13 Best Free CRM For Coaching Business (Ratings & Reviews)

Coaches need to be able to handle numerous responsibilities at once while also fostering positive connections with the clients they work with. This is why depending on CRM (Client Relationship Management) software is helpful for coaches who want to increase the accuracy of their interactions with their clients.

According to the statistics, there is a tremendous demand for coaching services, and their market value is anticipated to increase to $20 billion by 2022. By integrating CRM software into their practices, coaching professionals may improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce their overhead expenses, and simplify their workflows.

What Is CRM?

CRM is an acronym for “Customer Relationship Management,” and it refers to a piece of software that does exactly what its name implies by assisting companies in managing their connections with their customers. As a coach, you should be able to monitor critical facts with the help of your CRM. These elements include client contact information, communication history, and appointment schedules.

In addition, CRM for Coaches has the capability of assisting coaches in the generation of reports on client behavior and the tracking of sales prospects. Any coach interested in enhancing their client management abilities would benefit from locating the CRM software most suited to meet the specific requirements of their business.

If you are a coach who wants to develop your abilities in customer management and amaze your incoming coaching leads, investing in a CRM for your coaching company is undoubtedly something that may help you achieve your objectives and move closer to achieving success.

How it is useful for coaching businesses?

A CRM for Coaching system may be utilized in various ways to help your organization. Here are essential benefits that a CRM might bring.

Improved client service

Modern coaching CRM software has various roles, but it was designed to strengthen business-customer connections, which remains its primary advantage. A CRM organizes all your relationships and collects vital customer information – such as demographics, purchase records, and prior communications across all channels. This guarantees that your personnel has access to all the information they need about the consumer and can give a better customer experience, which tends to increase customer satisfaction.

Boosted sales

A CRM for coaching solution may assist you in streamlining your sales process, creating a sales funnel, automating critical functions, and analyzing your sales data in one place, enhancing sales and productivity. A CRM allows you to create a step-by-step sales procedure that your staff can depend on and that you can readily change when problems emerge.

Greater customer retention

Once you’ve acquired and converted leads, you must work hard to keep them as customers and develop client loyalty. High customer turnover may have several negative consequences for your company, such as decreased income or disturbed cash flow, so leverage your CRM and the information it gives your clients to promote repeat business. The CRM will help you discover and rapidly fix issues with your customers by providing sentiment analysis, automatic ticketing, customer service automation, and user activity monitoring.

Extensive analytics

Having a lot of data on your customers is one thing, but you must also understand what that data means and how to utilize it. Coaching CRM software often has built-in analytic tools for contextualizing data and breaking it into actionable items and understandable KPIs. Metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates, and demographic data enable you to assess the performance of a marketing campaign and adjust appropriately.

13 Best Free CRM For Coaching Business

We have produced a list of the best CRM for coaching business free so that you can make the most informed choice possible for your Coaching Business.

1. Profi

CRM For Coaching Business
Image source: Profi

Profi is an excellent CRM for coaches looking to expand their company systematically. It enables users to manage their customers and sessions from a single platform. Profi CRM’s payment and communication functions are just as practical as its total client management capabilities.

This program may be used by coaches, consultants, trainers, and therapists to create personalized plans for their clients. Furthermore, communicating with customers is simply because of the many communication support solutions offered.


  • Users may enable SMS alerts for clients.
  • Solutions such as video conferencing make communication easier.
  • Online coaching sessions may be scheduled in groups or one-on-one.
  • Users may collaborate with other experts to co-author their coaching programs.
  • Payment settlements are now more straightforward, safe, and automated.

2. Practice Better

Practice Better
Image source: Google Play

This CRM for coaches is best suited for practice management applications. Nutrition coaches often use Practice Better to handle their books, suggestions, and fees. It should be noted that the CRM software is HIPAA compliant.

Users may integrate it with other systems to improve workflow efficiency. Furthermore, the platform integrates nicely with many cloud-based services. Coaches may, in fact, immediately access their materials through cloud-based systems like DropBox and Google Drive.


  • Users may set up video conferences to facilitate communication and session management.
  • Forms should be created and distributed.
  • Schedule booking, cancellation, and rescheduling are simplified.
  • Payment and invoicing functions are automated.
  • ClientHub makes it easier to handle customer details.

3. HoneyBook

Image source: Zoom App Marketplace

HoneyBook, an all-in-one system for personalized training solutions, is another extendable and high-quality CRM for coaches’ service. This curriculum is adaptable and effective for health coaches, business coaches, and life coaches.

With its capabilities, you, as the coach, can easily design your brand and client-specific strategies. Not to mention that automatic communication tools improve client-coach interaction.


  • Invoicing and online payments are both rapid and safe.
  • Coaches can quickly construct proposals and deliver them to customers for approval and enrolment.
  • The CRM is compatible with other systems such as Zapier, Gmail, and QuickBooks.
  • The Task/program schedule has been simplified.
  • Customized emails, reminders, and quizzes are examples of automated features.

4. Quenza

Image source: G2

This software is the best CRM for coaching businesses free and primarily focuses on mental health coaching and associated well-being concerns. Compared to the majority of the other possibilities, Quenza is relatively new to the market for coaching firms. The makers are presently adding multiple administrative functions, with additional upgrades likely in the future.

The platform contains several important tools for improving customer interaction and creating relationships between trainers and their customers. The Pathway Builder is a major feature here; coaches may automatically assign a series of tasks to customers.


  • Quotes and proposal templates that are pre-set.
  • Product acquisition and cataloging
  • Reporting on sales.
  • Automated workflow management.

5. ActiveCampaign

Image source: ActiveCampaign.com

ActiveCampaign provides a simple method for your clients to register their interests. It then manages these leads appropriately, informing you which should be prioritized and when to wait before contacting a new customer.

It also streamlines your information management system, and, like the majority of the finest CRM for coaches, it centralizes all of your contacts so you can locate anything you need without digging through old emails and business cards.


  • A centralized platform that contains all of your customer information.
  • A sales funnel that is conveniently accessible online
  • Client data collection tools for sales automation
  • Advice on when to follow up on leads and lead rating to determine which tips are the best
  • The capacity to automate a large portion of the sales process
  • Integration with email services such as Outlook, Gmail, and others

6. Delenta

Image source: Youtube

Delenta maintains your payment plans and gives a client dashboard so your customers may manage their information and see how they are doing.

Like all of the top CRM for coaches, it automates your messaging while adding a human touch to help you create connections with your customers.


  • Booking software to make scheduling simpler
  • Note-taking Organization
  • The capacity to keep track of payments
  • Template-based landing pages that you may modify to fit your needs.
  • Capability to design coaching programs
  • A simple client dashboard that your clients will appreciate allows them to remain on top of their chores and makes you a more successful coach.

7. Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach
Image source: Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach CRM is an online CRM-based coaching tool that allows these experts to monitor their customers’ data remotely. Users may utilize this platform to check and observe their customers’ behaviors and health activities in between sessions.

 They may design customized customer strategies depending on their immediate demands and objectives. This user-friendly tool started as a habit-monitoring application for people. This technique is used by experts and their teams in the life coaching, business, and health sectors.


  • Coaches may customize daily monitoring for whole programs.
  • Individual customer monitoring and statistics analysis for tailored solutions
  • Support from other movement-tracking applications has been included for improved data collecting.
  • There are communication possibilities for Zoom-based tailored sessions and social forums.

8. TrueCoach

Image source: TrueCoach.co

This platform is generally suitable for fitness coaching service providers, such as personal trainers. They may quickly begin training and coaching sessions remotely and communicate with customers. TrueCoach customers and users may exchange exercise videos and recommendations using this site.

To be clear, TrueCoach’s primary goal is to monitor responsibility and coaching engagement. Instead of business-oriented administration for programs and payments, you might concentrate on health monitoring measures and communication.


  • Tracking your workouts.
  • Management of workout sessions.
  • Client nutrition consumption is being tracked.
  • Real-time messaging capability.

9. My Coach Office

 My Coach Office
Image source: Software Suggest

This CRM software platform functions through a link to the cloud. Coaching experts may easily manage their coaching packages and online courses for interested candidates.

In addition, the resource library is chock-full of tools, solutions, and recommendations for better company management. My Coach Office is straightforward to adjust to and use, from recording new customers’ plans to making unique invoices.


  • Cloud-based tools and services
  • Client administration.
  • Goal monitoring and setting
  • Quickly schedule appointments.

10. CoachesConsole

Image source: CoachesConsole

This coaching CRM is primarily focused on coaching and consulting activities and was created appropriately. Professional coaches may handle several company parts, such as agreements and appointments. Additionally, CoachesConsole CRM makes it easy to manage and handle payments and invoices.

It is also useful for arranging appointments with new and existing customers. Coaches may more easily handle various one-on-one sessions here.


  • Client information is updated through the online calendar.
  • Manage previously uploaded material.
  • Use the client portal to access online scheduling and documentation resources.
  • Pre-made website templates

11. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24
Image source: Youtube

This CRM is a collaborative package of tools and connectors useful for startups and big companies. Indeed, management skills may help coaching experts manage their company operations and strategies.

Not to mention that the automated communication tools make it simpler for coaches to regulate client relationships. Indeed, you can use the Activity Stream to keep track of all of the team’s duties and coaching metrics. This mainly pertains to the larger coaching firms.


  • Access to many accounts.
  • Tasks and meetings should be managed and tracked.
  • Emails, video calls, and phone calls are all accepted modes of communication.
  • File sharing with password protection.

12. Satori

Image source: Satori cyber

Satori is another CRM software platform for coaching services that contains many functions. Coaches from various areas may utilize Satori’s tools and solutions to track their business and coaching activities.

This CRM’s UI is dynamic and user-friendly; coaching pros will find the platform easy to use. Users may simply create and promote their coaching programs here.


  • Simple to use UI.
  • Sign contracts and welcome client management.
  • Safely manage all customer accounts.
  • Options for simple meeting scheduling
  • Create and distribute through questionnaires.

13. Coach Logix

Coach Logix
Image source: PR News

It should be noted that Coach Logix is primarily web-based and free to use for coaching firms. Small businesses or freelance trainers often use this CRM for client management chores.

Coach Logix’s breadth and usefulness are extensive. Not to add, a wide range of functions can be accessed using this CRM. You may schedule coaching sessions, monitor client progress, and set objectives. In addition, invoicing and billing must be managed.


  • Full-scale player and gameplay analysis for more innovative teams and players.
  • Players and coaches should analyze stats collaboratively for improved workflow and communication.
  • For first-time users, a free trial is provided.
  • Billing and invoicing handling are well-organized.
  • Session scheduling and easy-to-understand video-based performance analysis.


CRM software is beneficial to coaches for regulating, monitoring, and creating personalized client coaching packages based on important data. Furthermore, team members in coaching firms who use software tools and integrations may better manage their workload.

These professionals quickly acquire real-time client progress information, from organizing coaching sessions to monitoring customer health and client activity data. They can also effortlessly communicate with all customers. Overall, the above best CRM for coaching business free tools is useful for trainers to develop tailored training plans.

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