Top 10 Video Calling Apps, internationally

Video calls are the new level of communication between people. After the invention of mobile phones, humankind evolved to a new digital era, and this communication is also a part of it. The development of communication technology reduced the distance between people. It allows people to connect from one end of the world to the other end. Then comes the video calling apps, which give a real-time experience of talking with people. And this feature was first available in the system with a webcam only, but now it is developed for every mobile phone and another device.

Top video call applications

There are many video calling apps available on the internet. But only a few applications are trustworthy and with high video connectivity and video quality. The apps in this list got their place by connecting speed, video and audio quality, data consumption, and popularity. Every mobile application has a unique working style and connecting capacity. Most of the application in this list is free to use. Only some of the app asks for subscription for additional features. And these applications have different user limits, and some use methods. All these video call applications are also available for computers.

Google Duo

Google Duo

It is a video calling application developed by Google. This application is well known for its stability on weak or low internet connections. It is reliable and straightforward, with a grid view on group calls. This application is available on all kinds of platforms, and there are no barriers to the connection with another device. This application is capable of working with both  Android and IOS. And it is also capable of working with the computer in the web form. This application is free, and the user limit for this app is a maximum of 12 people.

FaceTime app

FaceTime app

Apple developed this face time application for all kinds of IOS devices. This application has an excellent quality of video calls. This application is well known for its refined interface, and It has a user-friendly interface and simplified working methods. This app provides features like live photo capture, emoji, and call recording capability.

All these features are also available on Mac computers. This application can’t connect with android mobile, but it will work with the older version of the iPhones. This application is entirely free to use, and the user limit for this application is 32.

Zoom meeting & chat application

Zoom meeting & chat application

This video call or video chat application is very famous among the people in the latest times only. That is also due to the covid pandemic times. Most schools and offices use this application to conduct online classes and online meetings with students and employees. This video chat application allows a group of people to interact with each other with video.

 For that group video call, this application uses the gallery view. This mobile application is best for big group gatherings, and it is available for both Android and IOS. This application is also available for OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, and even the web.

Signal application

This application is helpful for people who prefer for secure and privacy-respecting app. A nonprofit organization develops this application, and it depends on user-supported development and privacy. This application is only helpful for one-to-one communication, and it can’t be used for group chatting.

This application has strong encryption, and it is always in an ON state. This application is available in both Android & IOS, and it also works well with Windows, Linux, Mac, and web. This signal application is free, and the user limit for this application is just 2.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

This app is also a group chat application similar to the zoom application, and Microsoft developed this app in the Office 365 ecosystem. Microsoft teams have vast working features like file sharing, calendar sharing, and collaborative editing.  Now only this application is available for free, and it has features like file storage and others.

For full features, the user should be an office 365 customer. These video calling apps can work with Android and IOS and all computer OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. The user limit for this app is about 300 people, and only four can be on screen.

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger

All the Facebook users know well about the messenger, and now this app is offering voice and video call services. This service is available only for people with Facebook account. Others cant access this application. But it provides an easy and smooth connection between the users with the high-quality video at a low internet source.

It provides entertainment and fun features like emojis, stickers, and camera access to capture photos, and users can overlay filters on them during the video call. This app is for both IOS and Android users, and it also works in all OS of computers like, windows, mac, and Linux. It is a free mobile application, and the user limit is 50, and only six can use the screen.

WhatsApp application

This application is the most downloaded and used application of all in this list. Because of its simple user interface and working features, all people use this application. Facebook acquired this application in 2014, and it has a robust platform in video calls and audio call options. The main reason for the popularity of this app is it doesn’t charge for delivering messages worldwide. 2 billion users around the world use this WhatsApp application, and 100 million in India itself. It works in both Android and IOS. It also has a web version and works in all OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Skype application

Skype application

Skype is the oldest video calling application that started the race of video calling. It started its journey in the year 2003 and expanded worldwide in the year 2010. Now, this is available in all Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Not they developed with new technologies like Alexa and in Xbox. This application is a free source with a user limit of 50 members.


This discord is the best option for taking with friends while playing video games on Pc. This application provides a feature to see and talk face-to-face with others. The video calls are available in the windows app only. This application is available on Android and IOS. And the video call works only on Windows, and only audio calls are open in Mac and Linux. The user limit for discord is 10.



This app provides a video call feature and small side games on the video call session with friends. This app is helpful to talk with your friends while playing games. This app has a connection link with apps like Facebook, Snapchat to check the friends who are all using this app. This app is available for both Android and IOS, even in the web version. It is a free application, and the user limit for this application is 8.

Benefits of Video call

The video call option is the most helpful invention made by humankind. It helps un in many ways, and it connects people from different locations and provides them a real-time experience of taking with each other. After these video calling apps, more opportunities like online classes and online interviews were made more accessible. This technology offers many valuable features for the users. These are the best and most used online mobile applications for video calling.

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