9 Tested Background Noise Removal App for Android and IOS

Nowadays, with everybody working from home, having an Android or iPhone noise-canceling app is more necessary than ever. They’ll make the difference between a call that sounds professional and one that gets interrupted by screaming children and barking dogs.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the best Android and iPhone background noise removal apps. Let’s dive in!

1. Denoise

*Source- Apple Store

Denoise is an iPhone background noise removal app to remove background noise from videos and audio recordings. It works as an iOS extension. It suggests that after you record video or audio with any app, Denoise will automatically begin operating. You don’t need to worry about launching it every time you finish a voice or a video. It is one of the most popular background noise removal app for the iPhone.

Denoise isn’t designed for live calls or group discussions. Instead, it’s designed for content creators. Therefore, you’ll be able to get studio-quality sound on the go. You’ll be able to shoot videos, record voice memos, and don’t worry about background noise, as Denoise will take away all of it.

And if it fails to eliminate a specific noise, you’ll be able to return and make things better later using the interactive waveform analyzer. You’ll be able to mark the spot wherever noise is disturbing manually, and it’ll be removed. The developers also are making a built-in DropBox uploader. However, that feature has not yet gone live.

That said, Denoise isn’t free. It costs $1.99, and for this direct fee, you’ll be able to use it for the remainder of your life. And there are not any ads or watermarks to muck up the experience.

2. Krisp

*Source- Softnic

Krisp is an AI-powered background noise removal app for Mac and Windows. It finds and removes background noise on your side of the call so the other person can’t hear it.

Krisp is free to use. The free version can cancel noise for up to 240 minutes per week. With the paid tiers, you get an unlimited noise cancellation package.

3. Neutralizer

*Source- Play Store

Neutralizer is an Android-only background noise removal app designed to work for your hearing. Everyone’s hearing is different. Therefore, a noise-canceling app that works well for one individual might not work well. That’s where Neutralizer comes in. When you first launch the app, you take a quick hearing test that measures your ability to listen to different frequencies at different volumes. It allows Neutralizer to make a custom profile only for you.

So, if you listen to music with headphones and there’s heaps of noise around, Neutralizer can automatically increase the sound volume in the headphones, thereby suppressing the noise around you. Neutralizer is free to use.

4. Noise Killer

Noise Killer
*Source- Askmeapps

Noise Killer is another Android background noise removal app. It’s designed to filter noises in public areas like train stations, airports, or crowded streets. When you activate the app, it’ll instantly begin noise canceling. One nice feature is that it works even after your screen is turned off. It will save your charge.

Noise Killer is an efficient android app to remove background noise from audio.

It can also automatically alter the volume according to background noise. When used in this mode, it doesn’t simply cancel background noise; it straight-up blocks out them. It’ll lower the volume automatically when background noise decreases, saving battery life.

So, whenever you wish to tug back from your surrounding noise, Noise Killer could be an excellent free app.

5. Safe Headphones

Safe Headphones
*Source- Play store

Safe Headphone is an Android app that does the opposite of most of those other apps. It’d be best to describe it as a noisy “un-canceling” app. It has a variety of functions, looking at precisely what you’re trying to do.

First off, as its name implies, it will help you stay safe when you use headphones in public areas.

Once it’s enabled, you’ll be able to hear your close background noises without taking off your headphones. Therefore, if you have got to run through a crowded space, you can turn the app on to confirm that you can hear anyone around you. It’s also helpful for hearing vehicle horns while you cross the road while listening to music. Safe Headphones are also free to install and use.

6. Noise Generator

Noise Generator
*Source- Play Store

Noise Generator is a bit different than the other apps on our list. It’s not a noise-canceling app in any respect. As its name suggests, it’s a noise generation app. However, why would you want to generate noise?

It seems background noise can boost productivity. It will help you sleep, cut back stress, or help you focus. It’s commonly used in offices to assist employees in staying focused on their tasks. At this point, Noise Generator is out there on Android devices only. The app is absolutely free.

7. myNoise

*Source- Playstore

myNoise is an iOS alternative to Noise Generator, although it’s out there on Android also. You choose a noise, and it’ll play until you turn the app off. Looking at what you want, you’ll be able to get access to various sounds to help you sleep, focus, or meditate. The app is free as well as ad-free.

8. Parrot Zik

Parrot Zik
*Source- ParrotZik.en.aptoide

Parrot Zik is another background noise removal app that’s out there both for Android and iOS users. The Parrot Zik app can automatically measure the extent of noise around your surroundings. If there’s a low level of noise, it’s okay. However, when noise spikes, the app will kick in, immediately canceling noises that would distract you from your music, audiobook, or phone call. The app is free for Android and iOS users as well.

9. UrbanDenoiser

*Source- baixarapk

UrbanDenoiser is primarily designed for music. However, it’s additionally well-suited for conference calls. While listening, it provides automatic noise compensation. As ground noise goes up, it’ll mask specific frequencies and automatically alter the volume to compensate. It ensures that your perceived volume will be the same despite the background noise. It additionally has many built-in algorithms that you may choose from. It’s also free.

These are some of the best background noise removal apps for Android and iOS. Hope it helps while selecting the proper app for yourself.


Which app is best for removing background noise?

Having an unwanted background noise or hiss in recorded audio is very annoying. Tons of users have queried about fixing this issue in recent times. But it also depends on what program you’re using, Android or iOS. To help them all, I would recommend a perfect and user-friendly background noise removal software package, Noise Generator.   

Is Krisp accessible on Android?

The Krisp Phone app is now withdrawn from the app store and is no longer accessible. On December 26, 2020, all existing users were signed off from the app, and it was closed down.

Can Audacity take away background noise?

STEP 1: Open Audacity, click “File” and “Open,” and find the file you would like to fix.
STEP 2: Choose your “Room Tone” by dragging your mouse over a section with very little or no audio sound.
STEP 3: Click the “Effect” menu and click “Noise Reduction.”
STEP 4: Click “Get Noise Profile” and wait for the modal to disappear.
STEP 5: Click back to your timeline of the audio to clear your choice.
STEP 6: Click the “Effect” menu once more and click “Noise Reduction” again.
STEP 7: Click “Preview” to listen to the default noise removal settings. You can click one of these defaults to check if they work.
STEP 8: If you continue to hear noise, regulate the Sliders and click “Preview.”

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