Freshdesk Alternatives for Efficient Customer Support:

Freshdesk Alternatives

If you are in the market to get help desk software, you might hear about the Freshdesk. Freshdesk alternatives are help desk solutions that enable businesses to enhance their effective customer support. in today’s online marketplace, customers’ desires and demands are higher than ever. 

so, every business needs to provide goods and services beyond their expectations. every business needs to offer exceptional customer support and here comes Freshdesk. Freshdesk offers an extensive range of menu of features, providing a business with everything that it requires to offer quality customer support. 

however, if you are looking for Freshdesk alternatives for efficient customer support then you are on the right path. here, we are going to put together a few effective Freshdesk alternative solutions for your business that improve processes and enhance customer support.
here we go!

Criteria for selection:

here, we have gone through thorough research on various Freshdesk alternative software available in the market. then ranked them in our article. while ranking them we have considered so many factors such as the features, cost, integration capability, ease of use, and customer reviews and ratings.

So, while you will walk through this path, you should consider a few factors before choosing the right one.

here, we are wrapping them in briefly:

1. Key features of the Freshdesk alternative tools:

When choosing a Freshdesk alternative software for your business, features should be the primary consideration. you must always take more time to consider what features come with the tool and how these will be effective for your business.

You must look for the features in a Freshdesk alternative software such as Remote access, SMS alerts for agents, a self-service portal for customers, and so on. 

2. Cost consideration:

You need to put some time to check the costs of different software available in the market. you should check if there is any effective software available with higher effectiveness. you must go with the one that satisfies all your business criteria with an affordable price rate.

3. Integration capability with other business tools:

Helpdesk software integrates with related business apps to draw from and often it also contributes to related business apps. While choosing a Freshdesk alternative, you must consider whether the product has the integration capability with other business apps. 

4. User interface and ease of use:

Your Freshdesk alternative software must be easy to use. your customer support team can easily navigate the software with ease. Anyone who will be accessing this software on a regular basis must be able to handle this tool very easily.

5. Customer reviews and ratings:

before selecting an effective Freshdesk alternative solution for your business you should consider online customer reviews and ratings that are available on the internet. Sometimes, through these reviews and ratings, you can follow the right path.

Top 9 Freshdesk alternatives:

#1. HelpScout:

HelpScout is an effective Freshdesk alternative tool that supports businesses that are customer-centric. this solution provides world-class customer support by providing advanced support solutions. this tool is suitable for all sizes of business organizations and supports corporations with more than 500 customers.

Key Features:

  • you can handle calls, chat, and conversations in one shared inbox.
  • Creates effective automated processes and quickly creates knowledge-based articles and also personalizes these articles according to categories and linked them.
  • Use private notes, detection, saved replies, and tags to collaborate with your team. 
  • launched a branded help center website that works on every device for your business. Includes a built-in SSL and is optimized for search.
  • provides self-service live chat alternatives with a chatbot, rapid responses, and simple escalation.
  • Easily creates knowledge-based articles and personalizes them according to the need and links them.

Pricing: Plans cost per agent each month between $20 and $50 and are billed yearly. A customized business plan is also available.

Integration: This solution can work both on mobile and desktop and integrate every work app and tool.
Rating: 4.4

#2. Zoho Desk:

ZohoDesk is one of the leading FreshDesk competitors. this solution is designed to provide simplified customer services while enhancing agent productivity. Zoho Desk is a ticketing system designed primarily to enhance customer support efficiency. 

“Zia” is the AI of ZohoDesk, it is a unique and noteworthy feature of this solution. It is designed to provide excellent support to the customer support team.

Key features:

  • Self-service for customers
  • support ticket system
  • Work modes
  • AI operations
  • Workflow and automation
  • Happiness rating
  • Built-in analytics

Pricing: Free, Standard package: $12; professional package: $20; enterprise package: $36
Integration: This solution works both on mobile and desktop and integrates with everyday operation tools and apps.
Rating: 4.5

#3. Zen Desk:

ZenDesk is a powerful cloud-based platform and a popular Freshdesk alternative that enhances seamless communication between customers and the business. No doubt it is an important tool but it comes with a higher price than the others. 

one of the selling points of this solution is the ability to support the customer support team and make their tasks easier, quicker, and fulfilled.

Key features:

  • Integrate with your website, email, Twitter, Facebook, and other services
  • enhances agent efficiency and effectiveness
  • Conversational CRM
  • Employee experience
  • growing small and medium businesses
  • creates your own ZenDesk app or channel integration for improving your customer support usage

Pricing: The suit team plan costs $49 per month
             The suit Growth Plan costs $79 per month
             The Suit Professional package costs $99 per month

Integration: This solution can work both on mobile and desktop and integrate with the regularly used software and tools of the business
Rating: 4.3

#4. Intercom:

Intercom is one of the most effective Freshdesk solutions available in the market. you it is not as similar as Freshdesk but it comes with some advanced feature options for some teams. Intercom mainly focused on client relationship management.

Intercom is a versatile Freshdesk competitor that focuses on proactive sales and marketing. Clients can access the messenger for contact with customer service.

key features:

  • Resolution bot
  • Custom bot
  • AI-powered box
  • automated workflow 
  • article suggestions
  • Conversation topics

Pricing: Basic package options are available at $39 and $99 per month. Bigger business plans are available at $499 per month
integration: The solution integrates with other apps and tools used for regular purposes. 
Rating: 4.5

#5. Live Agent:

Live Agent is a renowned online solution for Helpdesk and is most suitable for E-commerce and small or medium-sized businesses. it offers a Live chat application, so you will have a ready live chat available on the website on the first day. 

also, Live chat comes with an excellent loading performance, so every business can get benefit from its simple running application. it is a ready-to-run tool that comes with various templates almost for everything.

customer emails, ticketing systems, and live chat applications have templates, so you don’t require to be stressed about the setup process. it is great for beginners.

Key features:

  •  You can access the Live Agent API
  • tickets management
  • live chat
  • Call center
  • Social network and messaging app
  • Email accounts
  • Contact forms

Pricing: Starts at $9 per month, and you can get their ticket platform at $29 per month per agent
Integration: Live Chat integrate with various tools such as Zapier, Zendesk, and MailChimp.
Rating: 4.5

#6. Kayako:

Kayako is a very popular Freshdesk alternative tool and it is considered one of the most significant players in this arena, according to our research, Kayako has various Fortune 500 companies as its client such as Toshiba, Sega, and more.

Kayako also prides itself as one of the most secure products. it also comes with a flexible price range. you can host Kayako on your own web server environment. 

Key features:

  • API
  • active directory Integration
  • Application management
  • activity tracking
  • access controls/permissions
  • Appointment management

Pricing: it costs up to $125/month/agent, it is more expensive than others
Integration: Kayako works efficiently both on mobile and desktop and integrates with every work tool and application.
Rating: 3.7

#7. HubSpot Service Hub:

As one of the major helpdesk service providers, HubSpot Service Hub is a very popular Freshdesk alternative across the world. It is a CRM platform that connects all customer service channels. it consolidates all the customer service data so that businesses can support, grow, and develop their customer base very easily. 
it helps to manage contacts, deals, appointment schedules, requests, and more. 

Key features:

  • reporting lead generation
  • Conversation analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Workflow automation
  • performance and reliability
  • Customer monitoring

Pricing: Free plan available, Prices start from $18 per month per agent
Integration: Hub Spot Service Hub integrates with every work tool and application.
Rating: 4.4

#8. Front:

The front is another efficient Helpdesk tool that provides omnichannel customer communication solutions for every business. it plays as a communication channel for businesses and gathers information from various apps, emails, and platforms on a single screen.

it is more of a horizontal tool that you can use for your business for a multitude of purposes, one of which is e-commerce customer support. if you access Front then you can serve your customers across various platforms such as emails, SMS, calls, Live Chat Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Key features:

  • connect unlimited emails, SMS, and various social platforms
  • Use a basic rule template
  • You can build your own integrations
  • Assign, comment, and @member team members.
  • Tagging system
  • Email tracking
  • Desktop and Mobile application

Price:  You can get connected with the starter plan at $19 per month per agent
Integration: The front can work both in mobile and desktop and it integrates with every work application and tool. 

#9. Customer:

Kustomer is another well-known Freshdesk alternative that provides a unique customer service CRM platform product. it is designed keeping in mind scalability and volume. It is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses to handle their customer service. it comes with a wide range of features that are capable to manage high volumes of support.

it enables you and your team to monitor conversations with the customers through Live chat, SMS, emails, and social media from one single screen. you can mention other agents to invite in a conversation allowing your team to work collaboratively.

Key features:

  • Ticket creation user experience
  • automated response
  • Workflow automation
  • Ticket Collaboration
  • customer/contact database
  • personalization

Price: standard plans start from $39 per month per agent. 
integration: It is compatible with mobile phones and desktops. and integrate every work app and solution 
Rating: 4.4


Freshdesk is an efficient customer support software but it is not suitable for all businesses. Customers look for top alternatives to Freshdesk for various reasons. While choosing the right Freshdesk alternatives for your business you must consider your industry niche, budget, the business’s goal and objective, and the desired features of the tool.

here, in this article, we have provided a few of the top Freshdesk alternatives in 2023; each tool comes with unique features that cater to specific business needs. So, you need to put some time to analyze these tools, their features, pricing, and some other benefits. 

Hope, this guide will help you to make an informed decision and choose the right Freshdesk alternative tool that serves your needs.