10 Best Photo Editing Software for PC – Windows & Mac

Every year, a new version of photo editing software is released. Choosing the finest free image editing software is a challenging task these days since there are so many options available to choose from. You will need to take into account several different criteria and concerns. We looked at a range of applications and tools to see which ones fulfilled our requirements for the best image editor.

A large number of free photo editors provide a diverse range of features, resulting in the majority of them being distinctive. Their traits make editing a great deal easier than it would otherwise be. Alternatively, you may go through the list of several picture editing software and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Because most of them are free, you may use them on as many devices as you like. Platform support, on the other hand, should be taken into account while picking the appropriate tool for your needs. Examine the technical specifications of the free photo editing software that you want to utilise in-depth before downloading it.


The GIMP is a powerful editing platform that can be customised to meet your specific needs. Animation filters are also included in the editing programme. The majority of users have found it useful for a variety of tasks, including altering animations. This platform also makes file management a breeze, and it’s a lot simpler to use the best photo editing software for pc. The GNU version of GIMP was specially designed to be small and lightweight.


  • Photo retouching of a high standard
  • The development of a unique piece of art
  • Elements of graphic design


It is almost universally acknowledged that utilising Fotor may be advantageous and that it can provide excellent outcomes. The Fotor features both basic and complex editing needs that will assist you in achieving the finest outcomes possible with your photos. Fotor also has an online editor that you may use. This will enable you to access rapid editing choices from your PC or from a variety of other devices at any time. Fotor’s picture editing capabilities are quick and simple to use, requiring very little time to complete a task.


  • Classical content HDR technology at its most basic
  • Exclusive 100+ picture effects are available only from us.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

If you are seeking an online editing tool that has about every feature you could ever want, the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is the greatest option available. Even though it is a free editing tool, the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor has practically all of the features you would expect from a professional editing tool. You might utilise specific crop settings for social media to do anything from creative adjustments to horizontal and vertical perspective distortions.


  • Photos may be rotated and flipped.
  • Make necessary adjustments to the exposure.
  • Editing is simple.


The Darktable is capable of supporting a wide range of formats. Photographs may be edited, and you can even support a wide variety of image formats. Filtering and categorising photographs are considerably simpler with Darktable, and the process of editing images takes very little time. Zero-latency is one of the components that enables you to have an incredible experience with the best photo editor. Darktable also includes different tone image settings, which enable you to have an incredible working experience while still being productive.


  • Professional colour management is essential.
  • The user interface has zero latency and can be zoomed in.
  • Speaks in your native language

Photo Pos Pro

For those of you who demand quick editing, the Photo Pos Pro is a tool that you will appreciate. This programme is a fantastic tool for altering photographs and producing visual material as needed. You may also be able to get precise repairs and editing, which will make sharpening and emphasising much simpler to do. In addition, Photo Pos Pro photo editing software for Windows makes it considerably simpler to do computer graphics and other editing tasks than it otherwise would be.


  • Batch procedures for producing computer graphics
  • gradients, patterns, and textures are supported by many tools.


Everyone is aware that the Paint.net platform is a good place to learn basic editing abilities. The interface that comes with this programme is straightforward, and it also assists you in obtaining satisfactory performance. It is possible to achieve high-speed performance with each mouse click because of the extensive picture composing mechanism available. This programme also features speed enhancements as well as automated bug fixes that help to eliminate any sort of delay that may occur.


  • User interface that is simple, straightforward, and inventive
  • Active online community
  • Updated regularly


One of the greatest photo editing tools available, Inpixio photo editing software for Mac will assist you in making rapid alterations like an expert in no time. This programme enables you to quickly and easily remove undesirable items and erase backgrounds in a few simple steps. Aside from that, Inpixio also provides automated image correcting capabilities. This function allows you to make quick changes to the picture that you are now editing by just tapping on it.


  • Changing the colours of the picture
  • Create picture templates and distribute them.
  • Transparent Backgrounds


When it comes to simple and rapid editing, PhotoScape is one of those tools that will make you go wild over it. This programme is accessible for use on all platforms and provides access to a variety of functions. When used in conjunction with the colour picker, the animation option enables you to see the real colour and shape of the tool. You may also make use of the splitter, which enables you to create simple posters with ease. The screen capture function is also a time-saving feature to have.


  • Photographs of people to be printed
  • Edit a large number of images at the same time
  • Converting RAW images to JPGs


Pixlr is one of the most widely used photo-editing programmes available on the market at present. The most recent Pixlr versions may give you an editing experience that is on another level entirely. Pixlr provides a solution for any problem, whether it’s picture conversion or a variety of additional editing possibilities. This programme also includes pre-made collage templates for speedier editing, which are useful for rapid and efficient work. Professionals like Pixlr because of the Instant AI-powered background removal tool, which is one of the main reasons for this choice.


  • Replace the colour with another colour
  • Image retouching and transformation of objects.


When it comes to your routine editing needs, BeFunky has a lot to offer. The background remover, which is driven by Artificial Intelligence, is one of a kind. This function is capable of detecting and removing almost any sort of backdrop with relative ease. If you want to use BeFunky to retouch portraits, it is considerably less difficult to come up with ideas.

This programme also allows you to create collages with a single click on the mouse. Furthermore, the online editor version has a straightforward design and is easy to use.


  • Background with a transparent appearance
  • From photograph to cartoon
  • Tools for making minor adjustments

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