Features to Include While Creating A Finance App

Can we be honest? Most people spend their money easily without any plan. No wonder the development of personal finance apps is on the rise today. The use of technology to ensure people have better control over their money now sounds good to the ears. Therefore, you can make your vision of creating a personal finance app a reality.

Perhaps you want to get into the financial technology industry, and building a finance app is a good place to start. This article will take a detailed look at the features to include while creating a finance app. You can discover further how to build a personal finance app according to EPAM Anywhere Business.

Features to include while creating a finance app

In the current era, personal finance app development is a solution to the challenges of inefficient budgeting and impulsive spending. Personal finance apps with the right features just come to the rescue — they save the day. Below, we will discuss some features to include while creating your finance app.

Account authorization and integration

User authorization is quite important as it establishes a user’s permissions within the app. It simply determines what users can do, such as requesting or editing data. When building a budget app, the account authorization process should be made fast and easy but secure as you are working with loads of private information of users.

Furthermore, ensure that your financial management app compiles users’ financial accounts, such as credit and debit cards, loans, and mutual funds, among others. A finance app should be a one-stop solution for everything related to money management.


Making a safe finance app is a different matter from creating one. Without providing the highest level of protection, how can customers ever trust banking applications with their personal information? Adopting technology that can make money on budget applications less susceptible to fraud and more safe is crucial. Mobile app developers should consider using technologies like multi-factor authentication, real-time notifications, and biometric security measures.

Calculator and currency converter

You are thinking calculator and currency converter. Yes, calculator and currency converter. Just imagine switching between apps because you want to make quick calculations or currency conversions. The in-app calculator is an excellent feature, and the currency converter is a great feature for people who travel a lot. These two features should be considered when building a finance app.

Real-time spending and tracking

The primary reason for personal finance app development is to track expenditure. This feature comes in handy since users are made to save time and money simultaneously. It becomes a great deal for users when they do not have to switch apps to track where they are spending or investing their money.

In addition, users should be allowed to set financial goals, like saving a particular amount of money weekly or monthly. Users should also be allowed to take part in challenges to start good financial habits and categorize expenses for better understanding and budget management.


Can we have some fun while using a budget app? Why not. Building a budget app with a gamification feature is a modern trend, which allows you to keep your users engaged. The selling point of this feature is that it helps to motivate users to interact with the app more frequently. Besides, a gamified budget app is an effective and fun application that helps users achieve their saving goals better.

AI-driven financial coaching

It is advisable to create a finance app with AI in mind to incorporate smart savings. AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of data quickly and turn them into meaningful insights for users. These algorithms can also calculate how much a user can save safely, and the app puts away this sum automatically.


This article has discussed the features to include while creating a finance app. Considering all the features mentioned above, we can deduce that these features are essential for creating a financial app. Truly, having the ability to control your money with a mobile finance app with the right features is a great and profitable idea.

Do you want a favor without having to pay a penny? Then, read this article to help wrap your head around the various fintech solutions and learn the fundamental principles behind building mobile apps for fintech on major mobile platforms.

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