How Much Does It Cost to Make An Educational App for School Needs: 3 Factors to Consider

Education apps are the new black. They are valuable solutions that can make a business profitable. But each good thing has a price tag, and we will discuss the cost of developing education apps in this article. But how much does it cost to make an educational app? Let’s find out.

What is an educational app?

We must define educational applications properly before examining their prices. A learning app is one that enables users to learn almost anything on their phone or tablet. Education applications include anything from educating young children the basics of math to providing professionals with professional training in areas like business and management.

Educational applications take use of the wealth of knowledge available on smartphones and tablets. These applications provide a wide range of alternatives for users to learn new abilities or hone their current ones, from guided meditation to flashcards.

Types of educational apps

Okay, if you want to know the cost to create an educational app, then you should consider what type you expect. There are many types to regard, so you have a vast choice. Let’s start.

Educational apps for teachers

With the help of educational applications, teachers can now easily design interesting, engaging lessons that make learning enjoyable. On their mobile devices, teachers may now monitor student progress, assign and save homework, talk about lesson plans, go over class tests, and share their own presentations with students. Because there isn’t as much demand for tutoring apps, development costs are cheaper and there is less competition.

Educational apps for students

The cost of developing an educational app is higher for apps related to students. But they are well worth it. Education is a serious issue, and we’re lucky to have such powerful tools to help children around the globe learn. Apps allow students to learn effectively and with more ease, plus they connect them with like-minded peers across the world. The best part: education apps keep students entertained while they develop their cognitive skills.

Pricing model

If you want to make money out of your app, you’ll certainly have to charge your paying customers. The amazing news is that there are plenty of ways to do that. You can offer a subscription-based model, a value-based model, as well as a fixed price model, which isn’t that flexible but offers a good value for money in certain cases.

No matter which way you prefer, ensure you have coordinated that with your marketing team and you have a proper target audience.

Cost of developing education app: factors to consider

You can’t define a price just like that. There are many things to reckon with before you launch an app. Let’s see some of them.

App complexity

Cheaper app development means you get more for your money. When you’re launching an app, you need to have a few things in mind. Firstly, do you want to create an app with basic features or a more advanced one? Secondly, how much can you afford to spend on it? If you’re looking to create a high-quality app, spending a bit more money is essential.

Location of the team

While the United States is home to most of the world’s leading IT companies, the chances are good that your development team will not be located there. Some businesses have found success in outsourcing their app development needs to Eastern Europe and India — while they have similar tech talent as their peers in the West, they offer considerable price advantages.

Licensing issues

Protecting students’ personal information is a shared responsibility between teachers, IT professionals, and parents. Educators can protect student data by using secure apps and hiring reputable developers. It costs, however, a price tag to get that.


The cost of developing education apps is not a fixed number. They depend on a variety of factors that you should consider beforehand: where your developers are, how complicated your app is, and if there’s an issue with data security and license. But if you manage to find the right solution, you and your customers will greatly benefit from the product that your development team has crafted.

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