Top 10 Food Order Apps

Nowadays, food delivery apps have become the most popular choice worldwide, and these kinds of apps also earned USD 26.5 billion in revenue. There are a lot of best Food Order Apps that are most successful and user-friendly on the market. If you’re thinking about entering the industry, then it is essential to learn from their success.

 Designing an app that will make it easy for businesses to be successful people in the competitive field is also essential. However, it should manage orders and serve its customers with your company. The user-friendly apps will help to boost sales, cut costs, also reach a broader market.

 Here is the list of top 10 food delivery apps and these are popular across the world,

1. Foodpanda


Foodpanda is the perfect food delivery app, and it can be helpful in different ways. It is a risk-free online Food Order Apps, and now it is also available in 41 countries. 

It has headquartered in Berlin, and even the firm has partnered with nearly 40,000 local restaurants that provide on-time delivery.


  • Wide range of restaurants
  • Easy access 
  • Rebates and special offers
  • Seamless payments

2. Zomato


Zomato is one of the popular apps, and it is an online restaurant search & delivery platform. Even it was founded under the name ‘foodiebay’ in the year 2008. Most importantly, the India-based company did a lot of aspects in the domestic market that uber eats sold all its Indian business for $400 million. Nowadays, you can find zomato in 25 countries at the same time. It is a successful option that also reached a new height in 2021 because of some critical situations.


  • Easy sorting 

An easy-to-navigate knowledge that 

  • solves customers’ problems
  • Streamlined review features
  • Easy information sharing
  • Perfect social networking for foodies
  • Wide-ranging and search capabilities
  • Complete user profile

3. Swiggy


Swiggy is one of the top-rated mobile apps, and it is trendy across Bengaluru, India. Most importantly, it is now close to 1,500,000 downloads also, swiggy has been rated the no.1 food delivery app & now it is also available in every city across the country.


  • Seamless GPS 
  • Wallet feature 
  • Focus on the Indian market

4. Grubhub

Grubhub is the most popular food delivery app, and it has a widespread list of more than 30,000 restaurants. Now it is available in 800 u.s. Cities. These factors also make this popular app Grubhub also has offices in Chicago, London, new york, etc. 

Many people across the world now use the GrubHub app, and it was launched in 2004. Currently, this company also set up a wide range of partnerships simultaneously, and it also helped maintain their success.


  • Easy to save “top picks
  • Re-ordering
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Greater filtering 
  • Search capabilities
  • Plenty of coupons and discounts

5. Ubereats


Ubereats is one of the ideal Food Order Apps, and it has operations in more than 1000+ significant cities across the world. However, their market domination means a wide range of restaurants. It also brings plenty of options for their consumers; overall, it creates a positive feedback loop for growth.


  • schedule later feature 
  • The go-to app for food delivery
  • Power of brand recognition.
  • Group orders 
  • Simple re-orders with minimal effort

6. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is the intelligent choice for foodies, and it is a London-based food delivery startup, now available in over 200 cities. Almost everyone knows that it is one of the most popular food delivery apps across Europe. Overall this also enables customers to order food from different restaurants. However, users are charged based on order, at the same time as restaurants pay a commission.


  • Wider variety
  • Works with non-traditional restaurants
  • Access to coupons 
  • Discounts

7. Domino’s pizza

Domino’s pizza

Domino’s is one of the best apps for ordering food. We know that it is dominos, a well-known pizza delivery company. At the same time, this app is world-class. Unlike any other food delivering app, domino’s pizza has become popular among people.


  • Fully customize a meal
  • Easy order tracking 
  • Prepping the pizza
  • Clear visuals 
  • Ability to swap toppings, 
  • Modify orders

8. Doordash

Doordash is the world’s most established and widely used Food Order Apps. At the same time, it supports over 300 cities across 32 markets. Most importantly, it is the world’s third-largest pizza chain, and now it has added delivery to its operations.


  • On-time delivery
  • High customer satisfaction
  • A clear commitment 
  • Offer quality food

9. Just eat takeaway

Just eating takeaway is the perfect choice for ordering food. It is a European food delivery app, and it was established in 2001. Most importantly, it partners with more than 82,000 restaurants simultaneously, and it earns revenue from commissions.


  • Plenty of coupon codes
  • Streamlined interface
  • Simple app
  • Excellent search features

10. Postmates


The postmates is the perfect food delivery app. At the same time, it is available in more than 90 cities across the United States. However, postmates works similarly to many other food delivery apps and even handles groceries famous for different types of delivery.


  • Clean interface
  • Strong branding around the world
  • Flexibility
  • Users order easily
  • Simple features 

What About The Future Of Food Delivery Apps

In general, the future of Food Order Apps will be superior in the upcoming years. Even this also deals with a multi-billion industry. 

Now the food delivery app also comes with new technology, and there are plenty of new apps, niche services, and many other options also arriving day by day. Food delivery app is one of the most effective choices that help to meet consumer demand.

 There are plenty of choices available, but the online food delivery app is the popular choice. There are many new food delivery apps, and even it is worth paying attention to if you want to get the top place in the market.

Restaurant-owned apps are using their delivery fleets, and overall this can be useful for maintaining complete control over the customer experience.

 First of all, the food delivery applications are practical, and they can be tailored to their specific customer journey. It makes the process simple. Many restaurants could design simple yet generic app that also tracks each detail based on the order process. 

 Currently, domino has become the popular option, and it takes advantage of cross-selling opportunities even it works more efficiently when compared to the third-party apps ever could.

 Nowadays, many best food delivery apps available that are also listed above offer monthly subscriptions, and even this also provides discounts, also got increasing customer loyalty.

 Many companies freshly offer pre-made and healthy meals even these apps are easy to use. Overall these kinds of apps are less expensive to design and develop. 

The delivering food applications also have a lot of fascinating phenomena that also come with easy-to-follow instructions. So it is easy to use.

Hence, delivering food applications also helps people learn their way around the kitchen, especially since these apps are perfect at any instance.


Are you looking to launch any food delivery app, you should focus on some key points. Probably know you’re not going to take the right moments and niche. There is plenty of online food delivering apps available across the world. So it is essential to design a simple yet powerful app. The best food delivery apps are serving one niche well before expanding. Ultimately, food ordering apps are widely utilized by many people.

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