7 Awesome App Design Ideas You Should Follow

People like to use the different types of apps in the market, and it can be hard to know which visual direction to go in when designing a new app. This content will be helpful for you to select any of the excellent app design ideas and help you develop a clear vision of the design style that is right for you. And you will also collect some inspirational app designs in several categories. So, use the app design ideas you can give to your applications on mobile. There are also finance apps with an inherent set of graphics that are supposed to help the user measure and track development and progress. These finance apps often focus on XY-graphs and calendars and think that time is money. 

There are also more app designing tools that the designers use, including the sketch, builds a fire, adobe experience design, axure RP, marvel, porto.io, origami studio. Other tools include omini graffle, balsamiq, justinmind, hotgloo, UI stensil kit, flinto, framerJS, incision, zeplin. These are the valuable tools needed for the designers to make designs for the app for the customers. 


This hopper app design is hard to ignore adorable little bunny that is a hopper’s mascot. It is not to mention that you can personalize your bunny for your account. Speaking of onboarding, it’s a short name, email, phone number, and then for the verification, all you have to do is click on the link in the text message. This hopper makes designs in the applications of traveling. It’s straightforward to search for round trip and one-way flights, and every day on the calendar shows the minimum price available. After selecting your date, you can watch the flight and receive notifications. The hopper supplies you with price predictions and hyper-personalized travel tips and deals. Some people used to prefer this app in their day-to-day life. 

Kitchen stories:

It is the best app design for food and drink. It is chock-full of going gorgeous culinary images and gifts straight from the welcome screen. You can quickly log in with your email or Facebook account if you are set to start exploring today’s stories, inspirations, recipes, community picks, and so on. There will be a tab called how-to, and you can find goodies from how to cut tomatoes and sterilize jars. All the recipes come with complete preparation and baking time. The formula also includes ingredients, utensils, and pictures/instructions for every step of the journey. You can know all the things about cooking and the kitchen in this app. 


Most people use this app known as the human, highlighting the social element. It also provides daily fitness city stats and real-time activities around the world. It also acts as motivating aspects for increasing your city’s rankings and encouraging healthy mental and physical competition. It is considered one of the best app design ideas, and the slick onboarding makes sign-up a breeze because this app is all about the least effort. It is free for 24×7 hours and also tracks all of your activity. So, use this app to get better body fitness and follow the tips


By using this app, you can quickly know about up to date on the most extraordinary events happening in your area or any place. The app’s design makes less effort for any category you are interested in that particular design. It also lets you see where your friends are heading and secure your business for the event. Many people use this app for entertainment. And the clean interface is also beneficial for both attendees and hosts of events, such as having the ticket right on your mobile makes check-in go much faster. 


This design app has designed for photography. Nowadays everybody has a smartphone and always takes photographs suddenly when they need. And all the must appreciate and give considerable applause for the technical experts who design smartphones to become an innovative technology. This application is known for its modern app design and also got some pretty sweet features that are compatible with older iPhone versions. Halides super smooth design lets you effortlessly take stunning photos with gesture-based UI photo viewing in augmented reality. It also enables you with sharp focus peaking with no more guessing about sharpness, among other incredible aspects. 


This application design typically on the lifestyle and also supports art and the artists. It also helps them reach a global audience, top galleries, museum collections, auctions, and so on. These are the things featured in this app, and more works are available for purchase. Of course, being an art-focused app, you can know the design will be top-notch. The sleek lines and angles complementary color palettes make this app a first-rate design. So, try to use these arts designed by someone to make your app look good. 


This app is geared towards teenagers, teaching them about financial responsibility and making sound financial decisions. It is called the parent-controlled debit card, so decisions remain in the hands of an adult. It also redefines finance’s stiff and stuffy stereotype with bright colors, cool fronts, and unique backgrounds due to the younger combination of a younger demographic and a daunting subject matter. 

SPORTS APP IDEA- ESPN fantasy sports:

This app is based only on sportspeople and sports fans. The sports fan can attest that an organized stats feed is crucial to tracking the season, so this app is critical. It takes every detail, strategy, team, sport, and player, and contains the information. So, it is easy to access and keep track of your season. The layout is intuitive and straightforward designs make navigation simple and easy to digest all the updates and news. 


These are the seven awesome app design ideas you should follow by the application’s users. Some other app design ideas are available in the market, including social media brands, luxury app design, and designing for gaming apps. So, these are the critical app design trends and practical ideas for people. So, you must also know about other apps that provide you with a better idea of your application design. 

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