Understanding Call Masking: What it is and How it Works

Call Masking

Nowadays, data privacy is a certain concern for customers because they don’t want to share their personal information with brands or businesses. the reason behind this fact is that they don’t want to get fall into cyber attacks or data breaches. To protect customer data, call masking is used to secure customer data.
when two people need to be connected but they do not want to share their phone number then a mask will hide the phone numbers of both. temporary or proxy phone numbers are the main components of call masking. this means when a person makes a call to another, the actual phone number of whom making the call will be concealed.
so, if you want to gather information about call masking then you are on the right track. Here, we are going to discuss what call masking is, how to call masking works, and the modern applications of call masking.
so, let’s dive into the deep!

What is called masking?

Definition of Call Masking:

call masking, or phone masking, sometimes referred to as number masking, is one of the best solutions for maintaining the personal data of customers without getting their personal data misplaced. call masking conceals the visibility of the caller’s phone number during voice calls or texts. nowadays, it is very important to secure the personal data of the callers. 
call masking enables call-making between business executives and customers without exposing their phone numbers. the call masking will conceal the phone numbers of both parties which will make a relaxing and secure environment for both parties. call masking allows both parties to make secure, 
businesses can record the calls that were made to their customers and can make both phone numbers concealed during the calls. this feature is helpful for both the business and the customers. it also secures the conversation professional with both the employees and the customers. 

Benefits of call masking:

1. Quality control:

call masking enables you to keep tracking all your records and analyze all the conversations. but, you will not access these features while using your personal phone numbers. call masking helps you to analyze the quality of conversation with people. you also determine if the business professional has made any mistake during the business call. 

2. privacy:

privacy is an ongoing issue nowadays in the world. this is where call masking comes in to help out. it enables private and secure conversation between both the customer and the business professionals. it secures the connection and also strengthens the trust.

3. Loyalty:

call masking is used to enhance and improve customer loyalty. the customers will experience a very convenient and secure conversation with your business professionals during the conversations.

4. Communication:

Call masking also enables you to connect with the customers, or the employees instantly. this helps the customers as they can get connected with the business instantly and resolve their issues. call masking helps to establish effective communication between the business and the customers.

5. Security:

call masking helps you to keep all the personal data of both the business personnel and customer safe and protected. also, it secures all business transactions. when you make a call, the information will only be exchanged through your business so any personal transaction will be prohibited. Thus, it makes all business transactions protected

How to call masking works:

call masking is a technique for hiding the customers’ phone numbers and maintaining a secure and private conversation when making a call with a business professional. if any customer makes a call using your business app and you don’t want them to know each others’ contact numbers then call masking will be the savior.
when you will hit ‘call customer’ then this call will be routed through call masking. so, when the customer will receive your phone call, he/she can see a different contact number. that is a masked number. so if you as a business owner, care for your customers’ safety then you must get a call masking solution now. 
the call masking software works on cloud telephony. it is the most effective technique to safeguard your clients; phone numbers and identities from being misused by hackers. 
to minimize the chances of getting used phone numbers into cybercrime, this technique helps you to make a call through a proxy phone number. during this process, each customer will be allotted one executive as their point of contact until the transaction is completed. the executives of the business and the customers will be able to make phone calls using their business app. 
sever will send the details of the callers to your business server and then it will provide the executive’s actual phone number. the call is to get directed to the executive’s phone without revealing any personal information. 

in the call masking scenario that follows the steps to connect Client A with recipient B in the following ways:

suppose, Customer A with phone number: +1234567
and company executive with phone number: +3456789

when Customer A makes a call to Center X then Center X receives the call of Customer A. and connects Customer A with recipient B. Thus, Customer A and Recipient B can communicate with each other. But, Customer A and Recipient B do not share each other’s caller information. 

Modern application of call masking:

in this current era, call masking is used in various industries. here, we are listing down some of the applied cases:

1. E-commerce:

call masking is used in Ecommerce in online shopping portals and delivery cases to track leads. in that case, if the delivery agent needs to ask for the buyer’s address by making a phone call, then the original number of the delivery agent will be masked. also, on the same number the customer can call back the delivery agent.

2. health care:

When in this present era, online consultation with a doctor is taking place, and some doctors have started using call masking software. because of the hectic schedule, the doctors are showing their interest to use this feature. through the call masking technique, the patients can contact the doctors directly and also take their voice call consultation. once the conversation has taken place, after a while the phone number of the doctor becomes invalid. 
thus, doctors can maintain their privacy by keeping their phone numbers secure.

3. Ridesharing:

When we book a ride-sharing app. in that time we need to call the driver of the cab to tell him the exact location. the passenger can desperately call the driver as the phone number of the driver is being masked. this way, you can easily share your information and connect with the cab driver.


for any business that handles confidential data, be that e-commerce, dating site, or taxi-sharing service; must focus on maintaining the privacy of your phone number and the anonymity of the parties involved. call masking can be a great way to resolve the issues for business privacy concerns. 
it helps businesses to maintain a professional relationship with the client by using a call masking platform. thus, businesses can keep the client’s phone number safe and confidential.
if you want to build a stronger customer relationship then you must go forward to implement this platform into your business. while using the call masking feature, your customers can hit you anytime instantly. moreover, if there is any network issue in any region, the call will not get affected.