-end performances
  • Effective file sharing and subtasks features
  • Appropriate allocation and management of the resources. 
  • Quick toggling between the dashboards, timesheets, and the home page
  • Dedicated Help Center ensures satisfied user support  

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Free– Intelligent task management; AI content generation, task limitations, project management, compatible with web and mobile
  • Team-Effective team management- $9.80 per user per month: Unlimited projects, request forms, custom fields, analytics view, custom workflows, calendar view, dashboard, 0 to 25 users
  • Business-$24.80 per user per month: AI risk prediction, automation, unlimited dashboards and reports, DAM integrations, Cloud interface, Custom items, Cross-tagging, 5 to 200 users
  • Enterprise-for large teams- price on contact: Two-factor authentication, SAML-based SSO, 10GB storage, Password control policies, Customisable features, User audit reports, 5 to unlimited users
  • Pinnacle-Price on contact: Team utilization, Advanced reporting, Budgeting and billing, Automation, Sharepoint, Locked spaces, 15GB storage, 5 to unlimited users

1. Prompt notification 
2. Project organization
3. Cross-departmental communication
4. Seamless communication
5. Customisable forms
6. Gantt View

1. Dashboards not very helpful for individual users
2. Front-end accessibility is tricky
3. Low mobile support
4. Low Automation in some cases

Rating: 4.3 out of 5  

6. Smartsheet

Image- Tech Republic

Smartsheet is a commendable Project Management Software for Mac users. It improves productivity by more than 70% and is also responsible for increasing the project set-up time. 

You will get a boon for efficient team collaboration and effective project management. 

Key Features

  • Schedules: Keep schedules and projects in track
  • Dynamic Management Tools: Dynamic Management tools for maintaining the portfolio
  • Gantt Charts: Visualize Gantt Charts options are impressive. 
  • Visibility: Unlock real-time visibility
  • Program Planning: Accelerate program planning
  • Automation: Automate recurring processes

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Free: 500 MB attachment storage, up to 2 editors
  • Pro– $7 per user/month: unlimited sheets and views, up to 10 editors
  • Business-$25 per user/month: Easy integration, publish reports, unlimited free editors
  • Enterprise-price on contact: Single sign-on, Unlimited attachment storage, chargeback reports, domain validation, etc.

1. Customised templates
2. Sorting rows and arranging sheets become easy
3. Facilitates Web-based project completion
4. Exporting to various formats
5. Excellent with apps like Zapier

1. No proper database
2. Connections between sheets are not up to the mark
3. Restriction organisation
4. Often slow with over 200 sheets

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

7. ProWorkFlow

Image- Adobe Exchange

This software works fabulously for checking out the overviews of a project at a glance. It allows you to spend less time accomplishing a project. Meet deadlines always with ProWorkFlow. 

Key Features 

  • Invoicing: Quote and invoicing become effortless
  • Customer Expectations: Meeting the customer expectations
  • Integration: Easy integration with the advanced tools
  • Partner: The user can enjoy using the software and work like a partner 
  • Easy: Extremely easy to handle
  • Track: Tracking of different tasks and Report Management
  • Planning: Effective project planning and providing customised solutions depending on the type of project. 

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Professional-$18/month per user: 25GB storage, comprehensive project and task management
  • Advanced-$27/month per user: 50GB storage, hierarchical control, unlimited projects
  • Enterprise- Price on demand: All features of professional and advanced and additional facilities on purchase. 

1. Multi-functional
2. Organized Project Management Software
3. Enhanced Production
4. Security and Backup
5. Free Client Access
6. Flexible Accounts

1. Mobile navigations are complex
2. More automation is desirable
3. User Interface is comparatively not much friendlier

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

8. ClickUp

Image- Pillar VC

ClickUp makes you ready to do the team work efficiently. This Mac project management software brings a one-stop solution for collaborating, tracking, and planning the entire project.

You can even benefit from utilizing the maximum resources as best as possible. 

Key Features 

  • Fast-Track: Fast-tracking of projects with the help of AI 
  • Workflow: Visualizing the workflow making it more convenient for the users. 
  • Team Ideas: Implementing team ideas faster
  • Stay on Track: Staying on track for fulfilling the project goals
  • Team Alignment: Good team alignment facilitates team cooperation and group goal accomplishment. 
  • Dashboard: Monitoring the activities on the Dashboard, thus ensuring a safe portal to deal with. 

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Free: Unlimited users, 100MB storage
  • Unlimited-$7/user per month: Unlimited storage and projects, 1000 automation
  • Business-$12/user per month: Unlimited storage and projects, 10,000 automation
  • Enterprise-price on contact: features same as business, 1,00,000 automation

1. Ability to invite guests
2. Inspiring project designs
3. Effective management tools
4. Great technical support
5. Quick commands
6. High-speed automation
7. Multiple views with flexibility

1. Schedule organisation is not effective
2. Requires better multi-level folding
3. Drag and drop features between columns do not function at times

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

9. Height

Image- June. so

The all-pervasive software and Mac-friendly solution for project management is Height. It lets you discover various tools and implement the same at different scenarios with ease. 

Key features 

  • Managing tasks: The software can manage all the tasks proficiently.
  • Visualisation: Selective task visualisation on spreadsheets
  • Kanban Board: Monitor the state of tasks on the Kanban Board
  • Gantt views: The software lets the users have a Gantt view of the projects and thus maintain the timeline accurately

Pricing Options and Plans

  • Free: Unlimited guests and members, 10 lists
  • Team-$6.99 per user/month: Features of free plan plus unlimited forms, custom domain
  • Enterprise-Customised pricing plan: Security logs, chat support, restricted authentication

1. Faster collaboration
2. Effective task and team management software
3. Brilliant UX and UI features
4. Flexibility
5. Attractive visualisation

1. Not approved for sensitive content
2. Designs can be more updated

Rating: 4.7 out of 5


So we have understood that Project Management Software for Mac are many. However, you need to know the utilities and their strengths before implementation. For instance, if you need more visual content, go for On the other hand, Height can be a sophisticated choice for average project scheduling and maintenance. Smartsheet is more reliable for spreadsheet presentations. 

You have to choose the best software on the basis of the business objectives and your specific needs. The top recommendations will be, Wrike, Spreadsheet, and Celoxis. 

Are you now satisfied with the top-class software for Mac? Manage every project like a pro now.