10 Best Character Creator Apps for Android &iOS

It has been a while since illustrations of all shapes and sizes have dominated online design. Taking inspiration from anything from abstract sketches to actual artworks depicting people in offices and other professions, designers are interpreting the new trend in a variety of ways. The most popular characters are those that are stylized and cartoonish in nature since they are more likely to capture the viewer’s attention due to the endearing human touch. We propose that you check through our list of the top character creation applications if you want to become a part of this widespread passion. These examples will guide you through the process of creating visually attractive characters and mascots for your next project in no time with these Character Creator Apps.


creating characters app avatars is one of the most promising and strong representatives of this new movement in the music industry. It is the result of a partnership between numerous talented artists, including Pablo Stanley, who is responsible for all of the graphics, Fang-Pen Lin, who is in charge of the development, and Zero Inbox, whose team has developed an app.

There are hundreds of distinct components in the Avataaars collection, which makes it a fantastic resource. For example, you may discover hairdos, faces, accessories, eyes, skin, beards, outfits, and a variety of other things. Each element offers a lot of configuration choices. You may not only change the look of a character, but you can also give it a specific emotion by including various facial expressions as Pablo did in his game.

It enables you to mix and match many aspects of an avatar while seeing a live preview of the results. All you have to do is choose your selections and download the outcome, which is accessible in a variety of forms like PNG, SVG, React, and HTML, among others.


Stubborn is an excellent character creation software that we have in our library as well. In comparison to the last example, Stubborn allows you to create a full-length figure rather than only a head and a pair of shoulders. Editing a persona is done inch by inch, with each component (such as the head, complexion, and torso) being selected one at a time. Each category has a plethora of choices. Stubborn’s team has also created a variety of other sorts of locations, allowing you to construct whole sets to complement the message you want to express to your target audience.


Humaaans, character creation apps which was created by the same amazing artist that created Avataaars, is a playground for anybody who enjoys mixing and matching drawings to create distinct characters. Through the app, users can customize their Humaan’s facial features, body type, and clothing. Humaans also allows users to create their own stories and quests, which can be shared with other users. Humaan is currentlyHumaaans is based on human beings, thus if you need to build a scenario that is centred on humans, it can be the perfect option for you. Humaans is another tool that showcases Pablo Stanley’s exceptional artworks, which will wow you with their distinct style, neutral expressions, and vivid looks. Pablo Stanley’s artworks are known for their bold and colourful compositions.


Avatoon, in contrast to the previously stated tools, is one of those character generator programmes that allows you to create avatars using real-life photographs with this character design app. For want of a better term, it takes a photograph of you and changes it into a cartoonish presentation so that you may be represented by a stylish mascot based on your appearance.

Design Yourself with Fun2Create.

Mei Yu, a well-known artist, has produced a new Fun2Create game. She is the founder of the YouTube channel Fun2draw, which has more than 1.6 million followers and 270 million views to date. Have a great time letting your creativity run free! The game Fun2Create: Design Yourself will keep you entertained for hours since it has hundreds of elements and billions of potential combinations. Create a character that represents yourself, your friends and family, or your favourite characters with this character design app.! Afterwards, you may upload your creations straight to Facebook from inside the game, or you can save them to your mobile device and upload them to your other favourite social networking websites, such as Instagram. You may even use them as your computer’s desktop background.

Doll Divine

It is a web-based game that has gained widespread popularity. Create and dress up your own dino-riding girl from scratch! Based on the wacky comic book Dinogeddon, this fashion game allows you to have complete control over your character’s appearance; you may select her haircut, hair colours, facial traits, and even the size of her body! Choose from a variety of rough and ready outfits and get ready to face the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

– three different body proportions

 – customised hair, face, and colour schemes

 – a complicated and unique clothing

Friendly faces

Friendly Faces is a character designer programme that is relatively modest in comparison to the preceding tools; yet, it has its own set of advantages. It’s a simple method that doesn’t need the use of any graphics altering tools. That is a huge comfort for those who are not designing knowledgeable. It has a control panel that allows you to customise the appearance of your characters by changing their hair, clothing, and accessories. Each panel has a number of different possibilities. For example, you may choose the complexion, the lips, the eye colour, the kind of facial hair, the backdrop colour, and other aspects of the character. The final product is accessible in three different sizes: 250px, 140px, and 80px in width and height.


Pictogrify, like Joe Schmoe, is an API-based generator that requires the use of coding knowledge. If you are a developer, it is a potential tool since an API is completely customisable and you may use your own images. Furthermore, if you are trying for a certain sort of avatar, all you need to do is input any relevant words into the avatar generator, anime creator app and the programme will build a gorgeous character for you to choose from.


Botts, in contrast to all the other character creation applications, is a location where you may locate robots rather than actual individuals. Pablo Stanley has produced another masterpiece with this anime creator app. As you would think, it’s another terrific Sketch library to have on hand. In order to create your own version of Bender Rodrigues’ sculpture, the artist urges you to experiment with antennas, frames, accessories, and sensors.


It’s likely that if you’re a fan of Github, you already have something along these lines as your avatar. My Octocat is a generator designed just for the tech-savvy community that enjoys coding and sharing their open-source creations on the internet. My Octocat is a fully-featured playground where you can design your own cat by selecting its body, face, eyes, tops, bottoms, shoes, and even accessories from a variety of options.


The use of character generator applications is beneficial not only for those who lack design talents but also for artists who are in a hurry and need to produce an avatar in a short period of time. In fact, some of these tools are excellent for creating full scenes to illustrate messages or support themes since they give you a variety of locales and settings to choose from.

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