Where to Find Free Videos For Reels? Top 7 Resources

Where to Find Free Videos For Reels

Every day, millions of people spend hours watching reels and YouTube videos. Moreover, they even create their own videos and upload them on social media. With time, the popularity of reel videos has grown profusely. It is now one of the professions, especially for the youngsters. 

However, many of you may be wondering how to upload impressive videos. You can get hundreds of options on the internet. To remove your confusion, I am here to suggest some of the best sites. TikTok and Instagram are the primary sites to display your creative skills.

Check out the fascinating sites and pick your preferred video. Combine them with your actions to prepare a lovely reel. If you also want to get viral, choose the background music wisely. Follow this article to get the top free videos for reels. Undoubtedly, the next famous person could be you. So, what are you waiting for? 

Immense Popularity Of Reel Videos

Humans are getting obsessed with reels, these days. According to recent data, every individual spends around 100 minutes on the phone watching different videos. However, creating such videos is not a hard task at all. You do not need a professional photographer or videographer to create a great impression on social media. It is only a matter of a few seconds. 

Combine the clips from different sites, and select some interesting graphics or text. Punch them all for mind-blowing content. Forget about spending a lump sum on projecting yourselves. Get hold of the free videos for reels and present yourself in style. Dance, sing, or do some exciting activities to grow your followers. Here are the best video resources to sort your reel needs. 

Free online stock videos can be the secret to your stardom or the lovely step in your advertising campaigns. So, spend some minutes in studying the below-mentioned resources. You can prepare a fabulous reel. 

Top 7 Sources For Free Videos

Movie-making is now a regular activity of hundreds of online viewers. Now, not only do people enjoy the videos of others, but also they create something innovative themselves. Therefore, free videos for reels ensure presenting a magical world for social media fanatics. 

Here is the list of the top 7 resources for outstanding background music and videos. Show your skills in a unique way. Grab the attention of millions of viewers with just a great shot. These resources can be your Secret Santa for a brilliant impression. Not only do you have free stock photos, but you also have a treasure box with unlimited videos on these sites. Check them now!

1. Pixabay

Image- Pixabay. com

This social media tool is one of the most commonly used apps for downloading free videos for reels. More than 2.3 million videos and photos are present here. Moreover, you may not have the fear of copying the images of others.

Pixabay is an authentic site that allows users to download their preferred videos for free. Besides, it does not require giving the original videographer or artist additional credit. However, it is better to show your gratitude to the original owner to be safe. It is a way of getting permission to access the content and modify it as per your requirements. 

The HD stock videos can help you shoot a clip of 1-minute duration or a short reel of only 12 seconds. Match your lips, or show some lovely moves, in line with the video. Indeed, it can be a wonderful presentation. 

2. Pexels

Image- Google Play

Pexels is undoubtedly the best platform to gather amazing videos and images. initially, it was only a site to provide you with incredible pictures. However, it grew in size with a marvelous library of the best photos worldwide.

You can also access the top HD quality and 4K videos today. They are free and ensure great clarity. Therefore, when you are preparing a lovely punch with these videos, it will be fantastic. Giving credit to the original owner is undoubtedly commendable. However, there is no mandate to do it while using the Pexel videos.

Search for the perfect footage and get your hands on the most trending videos. Undoubtedly, you will get a lot of options suiting your purpose. Modify the high-in-demand free videos for reels and ensure a prominent online presence. Pexels genuinely can be your greatest companion for going viral overnight. 

3. Coverr

Image- Google Play

Are you looking for perfect content for your next ad campaign? Without a second thought, land on the extraordinary website of Coverr. Indeed, it helps you begin a new journey with more confidence. The creators of this site were some filmmakers and dedicated entrepreneurs. They wanted creative people to get some innovative ideas from online videos. 

Furthermore, the primary aim of Coverr is to support the unique needs of every business. Be it an upcoming brand or a new movie, you have the ideal clip ready for the launch. Thousands of innovative videos are there on Coverr for free. Choose the HD videos at your will and modify them as needed. 

Every video is downloadable in MP4 format with amazing clarity. Furthermore, people already used these clips more than 5 million times. Hence, it is an authentic source to save your favorite content and make some interesting additions. Be it for a personal occasion, filmmaking, or a commercial project, Coverr is there to cover you up. 

4. Videvo

Image- www. videovo. net

Community users can have a great experience choosing the most suitable free videos for reels. Moreover, you can now select the best music and graphical effects too. You will get only licensed videos with more usage and modification. However, these clips may not be suitable for some specific projects. The app will restrict its usage to only some videos. 

Moreover, Videvo requires attribution. This implies that you must give the original owner full credit while using the content. With the help of a Video Attribution license, you can download any splendid video for free. You may also remix the Creative Commons 3.0 clips. They are outstanding for a beautiful reel. 

Furthermore, Videvo grants you Public Domain licenses to use the videos without any restrictions. Ensure you acknowledge the original artist and modify it as per your choice. 

5. Life of Vids

A small video clip can make you famous within seconds. Therefore, take the first step to become a sensation on social media. Life of Vids gives you that opportunity with a huge stock of videos. However, all these videos are from a Canada-based advertising agency, called Leeroy. Download various videos, loops, and fascinating images for free. 

After every week, you can find new videos uploaded on the site. Therefore, to create something unique, do not forget to check this site frequently. Although you can download hundreds of videos without any restriction, there is a limit to the redistribution. You can redistribute only 10 videos at the max.

However, please do not get disheartened. The site allows you to spend some additional bucks or give credit for the videos to the company. That is the only thing you need to do to gather such a marvelous collection. 

6. Clipstill

Image- Facebook

Enter the world of spectacular cinematography with the help of Clipstill. Improve your marketing skills by incorporating the best videos in your next campaigns. Today, visuals have an instant impact on customers. As a result, you must look for the extraordinary clips. Moreover, free videos for reels can become real game changer. 

It is worth downloading the premium quality stock videos with one click only. You may also stock a bunch of such cinematographs for efficient use in the future. Imagine stocking up the videos of a paragliding, or a mountaineering. It can be the star of your next campaign. You never know. However, you can check and download hundreds of videos for free anytime you want. For that, you need to sacrifice some bucks today. 

Clipstill videos are available for a one-time fee of $49 or the equivalent amount in the UK. Sign up today and enjoy the fabulous videos. They can set a high target for your next video. Please do not delay, my friend!

7. Mixkit

Image- mixkit. co

Are you worried about your next video project? Get free assets at Mixkit and resolve all your issues. Videography is one of the arts that can take you to a new height. Here is the gateway to fulfill your dreams. Get unbelievable stock videos, a loaded library with all the innovative resources, and effective sounds. Create amazing content using impressive video templates. 

Mix kit contains special videos from Envato. The company allows users to download their videos and images for free. No attribution requirement is present. Therefore, you can download and use the videos without any tension of violating copyright policies.

Envato ensures that no separate charges are there for modifying the exclusive videos. Furthermore, there will be new videos almost every week. Hence, enjoy the varieties of sound effects, music, motion pictures, and graphics by accessing Mixkit. 

Indeed, this app is a mixed bag having a beautiful library. Although, Envato requires a subscription, downloads through Mixkit get relaxation. So, it is a perfect way of handling your video problems and uploading attractive reels. 


Your stock of innovative and attractive videos will improve day by day. Use the best sites and check the amazing results. The free videos for reels are not very far. You have them all under your fingertips.

Sometimes, you must give credit to the original owners, and sometimes you may not. It depends on the specific policies of the app. Therefore, it is essential to read the app rules from where you are downloading the videos. 

Along with the video clips, you can get interesting musical content and sound effects. Undoubtedly, these additions will make your reel appealing to the audience. Benefit from the online videos and create a masterpiece by preparing a lovely blend. Give a personal touch and the ordinary videos can transform into top-notch subjects. Rule social media by creating such powerful reels. Go for it!