24 Best Finance Apps For Android and IOS

There are different types of people who like to handle those sentences in different ways. Many people prefer keeping their money and other funds safe in a locker in the house, and many people prefer keeping it in a bank. On the other hand, with the growing world, many people in today’s date prefer investing your money to make more money out of it. There are different ways of managing money, and with the growing digital world, money management has been made a lot simpler. There are different types of finance applications both on IOS and Android. But finding the Best Finance Apps has been made a lot simpler as there are 24 Best Finance Apps that one can find both on IOS and Android.

1. Growww


People have different methods of how they can handle their finances. People looking forward to investing their money to make a lot more money should check out the Growww app. This is one of the most popular Android and IOS, which has a significant investment method. The application’s usability is very simple, and many people do not face any problem in using this app and investing their money. People can safely purchase stock and also invest in mutual funds with this application. The best thing about this application is that it is entirely safe to invest your money, and all the data is kept secure with the application.

2. Navi instant Personal and home loan

Many people at a certain period do require a loan to fulfill specific work. There can be a personal reason, or it can also be to purchase something as big as a house. Getting a loan is a lengthy process but with this application name as Navi getting loans has been significantly less time-consuming. This application is a very functional application that helps people get instant personal and home loans up to five lacs. The documentation process of this finance application is very simple, and getting a loan clearance takes no time. People looking forward to getting a loan in a short period must use a functional application like Navi.

3. Yahoo finance 

Yahoo Finance is one of the best finance apps which one can easily find on android and IOS. It helps a person manage their money in a very efficient way with its simple interface. Stock trading has been in the current market trend today, and Yahoo finance helps people purchase stocks and sell them with a simple process. When a person has a Demat account, they are all set to do readings in the stock market, and with Yahoo finance, the process becomes a lot more smooth, and a person gains a lot of ideas for the purchase of a stock. 

4. Bajaj Finserv 

Bajaj Finserv 

A Very popular finance company which has been in business for over a decade now is Bajaj finance. Their application, known as Bajaj Finserv, is a very functional application that helps them manage their finances better. The best part about this application is that it provides you with a Bajaj finance number and when a person makes any purchase and wants to make the payment through EMI. They can use their Bajaj finance account, easily accessed from their application, to make EMI payments for any purchase.

5. Spendee 

Most Of the people all around The World face great problems in managing their money. Money comes into their pocket but goes out of their pocket a rocket speed. It becomes untraceable for many people of their expenses, and at the end of the day, they realize that most of the expense isn’t even necessary. Spendee helps a person track the expenditure and manage their budget, which makes a person save a good amount of money by the end of the month. This application is free of cost and provides great money management methods to people to help them create a budget with the necessary things on the list to save money.  

6. Hikredit

One of the most functional personal loan applications that most people can easily access is Hikredit. This is one of the most used applications by people who are interested in getting personal loans. Getting personal loans is a difficult task, and going the conventional way, a person needs to wait for a longer period for the clearance of the loan. Hikredit helps a person get instant clearance for personal loans up to rupees 20000, which makes the entire process not more hassle-free. The documentation process is very simple, and they require very few documents, and every data stored with the application is completely safe and secure.

7. Zeffo 

Mutual funds have always been a great place to invest finances. A mutual fund is associated with market trends and interest, but most people find it safe to invest in mutual funds. With effort, investing in mutual funds has been made a lot simpler and a person can easily in their finances in mutual funds without any problem. The application has a very simple interface that makes understanding mutual funds simpler for any person willing to invest their money.

8. Change finance 

Finance handling is a very difficult task, and many people look forward to having a single application that can help them handle finances in different ways. In such a situation, change finance is one of the most reliable applications for most people as it helps the users to make payments, create a budget, trade their money and a lot more on a single platform. The application is completely safe and secure, and all the investment made for the application would be restricted only to the application and the user itself. 

9. Goodbudget 


Money management is pretty difficult, but what is more difficult is creating a well-managed budget. Most people are truly stressed about their expenditures, but it becomes a lot more simple for people to channelize their expenditures and identify unnecessary expenses with a good budget. The application helps people in saving a lot of money through its well functional budget management system.

10. Wallet 

Everyone wants to have a personal financial advisor who can help people manage their finances and provide a well-structured budget to every person at the starting of the month. Now it is possible with the application named as a wallet. This is a personalized finance Management application that helps people handle the budget in the best possible way by cutting down unnecessary expenses and channeling down the income and expense of a person in creating a budget for the month. Many people have actually like this application because of its usability and simple interface. 

11. Mahindra finance 

Another finance company that has been functional for over a decade right now is Mahindra finance. But channel in your payments with Mahindra finance was pretty difficult until the launch of the digital application known as Mahindra finance. This application made handling finances a lot easier as people wanted to make EMI payments in a very convenient way and helps people channel all those specific payments made through Mahindra finance.

12. Indianmoney’s financial independence app

People who are very interested in finance and understand the different components of fun can use this application. This application provides detailed classes to people who want to learn finance in the best possible way, whether they want to develop their professional skills or improve their knowledge. It has a very simple interface which makes the usability of this application a lot more functional.

13. YNAB 

YNAB is a very well-functional application that helps people in managing finance in the best possible way. Handling money can be very stressful, especially when a person doesn’t manage their finances efficiently. In this application, a person can personalize and make expenses according to it to save money. The primary purpose of this application is to make personnel management of money a lot simpler and more efficient. It is indeed one of the best budget apps. 

14. Fisdom

Many people are very confused about how they can efficiently channelize their money. Which oval functional app like wisdom. It is indeed one of the most popular Finance App applications that helps a person invest their money into different types of mutual funds and other schemes pretty conveniently. Buying digital gold Arvind purchasing insurance has been made a lot more simple with fishdom. The application has a very simple interface which makes its usage a lot more functional. 

15. Kuvera Personal finance app 

Kuvera Personal finance app 

The best way to actively manage finances in today’s date is to invest the money which canal of people has an opportunity to make more money. This application is truly very functional as it helps people make easy investments into secure sections, which can help them gendered better profits. Getting a loan or even purchasing insurance has been made simpler with the Kuvera application, as it is the best personal finance app one can easily find.

16. Personal leans with fair money 

What are the most difficult loans to get a clearance from a bank are personal loans? Which player many are getting a personal loan has been made a lot more simply because it is a very functional application. The documentation process of the application is pretty simple, and it requires minimal documentation is well. It becomes very easy for a person to get instant clearance for their loans.

17. Money lover

Who is not a money lover, and when a person can save a lot of money without doing extra hard work, it becomes a very sweet experience. Money lover is the best budget app free which people can use to create personalized budgets. This application is very well functional and has great features, making handling money throughout the month more beneficial. It identifies necessary and unnecessary expenses and cuts down to create a well-functional budget in the best possible way that suits the person’s expenditure style.

18. Tohsl finance 

One of the best expense tracker app for iPhone has to be Tohsl finance. This is a very functional application that allows people to create a proper budget for themselves which they can use throughout the month to save a good amount of money. It identifies the expenditure pattern of the person and cuts down unnecessary expenses to help a person save a good amount of money throughout the month.

19. Bluecoin finance 

Bluecoin finance 

One of the best mini-budget apps one can easily find on android and IOS is blue coin finance. This application is truly very functional and has great features, which has made it a very reliable application for most people. It understands the spending pattern of people and creates a custom, but it is made according to the requirement after cutting down all the unnecessary expenditure. This application is helped many people save tons of money over some time.

20. NiyoX

NiyoX is a digital savings bank account for people. This application indeed has all the different features which a bank offers in a person open a savings account in their respective Bank. From calculating interest on the current amount in a bank to making investments, this application can do it all for a person making it an ideal finance app.

21. Monefy

Money is a very functional spending tracker app that tracks down all the expenditures made by a person. The primary purpose of this application is to create a custom budget for the person, which would help them cut down necessary expenses and saving. This application is very simple to use and very beneficial because it has different features that identify the pattern of expenditure and the pattern of income.

22. Micredit 

Managing loans is one of the most challenging things which people face in today’s date. Getting a personal loan is a very difficult task as it requires a lengthy process and a lot of documentation. With credit, getting personal loans have been made a lot more simple, and a person can easily get a personal loan up to rupees 50000 instantly. The loan clearance process is very simple, and it requires minimal documentation for the convenience of people.

23. Investing.com

One of the most simple applications for people who love investing their money into different sources such as mutual funds and the stock market can use investing.com. This is a well-functional application that provides employment portals to people to help them invest their money to gain profits. It has great usability, and the user experience with this application is truly commendable.

24. Homecreditmoney

24. Homecreditmoney

Home loans are very difficult to get, especially in a short period. Home loans indeed require a very large amount, and getting instant clearance is nearly impossible. But with Homecreditmoney, it has been a lot simpler for people as they can get instant clearance for their home loans with minimal documentation. 

These are the top 24 personal finance app that people can find on android and IOS. The application has been designed specifically to help people manage their finances in the best possible way.

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