10 Best App Development Ideas For Your Next Business

App development ideas have simplified our lives in many ways – from online purchases, information searches, contacts, food orders, selection of offers, and much more. But before you start developing your app, you must first develop the idea for your successful mobile application.

In addition to many negative aspects, the Corona crisis also harbors the enormous potential for developing new digital business ideas. People and companies are forced to deal with digital media and discover new interests and opportunities. A good time to develop new app ideas in 2021 in industries that are not sufficiently digitalized. 

Before you start looking for information about the app development company that will create your project, you must be clear about the app development ideas. 

We will have to ask ourselves what need we want to cover or what problem it can solve and know who will be the users who will use it. They can be from employees to end customers through distributors or suppliers.

Here is present some of these potential app ideas for app development for beginners:

1. Trading Apps

Many people have discovered trading in stocks, ETFs, etc., for themselves, and the “Reddit Army” causes a Wall Street crash by buying GameStop stocks – crazy times! One might now wonder where an exciting app idea is hiding behind all this confusion.

The providers mentioned are indeed the “big players” in this area, but the trend is moving away from traditional trading and investment opportunities. People no longer just want to earn money with it; they also want to pursue and promote other interests in the process. For example, apps for purely sustainable funds and stocks are conceivable. Or apps that focus on specific segments, such as joint investments in construction projects, real estate, or unknown medium-sized companies. The potential is gigantic, especially if the apps are suitable for both experienced users and beginners. These are simple App development ideas that make money.

2. Prediction for Vulnerability Exploitation

AI or machine learning applications are a great idea for predicting when attackers will use any particular vulnerability in a part of software applications. Many app development companies develop this type of app to keep data safe from hackers.

3. Corona attendance lists for the catering and service industry

Global hackathon initiatives point to the urgency of digital solutions in the Covid-19 crisis. As part of the Corona restrictions, companies in the catering or service industry must record the names and contact details of their customers to be able to trace infection routes in an emergency. However, this is still done in paper form and using the same ballpoint pen in most cases. With help of this app, it is easy to enable online check-in and check-out for customers in the catering trade, this necessity can be met more hygienically and securely. Registration can then be carried out simply by scanning a QR code or using online registration. This concept can also be applied analogously to places of worship and hairdressing salons, for example.

Such a registration app can also be expanded as required. For example, you can also display the menu and process the ordering process digitally.

4. Video sharing & tools for smooth communication in the home office

The short-term move to the home office surprised many corporations and SMEs, and in many cases, the digital infrastructures were not designed for such a situation. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions also depend on smooth communication. However, especially in companies that increasingly show large losses in sales, communication among employees is more important than ever.

This situation makes reliable communication and cooperation tools indispensable now and in the future. But the commercially successful tools such as Zoom and Slack are often criticized for their handling with the General Data Protection Regulation. Many companies, therefore, rely on the development of in-house communication tools. This also has the advantage that companies receive a digital product tailored to their specific needs and use cases.

5. Cyber security applications

Artificial intelligence also has benefits in cyber security. On the one hand, technology empowers various companies to provide smarter and more effective protection against cyberattacks. The availability of open-source AI-based empowers and automates data security at scale.

For example, GE Renewable Energy’s “digital wind farm” concept comprises artificial intelligence software that monitors turbine motion and helps improve power generation levels by up to 20%.

The mobile app compares the energy efficiency of thousands of buildings to determine if they comply with the laws that display their Energy Star scores.

6.  Storytelling app

Do you like to listen to stories or read books on the radio? Trust me; these stories don’t always come your way; they could be due to a busy schedule or other reasons. The storyteller mobile app will make sure you can listen to your favorite books or novels and read them to you in a real storytelling format.

Just paste the PDF or Word file of the story or the link to the app, and the device app will read it not as dictation but as a professional storyteller. This mobile app will also predetermine your storytelling style based on the hierarchical analysis of the received story.

7.  AI-Enabled Online Recruitment Automation Applications

Artificial intelligence effectively automates the recruiting process such as screening, candidate recruiting, and job search, making it one of the good app ideas you can come up with. AI-based technology targets various other recruiting tasks and reduces your efforts by searching the internet for the right applicants.

Today, AI-enabled mobile recruiting apps are widely used by smart employers to find the right candidates who have not been considered for jobs in the past, not because they are well qualified.

The enabled recruiting app makes use of simple language to recognize the text that is entered by users. One of the main features of a recruiting chatbot is offering real-time communication to candidates and scheduling an interview with the recruiter.

Artificial intelligence-based tools help market the best-recruiting channels using targeted messaging, automation, and technology-enabled analytics. In 2019, AI-enabled recruiting app development software will be the best technique to advertise your company among job candidates.

8: Learning Applications

There are advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning applications that can be understood, researched, and read. It also helps researchers to learn about the latest technologies, tools, and information development.

Udemy is one of the best examples of learning mobile apps that offers a wide range of personal and web development courses. You can also learn to play guitar. Udemy offers dozens of courses to help you.

Goodreads has over 40 million registered and growing members. The application helps users find the right book at the right time.

9.  Market Prediction Applications

Now these days, market traders need to update at every step of the market. The use of AI or machine learning application in the modern stock market makes stocks go up and down daily. You can also get help building a profile, checking the real-time market value of any stock, getting help understanding stock charts, market trends, and all from your mobile phone. Mobile app development services are able to designs these types of apps.

10.  Messenger apps

Messenger apps are not particularly exciting but have been in the spotlight again and again over the past few months. Why? Especially in the digital age, data protection is extremely important, and large messenger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram do not comply. The demand is increasing enormously for apps that enable simple, fast, and, above all, secure communication and handle user data with care.

People want to exchange ideas and express their opinions without falling victim to social media. Anonymous chatting starts at this point and enables an open and honest exchange that is not possible in this form on any other platform.


1. How much does it cost to build an app?

It depends upon the app you want and the features which you want to incorporate in the app.

 2. How do I start mobile app development?

To make your own, one must have knowledge of the programming language in which he wants to make his app. Also, these days, there are many online tools using which one can easily make their own app with knowledge of coding.

 3. What are the skills required for mobile app development?

A skill that a developer must have is as below:
Knowledge of Coding.
Have Native app writing ability.
Knowledge of UX and UI.
Must be creative and be up to date with the latest technology

4. What should I study for app development?

No particular degree is required to become a software developer. But he must have good knowledge of coding, UX, and UI designs. One can take the help of an app development tutorial, to learn the process of app development.

5. is mobile app development hard?

No mobile app development is not hard. If you have a skill, you can easily learn it.

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